Thursday, April 26, 2018

In the Binding Zone!

This is large quilt binding job number 3 over the last two cabin visits during April.

I’m about utterly BOUND OUT.


And every time I get this way, with the last finish in sight – I tell myself “The next quilt will be smaller.”

And it never is.

I can turn a lap quilt to 80” X 80” in nothing flat – it’s just me.  The quilt needs THAT MANY block repeats for the pattern to look right, and small quilts and I have never had a long-lasting relationship.

I do have some small wall hangings, and I love looking at small quilts that other people make, and I think….I could get a whole lot more done if things were place mat sized!

As of yet…it hasn’t happened.


No, this is likely heading to bed sized status as well!

I may be just as addicted to these Diamond Tile blocks as I am to wasabi peas! (Yes, I love those little horse-radishy devils!)

I spent some time yesterday kitting up another set of blocks that will be traveling to Georgia with me on Sunday.  It’s going to be a cram packed week with 3 guilds in the mix – there are some “one night stands” involved  - One guild was squeezed in with just one workshop day, no lecture – so I arrive Sunday night, teach Monday, and Monday afternoon I’ve a long drive to the next location.

I’m not sure how much sewing I’ll get done, but I love driving trips through Georgia in the spring!


Virginia Highland Splendor!

With no one behind me on this quietly empty and winding road, I parked the van and took this photo.  More green.  “Brigadoon” fog and cloud cover.  More ridges in the distance. Breathtaking.

When necessity arises, a short 2 mile drive from the cabin (that takes longer than you would think over winding mountain roads with incredible long range views) will take me to Grayson Highlands General Store.


It's like stepping back in to Walton's mountain, but it has all of the necessities one would need including a full Amish style deli, homemade breads, jellies, jams, pickles and fresh items like milk, eggs, butter, cheese and yesterday's big need - fresh carrots for last night’s chicken vegetable soup.

In talking to Dennis, the owner - I learned that the outdoor Sunday afternoon Bluegrass on Wilson Creek behind the store begins May 20th at 2:00 p.m. Food and adult beverages available.

During the summer months, there is yoga on Saturday and Sunday mornings also along the creek in the backyard of the store.

Dennis is also full of information as far as who has what equipment for rent, who does contracting, who can do electrical or plumbing – Going to the general store is just like going to the old mill or post office back in the day.  All of the gossip and info swapping happens here.

“How’s that long drive way of yours holding up after the snow and rain?” he asks.  I replied that things were “Just fine, but it will need grading at some point.”  

"Well just let me know and I’ll put you in touch with someone who does a good job.”  Perfect.  Just perfect.

This is my kind of local social media!

I love this small mountain community more and more every time I come up here. One of these days, I will come up here and never leave.


Going brainless.

Small bin of cut-off triangles, larger bin of strings and crumbs. 

I didn’t want to stitch up the Diamond Tile blocks I’ve just kitted up – those are for busy travel (I’ll be flying to Seattle right after returning home from Georgia) and I dug in late yesterday afternoon back to some easy small string blocks.


Just a handful.  But so cute!

Other “must do” projects pre-empted my current string block project, but this is just what I needed to do.  No matching of points.  No intricate cutting.  Just sew and go.

I’ll likely be back here today.  I’d love to get in a long walk with Sadie but more rain is expected so we’ll see how that goes.  I know April is for April showers, but I’m getting just a bit of cabin fever with the muddiness of this rainy spell!


Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Vintage quilt found in Bakersfield, California last week.

Telling myself not to create more mountains than I can handle right now!

Some behind the scenes timelines are having to be readjusted, causing a ripple effect and much inconvenience.  But there isn’t anything I can do about it right now – and getting all upset is going to put an emotional mountain right in my path.

I’m breathing in, breathing out and telling myself to just “GO WITH THE FLOW.”

It will all come out right in the end, and I can’t wait to share with you just what all this is about – in due time!


  1. I left this comment the other day and am repeating it because I really wanted you to see it and with the business in your life I thought that might not happen. Posting twice might just do the trick. :) TJ Lane...guess where I was yesterday. Yep, I went to Fairfield to get a fitting for a new thimble. The thimble I've been using was a two-piece one with a silicone top. I tried on several of the shorter variety so my large-arthritic knuckle wouldn't affect the thimble. Came home with TWO thimbles. I also got one with more of a recessed top but it's still the shorter variety. Gave the first one a good workout last night; once I'm really into working on my Lucy Boston blocks, I know I'll love it. Tommie spoke so well of you, Bonnie. She loves having you as a client. A one and a half hour trip to Fairfield was totally worth it plus it was a long-awaited, beautiful, sunny day.

