Friday, March 16, 2018

Scrappy Trippin’ with the Quilter’s Plus Quilters!

How many quilters does it take to make enough blocks for  a king sized quilt top in a day?


Fifty quilters gathered yesterday at the Glenwoodie Golf & Country Club for a full day of Scrappy Trips fun!

This is such an easy quilt to make and the pattern is found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog. Those who have made one, can’t stop with just one.  They are fast and easy, and EVERYTHING goes.  There is no such thing as an ugly quilt with this simple block pattern.  Grab some 2 1/2’’ strips and get sewing!


I was gifted a shirt to match “the Super Staff!”

The day before all of the ladies were sporting green shirts with the guild logo and the name of the class along with my name, and I said “Cute! Where’s mine?!”  Well, they listened and brought me one for yesterday’s class.  I quickly changed and joined these “blue birds of happiness” for a wonderful day that flew by far to quickly.


Strips are sewn into sets and strategically pressed!


Strip sets are sliced, opened and rearranged!


Pump those irons girls!


Beautiful blocks were happening by lunch time!


We worked up a powerful hunger, and our catered lunch was delicious!

Roasted chicken and seasoned potato quarters, green beans to die for….”Why are these beans so good?!” Was the query.  “2lbs of butter!” was the reply! LOL! But really, they were delicious.


Amazing, everyone!  Just amazing!

Click to play:

And lest you think that was the END of the day:


Last quilters standing SEWING!

Long after everyone else had packed up and rolled on out, and the last of the cords and duct tape had been pulled off of the floor, ONE table of die hard quilters remained, still sewing away.

We had the room until 9pm so they decided to stay put, order in pizza delivered for dinner and just use up all of the time they could making more blocks!

I waved them a fond farewell as Cathy and I rolled on out ourselves – destination?  Dinner in near by Flossmoor, IL – such a cute town!


I loved the old brick buildings.


Dinner at the Floosmoor Station!


Aren’t the Tudor buildings cute??

The sun was setting lower as we made our way toward Joliet where I would be meeting up with Sarah from the Illinois Valley Quilters – transferring my stuff (Oh, so much stuff!) from Cathy’s vehicle to Sarah’s and off we went further west to my next destination – Ottawa!


Bonnie got her Culver’s fix!

Caramel Peanut Butter Cup.  MMmmmmm!

I was in bed by 8:30.  I think I watched 20 minutes of The Wedding Planner before clicking the remote to off, turning out the lights and calling it DONE. 

This morning is much less hectic.  I have the morning to take care of and catch up on emails and other needed things.  Sarah is picking me up at 11:30 for lunch out, a quilt shop fix, and an antique mall wander.  The only thing I really need to be present for is tonight’s guild presentation!  A day to play.  Thank you!

**NOTE!**  My shop is currently down while we get the SSL certificate to redirect.  Currently it shows the page, but no items! ARGH!  And I'm still busy in Illinois, leaving the hotel to spend the time with the guild ladies.  Please check back later --  :)


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Iris quilt with signatures shared by Cathy in Lockport, Illinois.

If you find yourself feeling "less than" - stop the comparison! Just bloom!

It’s Friday!  Get out there and enjoy it!


  1. Bonnie- I Love the Blue Birds Shirt! Also, I love the quilt of the day. After living the adult life I have lived, it is so hard not to think, "am I living up to the standard" (both Military Officer, designing computer exercises for deploying troops, and Law Enforcement (correctional Officer))? I want to do so many creative things, it is hard to slow down and work on one project at a time, so unlike what I am used to. I feel this quote gives me permission to do just that! I have to keep reminding myself to slow down now, live an easier, slower life.

    THANK You, Bonnie for all you do for all quilters!

    Kailof, AK

  2. Love all these beautiful quilters! The ladies look so enthusiastic what they quilting and their work shows it!

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  4. my friend Juliet spotted the bobbin necklace! I am so glad you like it, Bonnie!!


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