Saturday, March 03, 2018

Asiloar Bound!

The majesty of the California coastline is guaranteed to take your breath away.

Sheer cliffs, pounding surf, the sights of gulls floating, swooping and dancing on the breeze.

The tang of salt in the air.

Even the rain brings a beauty that can leave you speechless.  At least it does me.J

I was picked up by my friend Claire – we loaded the luggage into her Prius and off we went heading south along the coast from Scotts Valley to Monterey and around to Pacific Grove.

It was an easy morning, and there was time to stop, park and walk along Paradise Point near Capitola between the intermittent rounds of rain.


Can you hear the crash of the waves?


This is the ice plant I referred to yesterday – it covers everything!

I remember wanting to be very careful where I stepped because as a succulent plant, this stuff is slimy when stepped on.  Childhood willies!


Cliffside California Poppies.


Cannery Row in Monterey through as I rode shotgun.

By this time we were getting mightily hungry, so we found a little cafĂ© to share a late brunch/early lunch before moving on. 

From here we went to Back Porch Fabrics!  Click to Play:

It was fun to stand at the counter with my purchase, look over my left shoulder to see someone holding one of my books.  Of course I offered to sign it!


Oh!  We are here!


And look who I found!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe is here teaching the same session that I am – Edyta was just finishing up her session and heading out.  So glad to catch up with her before she left.


Birds in flight.

There is more rain in the forecast – it poured again last night as I was turning in to sleep.  But this place is beautiful, and weather permitting, you will find me here for long walks and wonderful reflection.

Our class room is also a bustle!  Yesterday afternoon was for setting up, introduction to our projects and digging in.  With class going from 4pm to 5:30pm before dinner there wasn’t a lot of sewing, but we were able to get that pesky seam test taken care of, and some cutting started and we are ready to move right in today.

Our class room space is AMAZING – check out the 3 glass walls with a view to the dunes and ocean beyond.  Click to play:

I would have to say we have found the best classroom in the whole place. This is awesome!


Dinner in the dining hall!


Getting ready for last night’s instructor intros and artist in residence presentation.

It was a full day and I was in bed by 9:30.  NO SEWING HAPPENED….but today will be a different story.  I plan on sewing with my students when class is over at 4pm.  Bring it on!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

This one little thing is something I try to keep in mind during every class day. I so appreciate the students who put their faith in me as an instructor.

I wouldn't be here without them.  Or you, my readers.

It's going to be an awesome day at Asilomar!


  1. Good morning, Bonnie. I love that classroom, surrounded by windows! Rain or shine, that is awesome.

  2. Back Porch is one of my go to quilt shops. Even though I live in the area I love walking around downtown Pacific Grove every time we go there.

  3. Such an amazing venue!! Enjoy!

  4. I love to hear the waves! I wanna be a Beach Bum!!! Josh Turner can sing his "Beach Bum" song to me as I dream of Beach days. The room is the best, great view and natural LIGHT. Hope the rain subsides...

  5. Say hi to my friend Earlene that's in your class. Tell her I saw her in your photos! Have a fun weekend!

  6. Bonnie- Have a Great stay on the California coast! I love Monterey Bay, Pacific Grove and Carmel. I have spent quite a bit of time there. I love the Oregon Coast The California Coast and the Alaska Coast. I love my mountains and my water. It is so relaxing, the storm surfs are magnificent. Thank You for sharing!.

  7. Wow and design boards everywhere - that's a super classroom. Ahhh ice plants - such hardy and pretty little daisy flowers. The waves rough or lapping are quite relaxing for me too. I think I need an escape to the coast - even if it's only for a couple of hours!

  8. My friend, Pam, is in this class at Asilomar. She is your biggest fan! She is always working on your patterns. She does great work. Quilters from Orange County will be looking forward to seeing her finish project upon her return.

  9. My favorite place to visit is Monterey! I have spent many vacations there with my kids. We always stayed in Pacific Grove and visited the aquarium and sites on Cannery Row. I recently learned one of my best friend’s father work canning fish there when he was young. Enjoy the class and the beautiful surroundings ladies!

  10. What an incredible venue for a workshop!


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