Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Chicago, Chicago!

Would you look at the color of this water?

And blue sky!  And puffy white clouds – and oh, sun!

But don’t let the glow of the photo fool you.  They don’t call this the Windy City for nothing, and those March winds were blowing!

Still, it was a beautiful crisp day in Chicago, and I had a partner-in-quilt-crime willing and able to drive me around on a panoramic tour of the city, giving me a taste of “Downtown Chi Town!”

Getting here was my only struggle.


Extra Carry On!

Oh, did DTS love me.  Not only did I get the random beep for an extra search of phone and laptop, which rarely happens with TSA Pre Check, but I gave them the heads up that there was a box of quilting rulers in the bag.  I waited, I waited, I watched the face of the person by the screen as she tried to determine just what she was seeing. 

Pretty soon the transmitter on her vest is in use, calling over a supervisor.  It would have taken less time if she just said yes it needed to be checked!

The box inside had one flap open so they could easily flip open the lid and see what is in there.  All was fine, and I was on my way – but quilting things just sometimes grab a bit more scrutiny than normal every day luggage.

And when the gate agent said “We are looking for those who would like to have their roll-aboards checked to their final destination, I was the first in line.  Bye bye, rulers, we’ll see you on the other side!


THIS was a battlefield!

Seat 10 C is where 1st class changes to “back of the bus” and the aisle makes a jog.  There is nowhere and no way to tuck yourself further in for comfort, there is only a small slot of under seat space in front of you that won’t fit much more than a busy-bag, and your knees and head are game for anyone coming by. leaving you beaned, battered and beat up by passengers going past.

And why don't folks turn their phones to vibrate? Seatmate's train whistle was driving us all a bit choo-choo! It only stopped when we were finally leaving Greensboro, but started right up again upon landing in Atlanta.  How can you tell a grown man to put his choo-choo on vibrate??


I need a pony tail!

Trying to keep the flying hair out of my face for a lake side selfie!

We saw so much in a very short period of time, but the sunshine was lovely, and the town was invigorating.  I compiled our driving tour in the video below. Click to play:

I took too many photos with the phone upright instead of sideways because the view was TALL BUILTINGS. Must remember to switch to side-ways phone view more often in the future for better slide shows.


The Chicago bean, complete with reflection of buildings across the way!


Stopping in at The Quilt Merchant in Winfield to say hi to Valerie!


I love stopping by her shop whenever I can!


There are always gorgeous quilts to inspire -


And a flurry of busy sit n sew in the class room!

I walked in, said hello, and set about seeing what everyone was working on. Kate was sewing on a 404, putting some vintage blocks together into a top.  There was a Dear Jane in progress, and a lovely 9 patch making it all the way to border stage.  I got my fabric petting done for the day.

There were also peals of laughter all around as one quilter exclaimed "Jesus Christ!" upon realizing who I was, and I said in reply "No, just Bonnie Hunter!" It was just too funny!

It was a quick visit, but so worth it!  And I’m back this way again in June -

Back to my room, NO SEWING HAPPENED.  But a nap did.  And a late dinner out, which had me walking back to the hotel across the parking lot in snow flurries.  Will spring ever get here for real?


Leaving sticky notes to my editor, Debbie!

In lieu of setting up Cathy’s featherweight and stitching up some blocks, I decided my time was better put to finishing up manuscript edits, part 3.  Here I am leaving her a note on the total number of small triangles cut for a project.  People’s eyes are going to bug out of their heads!  But the number of squares to cut first is only half this amount – 504.  Does that sound any better?

Pick up for this morning’s workshop is 7:45 am Chicago time – and I better get a move on. It's a Sister's Choice workshop day for 50 quilters!

45 minutes left to get myself read, get breakfasted and be out the door.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

3 easy things to make someone else's day, and likely your own in turn!

Vintage nine-patch quilt top shared by Kate during yesterday's visit to The Quilt Merchant.

Happy Tuesday, folks!


  1. LOL, I remember the last time I took my mini sewing machine to Texas- the poor guy looking at the screen could not figured it out and the female TSA kept telling him- "it's a sewing machine!"

    1. I too have had that experience with the TSA agent standing there wondering what the heck it was and if he dared open it to find out when I was traveling with my featherweight to s retreat in Michigan several years ago.

    2. LOL - So few people sew garments or mend any more that pretty soon even women that aren't quilters will be hard pressed to recognize a sewing machine when they see one, especially on just a fuzzy x-ray!

  2. I was in Chicago, walking around downtown, on the record coldest day in 1985. Minus 27 F before wind chill. Brutal!

  3. Chicago is one of my favorite towns to tourist in. I can get lost in the Field Museum! And the Aquarium is always worth a visit.

    Hope you have a great trip and all the electronics issues work out!

  4. Glad you got to wander around bit before the snow flurries in Chicago. I missed seeing the Bean when I visited and went to the Chicago Quilt Festival. Have a great day. You are awesome!

  5. Loved the beautiful scenery you provided, and how about the afternoon blizzard? they say "if you don't like the weather in Chicago, wait a minute". Stay warm!

  6. You get to go to special places! Think of the blozzaed weart folks on the Northeast, bless them...I can not even imagine. 😳
    Sister's Choice is on my short list.. love the scrappy star look.
    Stay warm, laugh a lot and when you get home please snuggle with Miss Sadie for all of us in her fan club. 🐶

  7. Thanks for sharing, I visited Chicago when my niece graduated from bootcamp, it is a wonderful city.
    Boy does your new phone take beautiful pictures!

  8. Ahh! March in Illinois. How much I miss it. I grew up a few hours south of Chicago, in Peoria, not far from where you will soon be. I live in Minnesota now and these LONG winters make me want to move back, LOL. Enjoy your stay. :)


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