Wednesday, March 07, 2018

The Fabric, The Thread, The Friendships!

Pat from Maryland and Charlotte from Texas (Who USED to be from Maryland) are sitting with Nancy from California who was with me in Utah last July , along with her friend Wendy, also from California.  

And these 4 people whom I met in different places at different times NOW all know each other, having spent the past 5+ days together during our time here at Asilomar.

This is the kind of thing that can really leave an impact on your quilt circle as you watch it grow.

We were talking about this last night, long after the whole 9-minute-presentation was over (It went swimmingly!  I was only 9 minutes and 18 seconds for the WIN on not going overboard!) and all agreeing that this was the best group ever –as diverse as we were, there were NO sour-pusses in the group.  Not a single problem causer, or prickly personality. 

It must be the ocean breezes and the abundant doses of sunshine beyond our 3 glass walls in what is DEFINITELY the best class room Asilomar has to offer.


Would you look at this?  They are STILL sewing!


I’m going to miss these faces!

Jeanette in the blue on the right has been getting notifications that her house in Massachusetts has been without power for the past many days due to the recent Nor'easter.  Power was restored yesterday, but another storm is on its way.  She’s so happy that she is here sewing up her own kind of storm.

Oh, and our school teacher gone AWOL whom I couldn’t post photos of on Friday (But could Saturday & Sunday! LOL!) is back under quilt-class witness protection and is now again on no-photograph status.

We have all taken the quilter’s oath, complete with pinky-swear that we will not reveal her whereabouts over the past 4 school days.  There is this flu thing, you know?  And it’s really bad.  We are keeping her under quarantine so she doesn’t get it from her students.

So funny, and we can all relate!


Loving Jamie’s reflections of Peru fussy cuts!

The big fish eating the little fish, and the sloths and llamas – SO MUCH FUN!


Our design walls are a thing of beauty!


Pat’s in blues and purples on the right, Nancy’s smaller version on the left.


Oh, I’m going to miss these ladies!

Click to play:

Yesterday by far was the best “outdoor” day as well.  The frigid chill of earlier in the week has warmed away to wonderful. (though this morning looks a bit overcast)

And you can’t start your morning without a bit of daily Sanderling Happiness.  

Click to play:

I could watch them all day long. Ping Pong balls with legs.  Hysterical.


My favorite thinking spot.


I really love this place.

It’s a wrapping up kind of morning.  We are talking about quilt finishing – and the all important issue of getting borders to lie flat, true and straight.  We’ll talk of quilting ideas, binding hints, and send everyone on their way by noon.

Kathy has gifted me two tickets to the Monterey Aquarium, and Marie from Minnesota and I are going to escape for the afternoon and do that, and a bit of poking around town before our flights out tomorrow morning.

I’ll be back in 2020.  I hope you’ll join me and experience all of this for yourself!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Well, isn't this just the eye opener?

We are all in this together, and we all feel unsure of ourselves sometimes.

Remember this before you take anyone else’s opinion or advice to heart!

Have a lovely (What day is it?!) Everyone!


  1. Monterey Aquarium is great. Hope you have a wonderful time there.

  2. That Pacific Ocean as a backdrop looks SO GOOD on you!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing this week for us that have to stay home, it has been a wonderful week. Maybe someday we can have on of these east of the Mississippi, it would be a hard place to beat , it is wonderful, I am so glad you are going back, you deserve a break,Thank you again Bonnie, you are appreciated and loved.

  4. Got such a kick out of watching those birds!! :)

  5. I've enjoyed every bit of this trip and didn't leave my computer. Beautiful job everyone. Thanks for sharing this with us Bonnie!

  6. It’s been so fun to follow the posts this week and vicariously enjoy all the activities. What quality time for all of you. Hope to join you someday!

  7. Your classroom has lots of light. Where in Asilomar was it?

  8. Oh I shall miss those sanderlings so much! And today they were bouncing! So funny little things, looked like little balls or excited children - Bonnie's here again yayyyyy! You never know - it could very well be that in their little thoughts. Super quilts in the making. Cheers for showing us and thanks to the ladies that provided their own fabric masterpieces.

  9. yes, ocean air, negative ions... don't permit cranky quilters... and how beautiful? There's usually "one" in every class... i do my best not to be that"one", not ever! 2020 huh? I'll wager that class is sold out 20 minutes after you post availability... i so want to travel up there to do this!!! Thank you, for all you've given us, especially sharing those funny little birds!!! we COULD watch them longer, but must keep stitching! Cats from Carlsbad CA

  10. Hi Bonnie I always love reading your blog posting. I have trying to search past blogs, to get the name of the extension sewing table that you recommend. I remember that it was made USA, legs were milled for a great variety of machine adaptions. Thanks so much for your endless leadership.


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