Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Treasures and More Treasures!

Mona knew of spots on the road to stop that I didn’t know about!

We knew it was a bit of a crap shoot as many antique type stores are closed on Mondays, and it was the Monday after Easter so we had ALL of our fingers crossed that we’d find something open.

And we did!

Of course, I am always on the look out for quilts, sewing items, machines and the like – but I also have an “addiction” to useful glassware – not just the dust collecting stuff, but things I can use.

One thing I didn’t expect to follow me home?  The newly painted and distressed to look old WELCOME sign you see in this photo.  In the near future it will be hanging by the back door.  Right now it’s in the back of the van – not such a great presentation.  But it is big, and rough and I love it!


Oh dear, this is also big and rough!  But I love it too!

I have no idea what happened to the right side of this quilt. But don’t you LOVE the florals that are in this quilt?  Florals are something that I use sparingly – and maybe it is my desire for spring and summer to REALLY get here that has me looking at his one in a different light – but I love it.  The pattern is Jewel Box and the blocks are arranged to make a star/chain design. 

I used a close up of this quilt for the background of yesterday’s Quiltville Quote.  I made a baby quilt for my nephew Mike with this lovely design – holy moly, he graduates high school in a couple of months!


Oh, poor faded Sunbonnet Sue aka Hatchet Heads!


Hello, Miss Matchy Matchy, 1930!

This one was just made as a summer coverlet.  The edges were hemmed, but there is no batting or backing, and all of the blocks are identical.  ALL.  OF.  THEM.  I about fell asleep right there.  LOL.


Much more to my liking – except…wait…

Each block is one fabric..bonnet, dress, arm, boot – MATCHING?!?

Oh, come on!  Can’t we shake this up just a bit??


Really cute red embroidery around each shape though…

And I like how they are conversationally facing each other.


Bright and bold bow tie.  LOVE the big splashy red/white polka dots!


I spy a Minnesota treadle!

And quilts --

This booth had so much stuff on top of the treadle and in front of it that we couldn’t really get to it to FREE THE MACHINE.  The quilts were on hangers with things pinned to them which also is a way of saying “don’t open me” so we didn’t  I loved the tumbling block stars, though.


More “Can’t Get To’s!”

The pink Lemoyne star under the pink stove was in excellent shape, a real stunner.  and we both agreed that the pink stove was darling – can you imagine that in a 1950s “above the shop” efficiency apartment?  CUTE!


More “folders” with nowhere to lay them out.

I brought home the Welcome sign and a hand woven basket that was dated 1997 and had the ridiculous price of $3.00 on it.  It’s going to be perfect for SOMETHING – I just don’t know yet and I couldn’t leave it there.


This top is now done up to borders.


But the fabric I bought is TOO blue!

It's just not doing it for me.

But I like my yellow running shoes against it!


It’s now back in time out!

I know I have something at home that will work better so I’ve put it away for now.  I’ll check when I get home.  There is no rush, and it’s not like I don’t have other projects to work on while I am up here.  

Random Crap bag (isn’t it a crack up?!) found in Pacific Grove, California while there at Asilomar last month.


Getting to know Nora!

What a SWEET SWEET stitcher she is!  I found if I set her needle to far right position, and use my guide to set her 1/4’’ seam I’ve got the fabric running firmly on BOTH feed dogs.  She is a zig-zag machine with cams for decorative stitches so her feed dogs are wider, and I’d be running on one feed dog alone if I stitched in center position.

We are having fun getting to know each other.  what’s not to love about a pink vintage machine?


Making up for last night’s rain storm interruption.

It came down in buckets in the middle of the night last night.  No thunder, just pounding rain on the cabin’s metal roof.  The bed vibrated for hours with Sadie's shaking even though I had her tucked up tightly next to me, shushing and soothing her.  

I may get MY nap later.  She is taking hers now -


Sleep on, sweet girl!

Binding is done, label is stitched on, but not signed as of yet – no pen here.  Will do that when I get back home. (Make a note - need label pens at the cabin!)

So here we are Wednesday.  I’ve got some computer work ahead of me this morning, and then back to the machine when that is done.  Spring Break has been wonderful so far.

What’s up for your Wednesday?


Quiltville  Quote of the Day!

Embrace the rainy days with as much appreciation as you do the sun-shiny ones!


  1. Hey, is that a tick on Sadie's hind quarter? Always look forward to your Antique Mall adventures.

    1. No, it's a scar from a recent surgery. She had a tumor removed there.

  2. I'm webbing a quilt today. Pretty Quilts and fun stuff you took home to the cabin. Good to know that the needle can be moved over on the Zigzag machine. Nora is a very pink machine.

  3. My Wednesday? I'm heading out to a five day retreat and hoping to make some progress on my Smith Mountain Morning to show when you come to Seattle next month. I know some others who will be working to finish their mystery and other quilts to show you. Enjoy your cabin time and we will see you next month!

