Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Rainy Mondays & Etc.!

Before the rain started yesterday, when my body clock was shouting loudly “But it’s only 4:30am!” at 7:30am East Coast time, Sadie and I headed out to check what had happened during the 10 days I was in California.


So much more green.

And green is the color I really miss the most during the long winter days, weeks….MONTHS.  To see this verdant green make a reappearance just brings joy to my soul. 

“Welcome back!” I sing to my favorite neighborhood gnarly tree. We’ve missed you!

This tree also boasts my favorite section of fence for quilt photo ops.  Add an old tumble down shed or two and you’ve got the makings for a scene that just makes my heart breathe.


Azalea in my drive.  OH, color!


Neighbor’s dogwoods in bloom.

We continued on our walk, knowing it would be our ONLY long walk this day – you can feel that rain coming.  Rain brings more green!


Cascade of white azaleas.

And the beauty around me is not JUST happening on the outside of my world – check this out – my Valentine’s present was finally installed:


Sliding cabinet shelves!

What a difference this makes, and I am grateful to the menfolk in my house for taking the time to do this for me.  These cabinets are deep, and it was always a pain to reach anything that was in there…the bending, the crouching, the reaching..NO MORE!  Every time I walked into the kitchen yesterday I opened yet another cabinet and slid the sliders out…..oh yes.  This is wonderful!

By mid afternoon I was done getting all of the book orders out the door, and headed out to do the one rainy Monday job that no one wants to do:


Sitting at the tire place for new tires!

Never fear, I of course had my busy bag with me, and it didn’t take more than an hour.  In fact, as I was stitching I met a lady who came up to me with an “Oh! You are quilting!” and we had a nice chat.

Yes, when quilters meet quilters, out comes the phone and we start showing works in progress!  She is a fairly new quilter, is taking classes at a near by shop and though I didn’t tell her who I was or what I did, told her to tell the shop folks “Hello from Bonnie Hunter” when she next goes in, telling her that they know me.  It was fun thinking of what she might discover when she tells them.

But for that time period, it was fun just talking quilts and explaining English paper piecing to a new quilter also waiting while her car was worked on.

Before I headed out to the tire place, it was decided that we would take a couple of days up at the cabin for some R&R before I head off on a driving trip to Georgia on Sunday.  As the tire place is 1/4 the way to the cabin it was a no brainer.

We arrived last evening, put a few groceries into the fridge and settled in with feet up to enjoy some mountain time.


Binding to Blue Bloods!

Thimble by TJ Lane and Signature 60 thread – bliss!

Please ask your local shop to bring in this thread.  I’ve had so many requests on where folks can find it – and that is not the kind of information I have.  I’m not a spokesperson for the company, I just love this thread.  

I have found an online source at Red Rock Threads.  If you do order from them, please tell them that Bonnie Hunter sent you.

Did you catch yesterday’s Quilty Box Gift-Away post?  It’s an awesome box – be sure to get your entry in ON THAT POST. Drawing to happen Friday evening – I plan to be home by then.

I have the show & share photos from California on deck for TOMORROW, and you’ll want to come back and see those.  Oh, they are gorgeous!


Mama, make it stop!

Poor girl…it was raining pretty hard when we went to bed last night, and that rain on a tin roof – while a sound I love MOST in the world – Sadie doesn’t like storm noise at all. Remember, thunder shirts don’t work for her.  I just snuggled close until we both relaxed enough to let sleep win over the sound of the rain.

There is a machine calling my name in the cabin studio.  I’m heading there as soon as this posts.

What will I be working on?  Not sure yet.  But I can’t wait to get started!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Basket quilt found in Illinois.

Those obstacles may seem huge, but your motivation is bigger than they are!

Have a lovely Tuesday, rainy or not!


  1. After reading about your meeting at the tire shop, I thought "thats what I like best about you Bonnie Hunter". You don't need to advertise yourself, your product, your popularity. You can be one quilter to another, friendly, sharing a hobby, and a bit of your time. Thank you for remaining true to yourself :)

    1. When it comes down to it - I'm counting the years to retirement when I can once again just be "One of the girls!" I'm working on my end game now....things are falling in to place!

