Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Happy is the Life of a Quilter!

I get the biggest giggle out of student-friends who come up to me and say:

“A friend I hadn’t talked to in more than 2 years emailed to say they saw me on your blog!”

Whatever it takes to put friends back in touch with friends, I’m happy for it!

At the beginning of our Asilomar experience on Friday I said “If anyone is in the witness protection program, or doesn’t want to be caught in photos, please let me know now, or forever hold your peace!”

Turns out that one gal said “Not today – Work doesn’t know I’m here, I’m taking a sick day.”  LOL!  I said “You are taking a mental health break, and we’ll hold you off from photos until tomorrow.”

Sometimes you just have to care for YOURSELF ahead of your job.  But we want you to keep your job, too!


Design walls are filling up!

The variations are MARVELOUS.  And watching each block be placed next to each, half-blocks dropping into place, border triangle units starting to be worked on – this has been such a rewarding week.

I’ve taught 3-day events on cruises before that were interrupted by port stops, so there was no continual sewing.  Other than that I’ve done a couple of 2-day events, but it’s rare on the guild circuit because most want a 1-day class, and something different the next day to give more folks an opportunity.  Here we get 5 full days and 2 “partial days” and these gals are going home with a  great start on their projects, and I know we will have top finishes in short order after they return home. 


We love Kimi’s version in 30s!


Our sweet 82 year old Erleen is keeping up with the rest!


Patricia found some monarchs to work in!


She also gifted EACH of us a charm to remember our time together!


But don’t think it has ALL been pedal to the metal – there has been time for beach combing.  For long walks.  For soaking up some sun.  For massages and naps.  For lots of visiting, as the chatter never stops.


I love the sound of laughter coming from far corners of the room because that means that everyone is having a great time and making new friends, and storing up the memories that come with experiences such as this.


All the happy colors – just add thread!


I MUST start my morning out with a dose of this.

And these.  Click to play.

I could very easily make a life-long daily pilgrimage to the shore just to start my day with the joy of the sanderlings!


And I was back at lunch time for another dose of blue water, white sand and sunshine!

I am planning on doing some big slide shows when the week is over.  I thought slide shows every day of the same class would be a bit much, and I didn’t want that on my plate while I was here.  There is time in the week to come to get it all out there.

Tonight is my big NINE MINUTE presentation!  HA!  So far, EVERYONE has gone over – way over – their designated 9 minutes, but I am determined NOT TO.

Besides, when they told me 9 minutes, figuring 2 minutes per quilt, I only brought FIVE quilts, and one of them is the class quilt.  Now I feel a bit like an under-achiever, but it’s my first time here, what did they expect?  When they said NINE MINUTES I listened. 

Time to get this uploaded and off to the dining hall for breakfast, and then a quick return visit to see the Sanderlings to start my morning off right.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Quiet the noise in your head, and listen to your heart. What is it telling you?

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!


  1. When I watched the little birds and waves video, I thought about Sadie and wondered if she would love a beach walk. Thanks for the little bit of ocean time!

  2. Love that they get more time to play with Wanderlust. Cute charms. Great morning view!!

  3. I had my one eyed cat on my lap while I was watching the birds in your video and she went crazy, then attacked the screen and looked at me like I had tricked her. Good laughs from on of my fur baby

  4. Oh my! How many sanderlings! A little bit of feather heaven! I do envy your lovely trip - and the sounds of the ocean.
    Well here, the snow has gone - apart from the drifts at the edges of the fields and roads, the rain has also stopped and the sun has been out today. Head says - you must do the cleaning and sort that last room out for decorating. My heart said take a ride out to a quilt shop and get some backing fabric for your retreat in the middle of the month! So I took a ride out! LOL! My bad!

  5. Sitting at home with the flu and watching your beach video over and over. So enjoyable!

  6. I WANT that purple Featherweight! :) Prettiest machine I've ever seen.

  7. How much fun, no dishes just sewing, sounds like heaven. Noted in one of the photos a small table with periscope legs. What a great idea when at retreat and space is limited. I think I will add that to my list of needs.

  8. Glad everyone is having fun. Sounds like the best vacation ever! Loving all the quilt blocks.

  9. I love going to Empty Spools in Asilomar California! I've been going for several years and will be there in two weeks. Glad you're enjoying your stay and I hope they have booked you for a future year. Looks like you got a great classroom with lots of natural light.


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