  4. She is MAUVE. LOL! 1950s I think..I haven't checked officially yet.

  5. When I piece on my 403A, I also set my needle position to the far right.

  6. Enjoy your daily posts. Love Sadie, such a sweetie. I've got more Tumalo Trail blocks under the needle today. This is the 3rd memory quilt from Dad's shirts. Thank you, Bonnie for all your inspiration and patterns.

  7. Today is hand quilting and maybe knitting afternoon with the girls but it is snowing/freezing rain here in Trout Creek Ontario Canada..so not sure I will leave the house because of bad roads. Enjoy your break!

  8. The tumbling block quilt was intriguing, filling my phone camera with pictures of 'wana-makers." Again, thanks for 'talking' about the quilts you show, do appreciate it, have a sunshiny day.

  9. I NEED the mirror in the first photo!!!

  10. I have an applique block I need to work on, I'm not an appliquer. It is a labor of love for a quilt us church ladies are working on to give to our pastor's wife.

  11. You gals sure had a good time! Poor Sadie had a rough night but you were right there for her and that is all you can do. I love a metal roof, reminds me of my childhood at the cottage. We are getting a new roof on our home here in the city as soon as the snow is gone. Told my husband I would love a metal roof. He doesn't think it would look very good in the city. I know that but who cares? Tin roof and rain chains is what I want Bonnie!

  12. I need to make a bingo card block for our guild meeting tomorrow night. It's 2.5 squares - 5 colors, 5 motifs, like flowers, juvenile, batik. It's mwssy going to dig through my scraps, and I think I'll make a couple just to justify the work of selection. 😉 After we play, the blocks will all be donated to our service committee to make quilt tops.

  13. Because of yoy I am now the proud owner of 12 vintage sewing machines. I didn't appreciate what a fine seam they could sew until I spent thousands I the new computerized ones. At the moment my btw one is in the shop so I have set up several vintage ones and go from room to room and project to project. Currently have a singer 301 mocha short bed, a 306k in a cabinet,and a crinkle finish white rotary set up throughout my house. Another plus by doing that is I get my steps in also!

  14. What kind of a pen do you use for your labeling? If you don't mind sharing, and thank you! I look forward to your posts everyday!!

  15. I love your quotation today! I am working on a medallion sampler quilt - down to the Four Patch border now. Wheeee!

  16. Evidently buying fabric! Did some online and some in store. Now I need to get around to sewing some of it before it ages too long. Sounds like a wonderful shopping trip!

  17. I get to stay home recovering from shoulder surgery--and wishing I could sew!!
    Love your quote of the day!

  18. We had a pink kitchen in the late sixties in a house we rented. Pink cook top, wall ovens, refrigerator, tile floors, counter tops, and wall paper. I think every room in that house had pink somewhere!

    1. OH good grief how did you stand it? The 60's.....not missing 'em!

  19. I'm laughing at your matchy comments and almost falling asleep looking at it....every sunbonnet sue makes me feel that way! What's the deal....it's a dumb pattern. Do you thing you either love'em or hate'em. BORING Sue. But honestly I am still laughing :0)! Did you show us the basket for 3.00?
    Happy Sewing Bonnie, you made my day :0)

    1. Don't be too harsh on sunbonnet sue. There are people out there that think it's a cute design for their little girl. We are all different. Appreciate the craft. Don't put down the progress

  20. I am down to the final 2 blocks for grandma's kitchen by Pat Sloan. Since I am making 2 quilts at the same time that's 4 blocks and then coping strips and backing them. Enjoy your time off.

  21. I was hoping to get some sewing done today, but being gone two days, I had lots of computer work to catch up on. Managing online registrations for garden club's May Workshop is a full time job from February thru May, beginning with the designing, creating, managing and answering questions. Hopefully I get to work on Spring Table runners tomorrow. It snowed all day, but did get an hour walk in this afternoon.

    Kasilof, AK
    Where Mother Nature is telling us she is not totally ready to let us have spring yet.

  22. Great post!

    You have a nice blog!

    Would you like to follow each other? (f4f) Please let me know on my blog with a comment! ;oD

    Have a great day!

    xoxo Jacqueline

  23. Hello Bonnie,

    Could you explain how this jewel box Layout to do?? I asked google but I found no answer. I like it very much and would like to do it.

    greeting Guilitta

  24. Hi, Bonnie ~ We must be kindred spirits ~ both quilters and antique mall walkers. I, however, am still in the "organized" box with my traditional quilting style. Love your borderless, blue quilt that you put back in the "random crap" bag - name? pattern? book? Living vicariously through you...

  25. Wish you could of uncovered the MN tredle, would love to see. I have one that was my grandmothers. It is in a square shaped stand. The varnish has turned the color almost black.

  26. One of my all-time favorite quilts is named "The Demise of Sunbonnet Sue". If you've never seen tin you must Google it. I adore the giant snake with an outline of Sunbonnet Sue about halfway down the snake. Hilarious.


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