Sunday, March 04, 2018

Getting our Wanderlust On!

Good morning from Asilomar Conference Grounds, near Pacific Grove, California!

I think my body clock finally adjusted to pacific time, and now I am rushing to get a post up before heading to breakfast!

There is something about the cool night air, the sound of the crashing surf and the fact that we quilted our brains out yesterday that gave me the deepest sleep I have experienced in days.

Okay, and maybe it was the fact that I remembered the ear plugs to block out the noise of the clanking heater that never turns off!

5 days to play with one quilt – how much progress could you make?

These gals are doing great!

Of course it all starts with proper cutting of triangle pairs!

We are using my Essential Triangle Tool for both the half-square triangles and flying geese units in the quilt – so many of each!  But I am loving the squeals of delight and amazement  when I hear “I can’t believe it – it’s perfect! And all I needed to do was remove one dog ear!” 

It feels so good to feel the student’s own empowerment as they build and refine skills toward beautiful blocks that will find their way into glorious quilts.


So much fun with these ladies!

Erleen on the left is a bright 82, and she is keeping up with the best of them!


Chain, chain chain…..


Chain of friends!!


Speaking of friends….

Marie, who is a friend, is also a friend of Cheri who is responsible for getting Auntie Joy her 404, and Joy is taking classes from Cheri and Glad Creations in Minneapolis.  Cheri is also responsible for Joys new addition of a featherweight, and MORE classes are happening!  We took a moment to send a shout out to them both.  The circle of our quilty-friendships just grows and grows!  These ladies I love have taken my Aunt Joy right under their quilty wings and I am so happy!


Awesome blocks, ladies!


And there are oh, so many days to go!


My evening sewing escape.

5 days on one class project is a lot of time.  And the longing for some stitching of my own starts to ramp up around 4pm as class is “officially ending’ but not stopping!  Jamie brought me her purple featherweight for my own sewing time.  I have set up at the end of a table and hope to turn out many more blocks on my off hours over the next several days.

Rain has been intermittent – coming full gale force from time to time, and then dissipating as if it never happened.  Between breakfast and the start of the work shop day yesterday I took a little hike down to the shore to breathe the fresh air, and throw my cares into the sea.  Click to play:

The birds were so cute - running towards the water on spindly little legs as fast as they could go, and running away from the surf as fast as they could when it moved in their direction.

"Hurry hurry hurry!" Is the cry as they chase the receding wave toward the sea.

"Run away faster!" is the reply when the surf comes crashing back upon the shore.

I could watch these guys for hours!

The breakfast bell just rang – and it’s time to get a move-on. 


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I thought the fishy quilt was perfect for an ocean day!

If you don't try, how will you know what you are really capable of? Don't let fear stop you in your tracks.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!


  1. What a fun video of the little birds running back and forth with the waves!
    ENjoy your class!

  2. where do you have the pattern for Wanderlust - I looked through the free patterns didn't see it - is it in one of your books?

    1. It's also in a past issue of Quiltmaker. On my to do list.

  3. I just love the quilt blocks you are working on, Bonnie. I have always wanted to do an Irish Chain but I really like the scrappiness that this set of blocks makes. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. The birds were way too funny!!! I had to keep playing the video over and over and was laughing so loud. Love the beautiful purple featherweight! Trying to talk my hubs into painting my 301 a bright metallic color...haven’t won out yet.

  5. Love sanderlings. They are so cute and when we were in Florida they were just walking along the shoreline with us. The children were delighted that they stayed close to us. I haven't seen them much over here as they are more migrant birdies and not in such huge flocks.
    Thanks for making my day with the oooh here comes the wave - RUN! film!

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  7. Oh, Bonnie, it's killing me to read this and not be there. I actually live in Nebraska, but my sister lives in Monterey--has for over forty years--and I know the area well from all my visits. There's a wonderful outdoor beer garden right next to Peet's in downtown Monterey that will be well worth your time in a warm--or at least, comfortable--hour, whichever beverage you choose! Have a lovely, lovely time so close to my sister!

  8. The best instructions for Wanderlust are found in my book addicted to scraps.


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