Monday, March 05, 2018

A Slow Bit of Wanderlust!

I just took this photo over looking the Asilomar Conference Grounds (ocean to the right!) off of my little balcony.

Time: 7:24am

Sky: crystal blue with nary a cloud on the horizon.

It’s the beginning of day 4 during my session at Empty Spools Seminar at Asilomar.

It’s passing too quickly.  How can it be Monday already?

We’ve all settled into a routine of sew a bit, try a new technique, and continue to work at our own paces on the project ahead.

Before we know it, it’s noon and we are headed for lunch in the dining hall with the hundreds of other quilters also here for their own workshops with their chosen instructors and projects.  During meals the dining hall is a boisterous place and you can catch conversations of

“So, where are you from?  Who are you taking from? Have you been here before?”

I’ve heard from some ladies who have been here as much as 34 years in a row.  Because it is that incredible.


Just me and my shadow, trying to take a photo from higher up..

The shadow may be my only way of proving to myself after this is all passed……that yes, I really was here.  I left my footprints on this sand.  And this place left its footprints on my heart.

And the class room is busy in between it all.  Click to play:

I'm really enjoying the process of a 5 day intensive workshop -- there is no rush, rush, rush to be sure everyone got everything. It's a "Work at your own pace, I'm here if you need me, wherever you are in the process" kind of session.

Working with colors and value placement!

You’ll find the pattern for Wanderlust from my book Addicted to Scraps available in the Quiltville Store.

There is time to give more time to everyone. And time seems to be something we are all short on these days, so this slow down and enjoy each step experience is balm to my soul, as well as the students!


Design boards against windows with gorgeous view beyond!

They are doing beautiful work! Only, it's not work. It's a joy and a privilege to be here. There is time to take a nap in the afternoon if you so desire. Take a hike along the beach, enjoy the dunes, contemplate, dream, plan....and to even stand still and silent if that is what your soul is longing for.


I spy a llama and a school of piranha!

Jamie was on my Peru trip a couple years ago and is in my class here at Asilomar. Somehow, somewhere she found Peru fabric!

The piranha fish remind us of the day we fished and ate our catch for dinner that night. (The fish got more bait than we got fish!) And of the llamas in the mist at Machu Picchu!


Sweet center stars!

This is indeed a magical place.


And I’m happy to have time with quilty instructor friends, too!

I'll finish this morning's blog, head out for breakfast - have time to watch the crazy little "ping pong ball birds with legs" down at the shore for a bit before my class day #4 starts.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Keep your eye on the possibilities and see where they lead! Everything you've been through has brought you to where you are right now.

Have a wonderful Monday,everyone!


  1. Whaaat! 5 days for Wanderlust! What a joyous gift 🎁 that is🤗

  2. I am really liking this quilt. Sounds like a wonderful pace for a getaway!

  3. I love today's quote because that has certainly been true in my life.

  4. This quote about storms is perfectly fitting for me today!Thank you!

  5. Thanks for making this one digital. Gotta make it someday. Will you go back to Asilomar next year?

  6. I wish we had something like this on the East coast, especially the Southeast!

  7. What a great retreat-the pattern, time and location are wonderful!

  8. Asilomar is quilting heaven! I've been there twice!!!

  9. so sweet to have you here this year! I hope it was all you thought it would be and MORE! I enjoyed meeting you and will love showing my 'Bonnie" quilts tomorrow at Show Share and Tell!
    Beth from AZ

  10. This is what I hope Bonnie does in the east for us. It would be great to spend a week with quilters. They used to meet in Cumberland County, but i do not know if they still do, I was working and did not get to go.

  11. I'm jealous- I have been to Asilomar (for a church youth conference) twice, and it is so beautiful and peaceful there... Your photo's bring back good memories. The quilting time makes me a bit envious also. Though I am getting ready for a day of quilting here in Idaho as I will be joining my Local Quilt Shop for a Mystery Quilt on Saturday.

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