    1. I did read it. I just can't comment on everything by phone, I have to be sitting at my computer for the reply to go right under yours. I love Tommie! Thank you for sharing,I know you are going to love your thimbles.

    2. Tommie spoke so well of you that I wanted to be sure that you'd seen what she had to say. Have a great Spring day.

  2. Oh, I do love those string blocks!

  3. Going to Georgia sounds fun. Glad you got some restful stitching time at the Virginia Quiltvilla! I love binding! I did a couple quilt bindings in April also. Tried a new-to-me method, not a fan- gotta do it My Way!!

  4. the general store sounds like the right place to go for information and supplies! last fall we had a guy come out to cut some trees and he is a fountain of information - do you need a roof guy - he has the names, grater guy - he has it - gutters and on and on - got a whole list of contractors for jobs we have coming up all recommended by Gerald the tree guy - life near a small town

    1. Exactly! True blue, and someone who knows someone - best references ever!

    2. No general store but my next door neighbor serves the same function. When our well pump went out, he knew a guy. 3 or so hours later we had a new - installed - pump and running water again. He also knows most everything going on in our small neighborhood and small town.

  5. When I lived in Smithtown, NY there was a small general store in town I liked going there with my Grandma. We also went to a few small general stores on our psychological through New England when we went to visit my relatives. Best time of my life. Enjoy your mountain retreat.

  6. Ooooh i love the look of your new quilt and yes, bed size is the way to go.

  7. I just wonder if Bonnie is on the verge of partnering with the fabric industry... seems like the mother lode of the timeline world.

  8. Ah what ever "big thing" in the works is making us all think hm what could it be my guess is it traveling so much but doing sewing classes "retreats" near her so the students do the traveling
    I have to laugh at the " go with the flow" as I saw a graphic picture of a dead fish and the caption was only dead fish go with the flow
    It made me stop and think , I went through the "hippie" days here in California and it was all go with the flow
    I am NOT a dead fish and I still like going with the flow at times and other times I swim up stream and fight the current
    It's only important to know when and where to take your stand for you
    I am currently doing it while vacation planning with others they want xyz and I want xyd so sometimes go split up others just get along and enjoy the trip

  9. Where are you going to be in the Seattle area?

  10. I hope one day that you do make it a permanent move to the mountains that you love.

  11. Oh now I have to breath in and out waiting on your news. I dream of that cabin becoming a quilting retreat and me being your first guest! LoL. A girl can dream.

  12. Bonnie, what those timelines are we cannot know. But as someone who has lived with floating timelines for a year now, I can say that the only way I've found it possible to survive and deal with the monsters is to cut them down to bite size, and just deal with one day at a time.

    If we wait long enough a solution will appear at just the right time so that all the loose ends will be tied up, and progress can be made towards our goal. The more trials and storms we go through in this life, the better our seamanship becomes as a result of those very trials and storms that we thought would surely swamp the boat.
    So hang in there, and rest assured that all will come out as it was meant to in the end. (((hugs)))

  13. I love how you are growing to take care of yourself. So important to all of us b/c of all you do for us.

  14. I just wonder if Bonnie is on the verge of partnering with the fabric industry... seems like the mother lode of the timeline world.
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  15. Is someone going to be a grandma???

  16. I think, i hope, all this secret stitching is finishing up the next book! I saw Emerald something and am itchin' to be stitchin' that one... I, too, am glad to see Bonnie evolving into taking a bit more care of Bonnie... one day we'll meet! Until then, I feel like we're best friends!!! You have so many! and are so loved, appreciated and enjoyed... take a moment and give yourself and Sweet Sadie a hug.

  17. If you like candy corn, mix some in with the wasabi peas. It adds just the right amount of "sweet" to go with the "fire" in the peas....

  18. For me, making quilts are like making a salad. I start out small, but after I add all I ‘need’ in the salad it ends up huge, just like my quilts, larger than first intended. After all just one more row does not seem like such a big deal, but . . .🙀

  19. I do love those string blocks!



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