Sunday, April 01, 2018

A Beautiful Easter!

No April Fools!  

I think Spring has finally arrived!

Those in northern climes, it’s coming soon – I promise!

Though a friend had posted a photo of 4’’ of new snow on the last day of March – (how rude to wake up to that!) there is an abundance of spring and green in the south.

I had hoped that these trees would still be blooming when I returned from Iowa, afraid that I would miss them.

They were still there blooming away as I made my quick dash to the post office in hopes of getting everything out before they closed at noon so I could make a beeline for the state line.

Blue sky --- and the smell of newly mown lawns.  Windows down to catch it all.  YES!


Beautiful sky and GREEN!

As I leave the Piedmont of North Carolina, heading west on highway 421. the land goes from fairly flat to gently rolling hills – and the farther west you go, you see the landscape change just a bit more around every curve.  But that GREEN!  Do you feel it?


Gentle mountain rises through small farming communities.

The road is winding from Elkin to Sparta.  I love seeing the fields and farm lands come to life.  Getting closer now, looking for familiar landmarks.


And there it is – the old farm house.

Just look at that tree, blooming pink!

And the mountains as a backdrop?  Magnificent.

I don’t know who lives here.  I don’t know the story of this is place.  But I imagine rocking chairs and cold ice tea on that veranda in the heat of summer – decades past.  When I see this house from the highway, I know I am close – the Virginia state line is not far now.


And I’m here.

Looking at the back side of those same ridges from my bedroom window.


The green valley below – blue mountains in the distance.

The world is coming back to life after a very long winter.

This photo was taken from the side of my yard, looking out through the woods towards the west.  Soon, the trees will have their leaves and I won’t be seeing anything through these tress until fall.  But while I can – I love looking out over the land I see in the distance.  It’s like being in a tree house up here.


Some evening sewing happened!

My second binding application in 2 days.  There is a LOT of hand stitching of bindings on my horizon, and I love having that to look forward to in my evenings.

You can see that I’ve marked the side of the walking foot with which machine it goes to.  And though I can’t show you this quilt yet, you’ll be seeing it soon!


I got evening time with this one!

I tend to start half way down a long side when I bind, so when I finally turn that last corner, I’ve got only half of a long side left to finish.  Mind games! But it works!

Half a long side, one corner and half a short side behind me, there is still quite a ways to go – but I plan on this tonight, too!

I’m up at the cabin alone for today.

It’s just Sadie and me as the Hubster is back in Santa Barbara for some important meetings that happened Friday and he needs to be there Monday due to month end/quarter end and it was too much coast to coast travel to come home in between.

Both sons worked yesterday, and work tomorrow and it is too much of a drive for them to come up for one day.

As I awoke this morning I realized that this is the FIRST Easter of my entire life (56 Easters!) that I ever remember being alone.  It’s different.  Not bad.  Just different.  We can move family holiday dinners to any time that works for everyone else, but with kids grown  - this is just a different stage. 

No Easter baskets, No drying of dyed eggs on newspaper on the kitchen table, no Easter morning breakfast to hurry up and prepare – just me, Sadie, a beautiful view and a bowl of oatmeal.  

As I type this I’m watching the birds flitter to and away from the bird feeder, likely so happy that someone was here to fill it as it was completely empty when I arrived yesterday afternoon.

I won't be alone for Easter dinner though, Sadie and I will be heading to Boomer, NC later this afternoon to spend time with Rick, Mona, Beanie and Max! A sleep over!

Mona and I are heading out towards Asheville tomorrow to pick up a machine Suzy has for her. (And one for me?!)  Road trip! This will be fun!  Antique malls await!

Sadie will be staying with Beanie and Max while we 2 girls hit the road, Lucy & Ethel style!

I’ll be taking the quilt to bind for this evening should we have chatting and stitching time.

What are your plans for today?

However you spend it – I am wishing you a wonderful Easter/Passover weekend surrounded by those you love, making memories to cherish!

And just for kicks and giggles:


Things to do with peeps! LOL!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!


