Saturday, March 24, 2018

Bugging Out & Heading Home!

This was yesterday.

It doesn’t look like this now!

The snow has started falling, and more than 5’’ is expected up here on the mountain so we are in a flurry to beat the flurry – packing up the contents of the fridge, the projects, the overnight bags – setting the cabin at rights and heading down the mountain before it gets too treacherous to do so.

It’s cutting my weekend a day short, but I can’t risk not being able to make it to the airport for Monday’s flight to Des Moines – so we are OUTTA HERE!

Quilt Villa, it was a short but sweet visit, but I’m glad I had some time up here to do what needed to be done – dentistry and relaxation do not often go hand in hand, but it is done.

I stopped at Tractor Supply yesterday, face numb and unable to even suck water from a straw without dribbling.

I needed a salt lick, some bird food, a new pet bed for Sadie (Tired of lugging her bed from one area of the cabin  to another, wherever we needed to be) and as soon as I walked through the door, I heard evidence of spring around the corner!  Click to play!

Spring Chicks!

It’s almost April – what is with this snow??


Evening border attachment!

By evening time I was feeling well enough to spend some time with needle and thread.  I am LOVING the Signature 60 wt.  It is as smooth as silk, and I do not experience the breakage after just a few inches as I did with the other 2 ply thread I had been using.

I am not affiliated with this thread, I don’t know where you can purchase it – so please ask your local shop to carry it.  I don’t know who does or who to refer you to. I’m just sharing the fact that I love it.


More than half way!

A couple more evenings of hand work time should find this border completely attached….and I start on border #4 on this trip to Des Moines!


Mona’s getting busy!

She has started in on the Jade & Cottontail pattern found in this month’s Quilty Box –and here I thought she was going to make it for Carmen for NEXT Easter!  LOL!  There is just no stopping Mona when she is ready to dig into a project.

Our drawing for this month’s Quilty Box will be happening TOMORROW EVENING.  Have you entered to win ON THAT POST?  I’m drawing for 2 winners – Someone is going to receive the full sized Quilty Box, with the fabric and pattern included for this sweet quilt designed by Elizabeth Hartman.

Our second winner will be receiving the Quilty Box Mini, including a charm pack of this fabric line, AND the pattern for the quilt, included in the Bundles of Inspiration Magazine.


Under My Needle!

I finished a top this morning -  I can’t share the whole thing with you yet, but I did want to share with you the stay-stitching I do around a completed top.  Do you do this?

The stay-stitching is set at a longer stitch length than regular sewing, almost a basting stitch.  I sew LESS THAN 1/4’’ all the way around the edge of the quilt top to keep seams from popping open.

This is especially helpful to me when the quilt stops where the patchwork ends – no additional plain borders.  It stops seams from popping open – and we know that seams do pop.  I had to stop in a few places, and re-stitch seams that had started to come undone from just the assembly process and excessive handling of blocks.

The stay-stitching also minimizes stretch, and that’s helpful with edges of blocks that might be on the bias, as in the string blocks you see peeking out here.

I have some fun plans for this quilt – just wait until you see!

Oh, my goodness, that snow is coming down!  I’m hitting send on this, and heading home. 


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

"Slow down, you move too fast. You've got to make the morning last! Just kickin down the cobblestones, looking for fun and feeling groovy!..."

I am not moving so slow right now, but as soon as my feet hit home – It will be feet up and hand stitching time!

Enjoy your Saturday -


  1. Yes I stay stitch now. I used to think it was a waste of time but after doing it on a couple of quilts, I think it actually saved time. And frustration. Where I live in SE MN - not a flake of snow over night or this morning, but oh my just a few miles west and south of us - LOTS of snow. Very grateful to miss this one. Feeling groovy - was one of my favorite songs as a preteen(and now), such a happy song. And a good reminder for life!

  2. Google is our friend, I just googled Signature 60 wt. cotton thread and got lots of options. I could sure tell that your readers are listening to you. Most of the neutral colors were sold out at the supplier that I chose. I was able to order some spools to try, tho. Thanks for the heads up. I have used many A&E threads over the years, but hadn't tried the 60 wt cotton. Thanks for all you do for the quilting community. Safe travels when you head out to Iowa.

  3. Yes, I stay stitch too and always have. Some people think it's a waste of time but they can do their quilts however they want. We're north of the snow in Indiana and I'm glad to have it miss us but it is very windy and cold here.

  4. As a little girl, my mother had family that lived your Va. area, Sparta, Weat Jefferson and fleetwood, so when snow or ice was predicted, we left for home immediately. Drive safely. Looking forward to your next quilt cam. I really enjoy them and your blogs. I have learned and been inspired by them

  5. Yes, I stay stitch, but always use the automatic setting stitch length. I never lengthen the stitch. This goes back to my garment sewing days. It was used along curves and knits. Any edge that will stretch. It always is within the seam allowance so it does not show.

    Thanks for all you do, Bonnie. Your blog is something I look forward reading everyday.

  6. Always stay stitch, and now that more and more of my quilts end in a pieced border it's even more important. Your dentist comment made me smile because I remembered the last time I had a root canal and walked out of the dentist office so numb I could barely blink on that side. Numb practically up to my eyelid and even my nose was numb. That dentist surely was worried about hurting me!

  7. Your hexagon (masterpiece) quilt is so beautiful.. oh my gosh aren't you just so anxious for Spring to come...I know I am. I really love to read your posts; just so uplifting and informative hugs, Julierose

  8. is the Jake & Cottontail pattern available for purchase. You know, in case I don’t win it.

  9. I was at Tractor Supply today, too! Loved seeing the chicks and ducklings! I also stay stitch. Hoping spring comes soon - no new snow, but our March 1 snow is still on the ground!

  10. Great post. I love it! And the chicks. Oh, my! And now I'm hearing that song in my head, feeling groovy!

  11. I love Elizabeth Hartman's patterns and would love to win.

  12. Superior Thread Company is the name of the company that makes Superior thread and a whole line of quality threads. I love the Superior Egyptian cotton 50wt thread for piecing.
    They also make King Tut line.
    Here’s the website: superiorthreads.com

  13. silly girl, pressed sign out rather than publish!!! LOL... I have received my spool of thread, LOL #2 have yet to even begin EPP project, but HAVE decided on a small, pillow? for beginners... LOL #3 I actually met "Mother Superior" a few years ago at "Road to Calif." we had a few laughs, don't remember why, probably something to do with the "Joy of Quilting"... now if that isn't a book title... again, thanks, Cats from Carlsbad, CA

  14. BTW... i just LOVE all those bright happy colors in your latest "secret block" Looking forward to the reveal... Cats

  15. Do you use Signature thread for your hand quilting? I'm sure you have posted what you use, but I am not finding it. Thanks!


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