Thursday, March 29, 2018

A Wonderful Wonky Wishes Workshop Day!

I’m not sure WHAT I’m saying in this photo.  LOL!

Anyone dare to add a caption?

Something like “What do you mean the fabric is on sale at 75% off – LET’S GO!”

Aren’t candid shots just so funny?

I met yesterday with a huge group of quilters in Des Moines for a wonderful workshop day of sewing up Wonky Wishes blocks –the scraps were flying!

And more scraps came up for grabs in baskets by color family!


Stitchers, busy stitchers, a sweat shop of scrappy variety!


Oh so cute!

I was pleased to find there was a large portion of the class who had never allowed themselves the FUN of sewing wonky!  Of going just a bit “improv” or letting that inner 3rd grader out to just play with the fabric and experiment with angles, colors, values.

Perfect went OUT the window (And I hope it stays out there!) and before we knew it, a whole galaxy was being created by all participating.


Pot luck lunch for 50??  Truly epic!

we had worked up a powerful hunger!


Afternoon string sashing making!

Meliza's beautiful turquoise featherweight.  Swoon!


Oh yes, this is going to be just wonderful!

And before we knew it, it was time for laying down blocks and seeing how they all looked together:



Click to play:


Great job, everyone!

You’ll find the rest of our day’s scrap happiness in the video below.  Click to play:

The time flew by far too quickly as it always does.'

A small group of us headed over to Cool Basil for a yummy Thai/Asian dinner before calling it a day.

I managed little to nothing last night.  I sorted some fabrics, tried to find something to watch on TV, couldn’t – called it a day and was asleep in bed by 9pm.  Goodness!  And here I had planned to sew the night away.

Tonight.  I hope to do that TONIGHT!

After I draw for our May/June Quiltmaker Bundle winner.  DID YOU ENTER?!

It’s another scrappy day ahead, switching gears to Blue Ridge Beauty from Adventures with Leaders & Enders.  four-patches and triangles, here we come!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found in La Salle, IL earlier this month.

(Is it just me or has this month gone on forever?!)

At the end of the day I often wonder: Am I spending my time chasing all the busy insignificant things, or focusing on what really matters?

It’s a bit of a deep one.  Have you ever felt this way?

Have a terrific Thursday, everyone!


  1. My caption: "You want to make the blocks in just TWO colors?!!?" ;-D

  2. Oh! I just saw my next project! Not the quilt (although that's going into my 'Yes I WILL Make This' folder), but the multi-zippered sewing bag at 1:28. Squee!!

    The Christmas-themed stars were so cute, and I love Robert's reversed colorway on his stars. It's fun to look at them all from a distance, notice why some blocks appeal to my eye and some do not, then analyze why. A nice education on colors and values, without ever leaving my comfy recliner.

    1. That is a Bionic Gear bag and you can find the pattern on Craftsy...no affiliation with the pattern maker...

  3. Hi Bonnie!
    Thanks a lot for all your great stories and your motivation to hold it simple! It makes me smile to read and I really appriciate your blog and your input! Greetings from Germany and Austria!

  4. I think that picture was taken after someone told you what size piece of fabric they threw out. You were shocked.

  5. I recognize people that were at your Kirksville, MO visit a couple of years ago.

  6. Loved the class always learn something. Bonnie was a delight and such a patient teacher.

  7. My first thought was "Oh, my God, you left your rotary cutter open!" And that's the face I use.

  8. Your Wonky Wishes Class was so much fun! Thank you for coming to Des Moines, we loved your lecture (fun chat) and show and tell of your quilts!

  9. I love wonky!!!! What a beautiful color combo. Way to go quilt sisters!

    From Arkansas to Des Moines, Happy Easter.

  10. "My third arm really helps me sew faster." Ha ha, funny with that person behind you.

  11. Funny you said that about the month going on forever! Yesterday my yoga teacher said it feels like this month is about 70 days long!!

  12. Caption:
    Oh my gosh when did the bobbin thread run out . . .

  13. You didn't test your seam width at the beginning of class and now you have 3/8" seams!

  14. Where do I find Wonky Wishes pattern? I got inspired.

    1. Go to shop tab at top and its on the right side of page :)


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