Sunday, March 11, 2018

Springing Forward–And Falling Behind!

There has been a little of this going on here.

And when I say little…I mean LITTLE!

It kind of gets this way when I’ve been gone for 10 days, and I only have a few days to play catch up before heading off again.

I leave for Chicago tomorrow. 

With the time changes between California and here, and then springing forward another hour overnight last night – I’m in a bit of a kerfuffle.

So this is my notice right off the bat – Quilt-Cam is going to have to wait until I return from Chicago.  At least I’ll only be adjusting backwards an hour tomorrow morning!


There I was yesterday with the whole day laid out before me, and everything was supposed to fall into place, but the one thing I can’t live without is my cell phone if I am going to photograph, blog, communicate, not to mention run credit cards at book signings…MUST. HAVE. PHONE!

I’ve babied my Samsung S7 for more than the past couple of months – the battery just wasn’t holding a charge.  Overnight, while plugged in (and yes, all programs are off, location is off, Bluetooth is off, all of those things that drain are OFF – I’m not inexperienced in cell phone maintenance and battery life.) it only reached 16%.  And drops 1% a minute.


It was a nice try, but this didn’t work either!

We were hopeful it was the battery.  $70.00 later (while I wandered an antique mall for 90 minutes while it was being fixed – WITHOUT a phone to take pictures!) we were hopeful that the new battery would hold the charge.  It didn’t.

By the time I had stopped for lunch and groceries it went from 50% to 23%.  With NOTHING running.  We even tried a factory reset.  Still didn’t help battery power.

Late yesterday afternoon after dealing with all of this I gave up and got a new phone. 

There was nothing else left to do but plunk the money down, pay off the old phone and start new.  It bothers me how disposable electronic gadgets are these days..and I guess right around 2 years is all you are going to get out of a phone before it is too outdated for the operating system upgrade.  

Planned obsolescence.  What a concept.  I feel so guilty about adding more JUNK to the landfill piles.  Dear Samsung S7, you will make a good backup camera should I need one.  You’ve been pushed aside by my new Samsung S8+


Mama! Put the new phone down and pay some attention to me!

As I went to bed last night, I realized she was right.  

I need to take TODAY off and just do what NEEDS to be done so I can leave for Chicago with a clear conscience.   It’s another fairly long trip, I’ll be home Sunday night after a 3 guild tour.

While I was away in California there was an episode with the WN's (Wing Nuts) next door. The story was related to me by Jeff upon our drive home from the airport Thursday night.

It turns out that the OTHER neighbors (Not the WNs) got upset that the WNs had locked their dog Piper up in the front yard to "play" with Chip-in-the-pen.  We assume that Piper has since been relegated to her OWN property, and is no longer Piper-at-large because we just haven’t seen her around.

Sadie, escape artist that she is, got out one night past 10pm, and after 2am, Jeff still couldn't find her. 6:30am, he caught one WN heading off to work - turns out they brought Sadie into their house and kept her overnight! He read them the riot act. They don't have our permission to keep her when she was to use her doggy door to take care of business and come right back in.

There is now a padlock on the WN's front gate! (I guess they don't want folks to reclaim their missing dogs?)

Poor Chip in the pen was looking mighty lonely yesterday, but keeping other people's dogs locked up in your own yard is just a wrong thing to do. And it's weird.  They just need to get their own second dog instead of borrowing other people's dogs.


Back to Friday night’s sewing episode:
Have you experienced this?

I received some gifted Jelly Roll strips, and while folks tell me to “measure by the inside V’s or outside peaks” when stitching with these, I just can’t.  Can you see that there is overage on BOTH sides of this strip?  There is no way sewing with the pinking will work.

We had this issue during our Wanderlust workshop at Asilomar as well.


I trimmed off THIS MUCH to get this strip to measure 2 1/2’’!

Pre-cut strips do not necessarily measure what they are supposed to, and need to be cut to proper size before sewing if units are going to come out the right size!

If working from pre-cuts, I much prefer 10 inch squares that can be cut precisely to the sizes that I need them to be avoiding loads of frustration and loss of time.

The next time I see Jelly Roll strips trying to make a place in my strip drawers, I’m going to grab them, cut them in half and toss them into the string bins to be dealt with!

I’m feeling very sad about having to postpone Quilt-Cam until I’m back from Illinois, but this day is already a bit short-sheeted with the time change. 

I need to repack the trunk show, type up invoices, pack my own suitcase and include needed class supplies that weren’t shipped ahead and be ready for zero-dark-thirty airport departure.


A short excerpt!

But my most important job for today is finishing up the comb-through of book manuscript sent in by editor Debbie.  It was supposed to be given a good start yesterday, but phone fiasco happened.

You’ll find me at my desk reading and re-reading instead of at my machine!

But at least I’m here for it instead of trying to do it from a hotel room on the road.. 

And so happy to be in my studio, sitting at my desk, my Pandora on my Enya channel for a bit of background relaxation music – and enjoying this day at HOME.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Today the time moved forward, and so can you!



