Saturday, March 31, 2018

Share the Inspiration!

As wonderful as our workshop time is – the definite highlight of my day (besides an incredible pot luck lunch for 52!) is getting to know YOU as you share some of the quilts you’ve made, telling us a bit about yourself, where you are from, what guild you belong to, how you ended up where you are – WHAT INSPIRES YOU!

I have been FLOORED by the number of On Ringo Lake variations in all of their different colorways and arrangements, tweaks, alterations, inspirations and more.

I can tell this is On Ringo Lake by looking at it, but can you name the differences?

It’s straight-set, not on point.  No setting triangles, and those additional chevron border corners?  PERFECTION!

I have just loved seeing your vision and am happy to be your jumping off spot!

Pineapple Blossom on Steroids!

Jo Ann took this class with me and her own vision took over,adding 3 rounds of logs around the center square instead of 2 to make the blocks bolder and bigger, emphasizing the strong diagonal flying geese.  This is SO yummy!


Check out ALL of these browns!

Jo Ann and I have been through brown phases, not once – but twice or more.  She was gifted MANY brown pieces dating from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s and is mixing them in with her collection of more recent browns and the mix is WONDERFUL.  Those calico prints from our early quilting years are such wonderful old friends, and they make me smile.  WONDERFUL quilt, Jo Ann! Pattern from the free patterns tab.


Michelle (who came up from Missouri!) shared her Moth in the Window!

This workshop week was a reunion of sorts for many of the quilters who have been on retreat with me in Oelwein, Iowa in the past.  It was fun to see their projects come to a finish!  Pattern from the Addicted to Scraps book. 


Narragansett Blues from MORE Adventure with Leaders & Enders!

You’ve just got to love a quilt full of scrappy four-patches or nine-patches!  This was so much fun to see.


Some fabulous Tumbler Leader & Ender Challenge quilts came out for viewing!

Debbie (on the far left) is the sweet lady who loaned me her featherweight for my use while in Des Moines, and her quilts are WONDERFUL.  She used the off-set tumbler layout from the antique example I shared during our challenge.  Isn’t the design just wonderful?  I think I may have to make another.  Oh my goodness.  What if each dark row was a rainbow color?  I just love her finish! Pattern from the free patterns tab.


If it’s going to be too big to quilt, divide and conquer!

Lucy (on the far left) does her machine quilting on her FEATHERWEIGHT.  And she does it by quilting in smaller sections and then joining the sections together to get the job done.  

Where there is a will there is a way!  She’s done the same off-set layout as Debbie, and will be quilting this in two halves.


Lucy’s quilting on Jared Takes a Wife in progress!

I am so inspired!

There is much more for your viewing pleasure in the video below.  Click and enjoy:

We were all so inspired and ready to get back to our machines after such wonderful quilts were shown.


Yesterday’s flights.

On top:  Leaving Des Moines.  On bottom: Arriving in Atlanta!  Green is busting out all over in the south, and I’m happy to be home for the next 2 weeks.


3 rosettes became 4 as I stitched my way home!

This last border for Jeff’s hexie quilt is going to grow quickly as I have several cross-country flights over the next many months, and a trip to the UK in August….is this the year this top is completed?  I hope so!

I was home early enough (and it is light much longer now!) to park the van, grab the leash and get in some steps after sitting on planes.  Click to play:


THIS happened last night!

The binding and label are on.  Much hand stitching awaits, and as soon as I can get out of here today, I’ll be cabin bound for Easter in the mountains.


Sunrise on our early morning walk.

It feels wonderful to be home with the world awakening into spring.  The birds woke me up with their lovely singing….I’m ready to tackle this day, get the book orders out and hit the road for Virginia as quickly as I can.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found in La Salle, IL.

If it's all you can think about, find a way to make it happen.

I’m working on it!


  1. I just love how Sadie looks back to check if you are there! "Momma's home!" You are binding in my new favorite color..I am a blue girl too, but lime green is coming on strong!

  2. Oooh, you will be sending my book! Yeah. I have a boat load of scraps and strings and it seems to grow faster than I can sew. 8-) I will be trying Fair and Square very soon. Thank you for all the inspiration. Have a wonderful time at the cabin.

  3. I love looking at the quilts you show us today; I LOVED that you described them individually, still learning, thanks to you! Have a wonderful time at the cabin.

  4. That tail action, says it all on your sweet Sadie. Happy Easter, Bonnie. Thank you for your blogs.

  5. I love your blog Bonnie and look forward to getting back to quilting when we rebuild my studio after the flooding last year. You keep me inspired.

  6. So many inspiring quilts! After seeing On Ringo Lake on your post and just recently at a show and tell I'm anxious to finish mine! Thank you for all your inspiration!

  7. Happy Easter, Bonnie!
    I am glad you get some down time to recoup. I love the Quote of the day, too. I keep dreaming and planning all I want to do with my place, my sewing room, my quilting, my gardens. I don't give up on my dreams.

    Thank You for all you do for us and give to us!

    God Bless you and your family this Easter and Always!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it is sunny by day and cool at night.

  8. Happy Easter Morning to you Bonnie. Thank you for your blog, sharing your blessed life with the rest of us. You do so much for all of us it is hard to find a way to say thank you for all that you do. Your blog with all the wonderful quotes & sayings are my morning sunshine even when there isn't any sun showing. Your encouragement, enthusiasm & joy for quilting keep many of us going until the next morning shows it's face. Thank You, Happy Easter. Please give Sadie a hug for me also.

  9. So glad you have a few days in the mountains, and a break from travelling. I know you will be at the NEC Birmingham UK in August, but will you be at the show every day? Our coach is booked for the Saturday, and would love to meet you.

  10. Does it just make your heart sing when you see so many quilters enjoying making your patterns? You are so gracious to encourage us to make "design choices" as we make them. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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