Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Show & Share, Shenanigans & More!

This is part of the display that enticed us as we sewed away for two days at the Glenwoodie Golf & Country Club in Glenwood, Illinois last week.

As I went through my photos to pull this morning’s post together, this tee shirt statement just busted me out laughing.

Have you EVER felt this way?  “I’m not going to buy any more fabric until I……..OH, look!  Pretty!  On Sale!!”

Well, I caved.  LOL.

There were BINS of 1 yard cuts – 3.99 each.  In my mind, I rationalized that as only $1.00 a fat quarter, right?  Wouldn’t you??

And before I knew it -

I had a whole bag full of “Packing Material!”

(And why is there a light on my head?!)

Me and Elizabeth from Cotton Cottage Quilts.

She added so much to our event by having nearly her entire shop set up right in our sewing area.  Thank you for coming, Elizabeth!  My “Packing Material” has made it safely home and I can’t wait to play with it.

As I told the shop owner at Quilting in the Valley in La Salle, “You may buy all the fabric you want, but you can’t buy the time to sew it up.” 

I need more time to sew.  Honestly, I do.  I’m starved for it.  That may be addressed this weekend when I make a get-away to the cabin in Virginia on Thursday.  Or at least, that’s the plan!


A Special Revisiting!

When this first came out for show and share, I thought “Wow!  She did a great job! That looks like mine!”  Well, DUH!  It IS mine, or was mine – until she was the winning bidder for the Quilts of Valor Mini Quilt Auction I donated it to! LOL!  What a fun photo op this was, and I got to revisit this quilt.

This is just four Winston Ways blocks with extra four-patches as the border.  Block pattern found in MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders.


And the Show & Share kept coming!

Roll Roll Cotton Boll from String Fling.

This is Lisa and her sweet mama (who could be her sister) Carolyn!  Carolyn is from Arkansas – she drove up to Missouri to grab Lisa and a plethora of sewing stuff and up they came to Ottawa, Illinois to spend a couple of days with me.  I was so happy to see them walk in the door.  

It’s been 5 years since I saw them last, but they are so much fun – and PROLIFIC!  Be watching for the rest of their show & share in the video below.


And Oh, the On Ringo Lake finishes that are knocking my socks off!

Isn’t this a gorgeous top?  There are MANY in today’s video!

Click to play:

Now doesn't that display just about knock your socks off?!

Seriously, it was a wonderful time.  My thanks to the Heritage, Quilters Plus and Illinois Valley Quilt Guilds for such a great week!  I’m sure they are all breathing a sigh of relief that the 5 years wait for these calendar dates to arrive has now become a thing of the happy past.


In Future Event News!

This year's Quiltville event hosted by Mary's Quilt Shop in Bedford, PA is August 24 - 26 and 30 - 31! Have you registered yet?

You can find the basic info and reservation form on Mary’s Quilt Shop Page HERE. Scroll down the page to find my event.  Please contact the shop for more info on class space availability.

I spent all day yesterday at my desk making an easy to download class supply brochure for those attending.  Click HERE, and either save to your computer, or print. 

The brochure includes all of the class lists for all of the dates I’ll be teaching. You can choose which pages you want to print by using your printer settings if you don’t want the whole thing.  I thought this was easier than having 7 different supply lists with 7 different links.

You can also find the link to the brochure by clicking the Calendar of Events tab at the top of the blog, finding the date and clicking on the date of the event to expand and read.

Required books and supplies are available through the Quiltville Store and it is helpful if you order these ahead of time.


Spring has Sprung in North Carolina!

Though it was a Monday Desk Day, I did manage to get out and about my neighborhood.  Isn’t this forsythia along the bank of the little creek just beautiful?  There is more to share, I thought I’d spread it through the next few day’s posts instead of barraging you all at once.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage hexagon quilt found in Illinois.

Of course you can move forward! You are not a tree!

Make it a great Tuesday, my friends!


  1. Intriguing post yesterday about thread. What do you use in your sewing machines for piecing? Thanks!

    Enjoy the first day of spring!

    1. Right now I am using anything and everything in my machine with my scrappy piecing to use it up! I was more concerned about the single thickness of thread for hand piecing. 2 ply is not strong enough.

  2. Thanks for the picture of spring, it's snowing here (not alot, but let's have spring)! Keep hoping.

  3. Great Show n Share!! Lots of your past Mysteries in there too. FUN to revisit your Winston Ways Mini. Heading into the Quilt Zone. I have way too many fun quilts that are calling to me. LOL on the acqusitions of $1/FQ fabrics...
    4 FQs make a Yard!

  4. I caved today too and bought a bunch of neutral FQs at $2 each. I heard somewhere that a scrap quilter can never have too many neutrals. :)

  5. Moving ahead for sure. Today a UFO workshop at guild. Going to get three quilts ready for quilting. One just a backing to send to longarmer, one to pin baste and one to thread baste so I can hand quilt it in a hoop. Feeling hopeful!!

  6. Dear Bonnie, I had the pleasure of attending one of your classes a couple years ago. I just wanted to say that I have been moved by your quotes of the day, especially today's. I have recently left an abusive relationship,and have lost my home, sewing room,in other words my sanctuary! I have been shown such love from friends, family, even complete strangers, who r now dear friends! Not on my feet yet, but I am getting there. Just wanted u to know your positive messages have been a bright spot in some pretty dark days. Thanks

  7. It is so much fun to 'visit' with you in your blog. Would love to attend one of your classes and when I can get all my stuff moved and taken to NC I may just have the chance. I could always be your assistant. LOL

  8. take the time to sew... i know exactly how "un-done" you must feel... I get downright cranky if i go too long without my sewing, piecing, etc. etc... I need "studio" time... AND thanks for clarifying (above) about piecing by machine thread and hand sewing piecing thread... I still have spools and spools of "quilting" thread in many colors, but hadda order the "flax" after your explanation yesterday... again, thanks for all you share with us... blessings and peace... it's spring and none of us are trees! <3 Cats, Carlsbad, CA

  9. I haven't said how much I appreciate your outdoor photos. Thank you. Forsythia is one of my favorites. Doesn't do well here in WI I'm afraid.

  10. Snowing here right now in CT! AGAIN! But I got a lot of sewing done and will get even more done tomorrow. To me snow = sew!


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