Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Snow Day, Quilt-Cam Sew Day!

What else is a girl going to do when the world is white outside?

There was no need to get anywhere, go anywhere, do anything else, and she (meaning ME!) was itching to spend some much needed machine time simply putting the pieces through.

And I know that YOU were anxious for it too!

We did all of this yesterday at 2pm eastern through Facebook live – if you missed it, no worry!  It’s here to be embedded and archived along with some of the stories and photos sent in by those who were sewing along!

This lovely vignette of On Ringo Lake goodness was sent in by Kathy in Ontario, Canada who writes:

Thanks so much for QuiltCam today!

It’s such a treat to be sewing in the middle of the week, in the middle of the day… makes me feel like I’m playing hooky from school!

Let’s just say I'm “working from home” and sewing on my sweet Singer 301 named “Lucy”!

Happy Quilting!
Kathy in Ontario, Canada

I love everything about this photo, and that you are all sewing along with me.  It DOES feel like playing hooky.  Afternoon, midweek?  Sometimes we need that break!


From Jo in VA Beach!

Hi Bonnie!
This is my Jamestown Landing from String Fling that will be a gift. It is my first quilt that I'm having professionally quilted....so anxious to get it back in a few weeks! 

Backing is the 108" wide fabric in a simple gray tone on tone. I opted for solid borders as I felt like the eye needed more space to rest than just the inner border.

Today I'm prepping the binding for said quilt....I'm sure this will take a while!
Thanks for all you do, and BOOOOO SNOW. Bring back the sun!
Grey floral is my binding fabric.

Jo in Virginia Beach 

It’s BEAUTIFUL!  It does look like a sunrise over the sand, Jo.  Thanks for sharing!


Wow, Just Wow!

And I think I need robin’s egg blue bedroom walls!

Thank you for offering to post info for our Quilts' raffle quilt.

This is a project 7 of us recently finished hand quilting.   A gentleman donated 4 tops to our guild that his grandmother made back in the 30's & 40's.   The guild put it out on the newsletter and ask for hand quilters.   4 Started and we added more over the 18 months we worked on it.   

I talked to my co- chair and this is what she suggested if people want to purchase tickets.

Tickets are $1.00.

Name of Quilt is "Honoring Grandma"

The top was donated by a local family, some repairs to 3 flowers, hand quilted with a muslin backing,  binding is machine stitched on and then hand stitched to finish.  It has cut out spots at the bottom to fit a poster bed.

People can purchase tickets using Pay Pal Friends and Family (this is free) to this email - eakeler@verizon.net

raffle ticket.jpeg

Someone is going to win this quilt for $1.00, it may as well be you!  Be sure to use the FRIENDS AND FAMILY option through Paypal so the guild doesn’t lose a fee for each transaction.


This happened here during and after Quilt-Cam!

My goal was to take all of the cut off half-blocks from the edges of my Checkerboard Rails quilt and piece them into a panel to extend the backing fabric.  The very very Kelley Green homespun plaid that had been gifted years ago that had finally found a place (And a theme! Just look at that machine!) to land. 

This is what I’m working on in this episode!  Click to Play:

It was a fun day, and I made MORE progress after Quilt-Cam was over.


Oh yes, that is VERY green.  Very very green! LOL!

It was just St Paddy’s Day, and you’ve never really experienced St Paddy’s day unless you’ve spent it in the Chicago area.  My feet are still tapping an Irish jig.


OH, it’s VERY green!

I miss green the most when winter comes.  New life is greening up all over, North Carolina – and our snow didn’t stick.  This morning’s walk with Sadie brought more NEW GREEN to mind:


It’s a great time of year to celebrate the returning of the GREEN!


Quilting in Progress.

I’m using Hobbs wool batting, and my quilting lines are about 1’’ apart at the widest part of the design.  What good is a wool batting if you quilt it flat as a pancake?  I want this to be warm and snuggly, to be used and used hard.  My thread color is a copper/old gold.  The panto design is Gossamer by Hermione Agee of Lorien Quilting, Australia.

I won’t be able to finish this before leaving for the cabin – I’m out of here in about 40 minutes – but it will be waiting for me when I return home from Iowa next Friday. 

Did you throw your name in the hat to win yesterday’s March Quilty Box?  Head on over to yesterday’s post if you haven’t yet!  It’s a good one.  Drawing to happen Sunday night.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage wool suiting quilt from samples shared in Illinois last week.

Set backs are feedback! Grow through them!

Have a lovely Thursday, everyone!


  1. My friend Joan was scrappy straight out of the box in 1976. Today she is sole care for her husband w/dementia. I introduced her to quilt cam a few weeks ago and she is over the moon. Quilting with friends, scrappy style. She was so excited to discover spinning seams. :) thank you Bonnie, Sharyn in Kalama

    1. Oh, I'm thrilled to hear it! Please tell her hello from me! :)

  2. Huh. The leftover blocks on the back look as though they're spelling out something. Are you sending subliminal messages, Bonnie? "Buy more rulers", maybe?

    Thanks to you and your site, I'm getting better at identifying vintage machines on sight. I knew the tan one at the top of the post was a 301 as soon as I clapped eyes on it!

  3. It's Quilt Show set-up Day!! Glad I got my stitches in yesterday. Secrets for Quilt Market in my favorite color and That 'Green'. Happy Cabin time!!

  4. Bonnie, your checkerboard rails quilt turned out beautifully! Thanks for this pattern. I enjoyed making it.

  5. I see you often putting the guide on your machines, the lengths of room key... and wonder, Does she remove them when done with that session of sewing?

  6. SO exciting to see my 301 Singer Lucy long bed on your blog today!
    Thanks for the thrill :)

  7. I was thinking about your question regarding managing time... I can very easily sit all day on the internet looking at everybody's stuff. I do on occasion waste a day (well, maybe not waste- it can be idea gathering); Usually I set rules for myself, including time limits on the internet- kind of like we did for the kids playing video games and such. I even give myself warnings, like 'OK 15 minutes left' '5 minutes' 'times up.' Sometimes I make lists of the things I am working on, so if I'm not sure what to do when I go upstairs to the sewing room- I look at the list and do the next thing.

  8. I have to be very organized to manage my time to find sewing time, so I set goals. While at the office, I make notes in my quilters planner about what I've done the previous day, what I'm going to do that night and what I've accomplished. I use my breaks/lunch hour at work to cut if I need to, so I can sew at home at night. I also use that time to hand stitch on EPP or bindings as needed. I keep a couple mats, rulers, and rotary cutters at the office, so I only have to bring my fabric and pattern. When I get home, I make supper, do dishes, help with homework for 5 & 7 year olds, spend time with hubby and MIL and then get the kids to bed. My only sewing time is from 8 or 9 PM until 10:30 or 11 PM. My hubby and MIL go to bed at 8 too, so I my free time is late nights. I spend time on social media over my coffee in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening, when everything else is settled down. This works for me and sewing relaxes me. Setting goals and seeing what I've accomplished, helps me motivate and encourages me to get my projects done. I just finished my oldest UFO, from 2011 last week. I've been quilting for 20+ years, but am very determined to have quilts, not UFO's.

  9. you get an 8 yard pass for that back!

  10. Bonnie,

    In less than two months I will be taking two classes with you as the “ Leader”. I cannot wait I need to book a room soon. Thank you for all you do for so many. Looking forward to learning and growing with you and others.

    Woo hoo so exciting.........


  11. I enjoy each quiltcam that I view. I love scarps and what can be done with them. I have purchased most of your books and I what to make the checkerboard rail fence. It speaks to my sole. I work full time at USPS and can hardly wait until I can say see ya later.


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