  1. Happy Easter Bonnie!

  2. Happy Easter Bonnie! So ironic you say that this is the first time in your 56 years you've been alone on Easter... I am 56 also and am also alone for the first time in all my years as well! I was thinking the same thoughts... Hubby had to return to work early this a.m. - truck driver, 2 of the 3 sons working today and the 3rd lives on his own but will be coming over for a very simple dinner this evening! Enjoy your solitude! I know I am going to! (I didn't have oatmeal though, don't care for it, I had 1/2 a grapefruit and some Oat Nut Toast!) Love the pics you shared today, as always!

  3. Am I seeing correctly? Is that walking foot marked for a Singer 301? I would like to get a walking foot for mine, but was told that there is no reliable walking foot for a slant shank machine. Can you let me know the source so I can get one too? Happy Easter from St. Louis where spring is taking its time arriving.

    1. Same here, Mary Ellen. Maybe Bonnie will post where she bought it AND how she knew i would fit. The ones I have bought don't line up with the feed dogs.

    2. Exactly, Becky. I just read again in two different places on the internet that there is currently no straight stitch only walking foot made for a slant shank machine. Walking feet that will fit onto the 301 are also made to be used on machines that do a zig-zag stitch and therefore have wider feed dogs than the 301. These apparently do not work well on the 301 because of their narrower feed dogs. Perhaps Bonnie has more crrent information
      and there is now a proper walking foot made for these machines. I haven't been able to find one.

  4. Beautiful photos! Especially enjoyed the peeps uses,lol! Enjoy your alone time and your great planned trip with Mona! God is GOOD! All the time! And all the time God is GOOD! :)

  5. Thank you, for sharing your lovely NC and VA spring on this Easter morning. Here on Long Island we are awaiting a couple of inches of snow tomorrow, so I will keep *your* spring for now! Happy Easter!

  6. A walking foot for a 301? Where did you find that? Love the leader and ender this year.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I would like to know where to find one too.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I had a walking foot that worked with my 301, but can't find it anywhere. I have two others that I found, but don't know what machines they fit! So smart to write the name of the machine on the foot! Thanks!

  9. Happy Easter! Enjoy your quiet time today and a good visit with Mona. Our family dinner waits until next Sunday since our daughter & her hubby had booked a trip before they realized they'd be leaving on Easter weekend.

  10. I bought mine at JoAnns in a discount basket in the sewing machine area. They were marked $35 down to $5. I bought all of them because I have a machine for each of my 4 granddaughters. I think I have a slant needle one in some of my mother's things. No machine for it now. I have been cautious to use it,so Bonnie, I am glad it will work. Years ago my mom bought one and used it on her Singer treadle. Have a safe and wonderful day.

  11. Happy Easter Bonnie and to your family!

  12. Spending the afternoon with my family -sister, nephew, and daughter, and my new grand daughter. Best. Easter. Ever.

  13. I'm asking the same question :-) A walking foot for a 301???? Where to buy?
    Happy Easter, and thank you for everything

  14. Happy Easter! Enjoy your cabin time and Mona time. I know you will enjoy two weeks at home before you take off again!

  15. Happy Easter to you and your family!!

  16. OK, I'm officially jealous of your beautiful spring weather! Last week we had snow on Tuesday, on Thursday (heavy snowfall, which made me kind of depressed) and today again. Can you please send some nice spring weather to the south of Sweden? I am so tired of this winter...

  17. Snow here in Central IL this afternoon. This is my husband's and my first Easter by ourselves for dinner in our 50 years. Is nice but different. Happy Easter Bonnie to you and Sadie.

  18. Happy Easter to you and Sadie! I hope you've had a wonderful day. I smiled when I saw your photo with the walking foot. I just brought home an immaculate, new-to-me two-tone 301 yesterday and already put her to work on a lined drawstring bag for a friend's birthday. Love my vintage machines!

  19. I would love to smell mowed grass. It just doesn't work that way with snow. Falalalala

  20. As long as it's Lucy & Ethel, not Thelma & Louise ;) Happy Easter!

  21. Hope your Easter is blessed! I’m Orthodox and will celebrate next weekend! Ah, the joy of ancient calendars and traditions! And ancient sewing machines, too!

  22. Love the uses for the Peeps. Might be the only things they are good for. LOL


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