  1. I have had the same trouble with my Samsung phones in the past. Worst thing is they can't save all your apps. The re-installation is a pain. Enjoy your FREE day! The WN neighbors are Wierd. Sorry about Sadie getting dog-napped.

  2. With your post on instagram, I was guessing that "WN" stood for Wacky Neighbors! LOL

    1. It could stand for a number of things! LOL!

  3. Those darn phones, can't live without them anymore. I went through the same thing at Christmas. I was shocked at the price of a new phone. I cheaped out though and bought an unlocked phone through Amazon. It has their ads but that doesn't bother me. Time will tell how long it will last! I've been binge watching "This is Us" and trying to remember when I started using a cell phone as the program shows Jack and Rebecca trying to reach each other on the land line. I love that program. If you haven't had a chance to see it yet, check it out, but keep a box of Kleenex nearby!
    Glad Sadie got home safe! You gotta wonder about people!

  4. I never liked the look or the "implied edge" of pinked strips, and never bought or used them for that reason. Now I know my instincts were pretty good. You're lucky that you could trim them down to the desired size. I'd've felt royally ripped off if the strips ended up at 2-1/4 after trimming off the points!

    1. Exactly. These are gifted strips, but it sure is a pain to have to trim each one to size before use.

    2. Couldn't agree more!

  5. enjoy your day...we will be happy to have Quilt Cam when it fits YOU!

    1. Yes, whenever YOUR schedule allows is great for Quilt Cam.

  6. Get rest . Glad you found Sadie. She has such a sweet face.understNd Samsung phones. What ever call phone u get they are expensive. They have quite the racket going on .

  7. And here I am with an iPhone 6 Plus, the first large iPhone running well and I want a new phone, but first I have to have a reason!

    1. My iphone 6 + is still running great. The Apple products seem to last longer than Samsung.

    2. My son has an iPhone 6 and it's starting to have glitches. When he calls me I can only understand about every other word.

  8. Alexa has been playing Enya in my office lately too 😂🤣😂Glad you are putting Bonnie Hunter first today. I wish you safe travels....

  9. Two words for rescuing Sadie from imprisonment by the Wing Nuts....bolt cutter. One snip to that padlock & she's free. Re: phones. The companies admit they're made that way so people have to keep buying new ones. Refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, washers, dryers....any more the life span is estimated at 3-5 years. All for the same reason. And if you buy bottom of the line cheap they aren't even repairable during that time because parts aren't made for those models. Quite a racket! Have a good trip to Illinois and may that new phone do what you need it to do.

  10. Bonnie, I down sized to a Samsung Galaxy J3. It does e everything I need. Cost $144 outright. No contract. It is simple. Takes pics.

  11. Sorry to hear about phone troubles. Love them when they work, but grrrr when they don't!!!!
    Looking forward to seeing you on Friday night in IL. We are driving up from Peoria and we are getting so excited!!!!! Saf travels

  12. Precuts are annoying. I won't buy jelly rolls because of this. I guess I lucked out. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and am just having to get a new phone. I did a preorder for a S9+ at Costco and they are giving me $200 for my old phone!
    Safe trip to Chicago :)

  13. Driving over from northeast Indiana to see your trunk show Tues night! Was so glad to see this date on your calendar and that you would be close enough for us to travel over there. Safe travels and hope your body clock can keep adjusting! The Brown sisters.

    1. So happy you are coming! See you soon!

  14. I have issues with 2 1/2, 5, and 10 inch squares as well....they are almost never the actual size they are stated as being.

  15. I guess I was lucky! My Samsung S3 was still working just fine, but the screen was cracked in 2 corners. I didn't want to spend the big $ for a new phone. On Cyber Monday, I saw a Google Pixel XL for $5 a month. Yes, it was last year's, buy my granddaughter had a Pixel and loved the camera. I took the leap after some due diligence on the price.
    I've had the opposite problem with jelly rolls - short of 2 1/2 inches. Tell me the brand of those you had to trim, I think I want some LOL.

  16. I belong to a small women's club and we recycle cell phones for a women's shelter. I recently had to buy a new phone battery and it solved my problem-for now. With updates, not sure how long the capacity will be large enough to operate as it should. Love the picture of Sadie; she's so pretty.

  17. Why in the heck, did they ever start pinking pre-cuts in the first place? I don't like them either...

  18. don't worry about quilt cam. We love it when it happens, but you do have a life. Did you know you can donate your old phone for soldiers to use over seas? I think you can drop it off at any recruiters office. My grandson is a new soldier in the Ranger training program. I thank you if you do this with your phone. I thanks you anyway. You do so much for me. I've got On Ringo Lake half laid out on my living room area rug. My cats are offering their placement opinions. Take your time, Bonnie. we all need you.

  19. I think the phone people send secret codes to make our phones misbehave. They are supposed to update info each time they are turned on but I think it's part of the plan to make them "wear out" before their time!

  20. I would never bring someone else's dog in my home without permission. Even when we've found 'lost' dogs, we try to keep them outside until we find the owners, if possible. I met some of your 'students' from your newest Illinois classes, at my guild's quilt show over the weekend. I had a booth of some of my vintage machines at the show (including the 301 you used when you were at our guild, Pride of the Prairie).


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