  2. The glorious spring in your neighborhood is breathtaking. Enjoy your restful time at the cabin. Happy quilting.

  3. Red Rock Threads is a great source I tend to get almost all of my thread through them. What a wonderful day it would be to sit and talk with Bonnie Hunter while waiting for tires on the car - it will be nice for that lady if she finds out just who she was talking to :)

  4. How much fun can you have at a tire shop? You neighborhood is beautiful! Who else is playing What's In Bonnie's Cabinet??? I showed these fabulous shelves to hubby and a how wonderful would these be to have!

  5. Love those sliding cabinet shelves! Just what I need for my kitchen as it's getting harder and harder to stoop down (and get back up!).

  6. Have you tried playing music if there are storm's in your area. It helps my pets out and seems to calm them down. Might work for Sadie. Enjoy your play time at the cabin.

  7. Anytime is Cabin time. I am a fan of the Dogwood blooms. I have azaleas in my yard too. Sorry about the rain on the Tin Roof for Sadie. Those shelves are just perfect. Handy men really do love you!!

  8. Sounds so relaxing. I miss the farm but luckily have a park across the street with kids playground and two baseball diamonds. Lots of room for walks. I'm playing with the diamond tile block in the brightest and craziest fabric in scraps stash.might upgrade to yardage. ..lol. Enjoy your r&r at the cabin. ..love the sliders. ..I need some. ..

  9. Chatting and meeting other quilters in random places is the best! And yes, taking out the phone to show photos of our latest works.

  10. TJ Lane...guess where I was yesterday. Yep, I went to Fairfield to get a fitting for a new thimble. The thimble I've been using was a two-piece one with a silicone top. I tried on several of the shorter variety so my large-arthritic knuckle wouldn't affect the thimble. Came home with TWO thimbles. I also got one with more of a recessed top but it's still the shorter variety. Gave the first one a good workout last night; once I'm really into working on my Lucy Boston blocks, I know I'll love it. Tommie spoke so well of you, Bonnie. She loves having you as a client. A one and a half hour trip to Fairfield was totally worth it plus it was a long-awaited, beautiful, sunny day.

  11. I'm so jealous of your beautiful spring! We still have snow on the ground and I don't expect to see daffodils until late May. Love Red Rock Threads! I swear my orders get shipped 10 minutes after I place them. Great selection, great customer service. I'll have to give Signature 60 a try.

    1. Northern MN here, do you live near me lol?!

  12. Tommie is a wonder and a joy to meet. Glad to hear she is still measuring our quilting fingers!

  13. Love the sliding shelves. As a surprise my brother installed some for me when I bought my house. Sure makes it so much easier to get to things. Love your mountain Bonnie but my Utah mountains still have my heart. Enjoy your cabin time.

  14. Red Rock Threads does not have the 60wt in Flax.....any other color suggestion please?

  15. wow! I love those sliding shelves. What a great idea.
    thanks, Bonnie for showing us another great idea
    to make things so much easier for us.

  16. Today was shopping day and I found Quiltmaker (it’s out!)....can’t wait to get started on Diamond Tile. My sewing room’s a mess tho bc the boys have tools, etc in there as they are redoing the upstairs bathroom. As much as I’d like to sit at the sewing machine, I think I’d like to sit somewhere else in the middle of the night instead of going downstairs if you know what I mean!
    Love your spring color—you’re way ahead of us in that department!

    1. Don't forget there is a digital version of Quiltmaker available.

  17. Bonnie, another great post and beautiful spring photos. We are a little behind all the blooming in SE Ohio but it will all happen soon here too. Can you tell me where you got your sliding shelves? I desperately need them for my very deep pantry cabinets.

  18. We found the sliding shelves at Lowes several years ago and after moving a few months ago we were still able to find them and install in our new place :) I LOVE them,makes a world of difference. Bonnie - will you be sharing the pattern for the purple stars quilt soon? Its gorgeous !!!!

  19. Ah, sweet Sadie, Would love to love her up. I know her little heart is pounding away with the stormy noises. Judy

  20. Glad to hear she is still measuring our quilting fingers!

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