Monday, April 30, 2018

On a Driving Trip to Georgia…

Hello from Cumming, Georgia!

Yes, Georgia’s been on my mind for quite a while – there is so much to LOVE about Georgia.

This morning’s love about Georgia was listening to the lady working the breakfast area at the Hampton Inn where I spent the night.

Oh, that sweet southern drawl gets sweeter the further south you go.  It is music to my soul!

I’ve lived in the South from Texas to South Carolina to North Carolina and into Virginia since 1999, and the dialect does change from area to area – but I know when I’ve been on a West Coast trip, or far North East that things are different the moment I step off the plane.

Here in the South, it’s home.  It’s comforting.  I know I’ll never sound like this – we tend to speak the way we learned to speak our vowels, wherever we learned them.  My Minnesota twang will never leave me, but I know what I hear and how it makes me feel.

Georgia is for sweet peach tea and front porch rockers and long talks about nothing, and everything.  I’m so happy to be here!


Rest Stop Number One!

There are 2 Culvers in the Charlotte, NC area – one next to IKEA (Now THAT was a match made in heaven!) and one just at the NC/SC state line near Carowinds Amusement Park.  I’d been driving for more than 2 hours and it was time for a rest break.  If I can pick up a small peanut butter cup concrete mixer to thank them for the use of their facilities, all the better!

It was a few miles before I hit this junction that I called my son Jason to wish him a safe trip today – he is heading off to Croatia on vacation with some friends.  His first trip overseas.  I’m so excited for him, but as a mom, I wanted to let him know I was thinking of him and to CHECK IN! (Yes, he is 34.  But he is still my baby!)

The response came in the form of “Hi mom, I’m at work – what do you need?”  “Oh, nothing – just wanted to wish you a good and safe trip.”  “Okay, thanks, I’ll call you later –“

As he hung up I knew which direction I was going, and it would only take me an hour out of my way.  I was headed south to I-20 and Columbia SC – a straight shot to Atlanta from there instead of going down I-85.  Yes, That means I missed a Mary Jo’s opportunity, but sometimes sons trump all.


And In walks mom…..

I just had to.  He works at Olive Garden, and lunch rush was over by the time I arrived.  we had a good short IN PERSON visit and then I was on my way again.


Next  pit-stop!

Greensboro, GA!

Any of those brown signs bearing the words “Historic Downtown (Fill in the blank)” Will have me pulling off at the next exit.  Especially if I had never been there before.


And especially if they have shops with windows like this!

I knew this was my last  (and only) chance to stop for antique shops on this journey, I had used all of my available time stopping to see Jason, and once 5pm rolls around all the shops close.  And it was a Sunday – some places weren’t open at all.

But this one I have to giggle at.  There was a Singer 27, electric in a cabinet that was not originally Singer.  Missing bobbin shuttle, missing bobbin slide plate.  And next to it is a picture from an ad on EBay for nearly the same machine (though in “MINT” condition the ad sates) for $500.00.

Always beware the words RARE!  The owner of the shop saw me looking and came right over on how this was such a RARE machine, and worth every penny.

“Really? What makes it rare?” I ask.

“There just weren’t that many made!  This is the EGYPTIAN machine, see the Sphynx?”  He looked at me like I just wasn’t understanding.

And I wasn’t. I took a look at the serial number.  It was a G.  They made these in the 10s of thousands, and I have had 3 of them come through my life, never paying more than $75.00 for them – and that includes the treadle cabinet and all of the accessories.

I thanked him for the information, wished him well, and headed across the street before they closed at 5pm:



I’ll take just a quick wander in here!


This machine was more rare than the 127 Sphynx across the street!

They wanted $125.00 and I’m not in need of it, but this is a Singer 115, with a full rotary bobbin, and the tiffany decals were in great shape.  This machine has a motor, but one screw holds that motor on and it can easily be placed in a standard Singer treadle cabinet.  I LOVE that big chrome spoked hand wheel.  Someone at some point had a pin rag wrapped around the neck, the G in SINGER is almost gone. 

The lets me know that this machine was loved and used – and I began wondering just what was made on this machine.  Beautiful dresses?  Perhaps a wedding gown?  Children’s clothes?  Maybe a quilt or two?  The wear and tear doesn’t bother me, it becomes part of the story.


401 or 403? I didn’t check – didn't need one.

But fun to see as well!


ONE quilt.  But a fun one!

Scrappy 16 patches on point with alternating indigo squares.  Some fold line fading….I’m wondering if it sat atop a blanket chest where the sunlight from a window peeked in to say good morning.


Take a look at the bottom right corner.

Evidently the pinky-red of the other blocks ran out….and our quilter has used a red/black plaid to make up for where the other fell short.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!


What’s this?


Oh goodness!


A hand made spool box!


I snatched this up immediately. 

I can hardly wait to place vintage machines – both treadle and electric as Quiltville Inn décor.  This thread box will become part of those little quilty vignettes.  Oh, I have such ideas!


What a fun visit to beautiful historic Greensboro, GA!

I want to thank you for the wonderful wonderful supportive comments after yesterday’s reveal post.  I’m so excited.  I’m nervous.  I’m scared.  I’m hopeful.

I want to tell you that there is no waiting list to add anyone to.  My inbox was flooded with 100 emails that I do not have time to answer right now.  I don’t have the answers. 

Please join my email list to be kept up to date as when bookings will begin.  That’s the only way to know.

If you don’t see the pop-up to join my mailing list when you visit the blog, disengage your ad blocker or pop-up blocker.  I will see about adding a stationary side bar link to join the mailing list in due time, but not today.

One thing I will be sure we will never run out of:



I want my mom to paint me this sign!

We are at LEAST a year from opening.  I hope you will enjoy seeing this wonderful place come together through my posts.

I’m off to meet with the Piecemakers Quilt Guild in Cumming this morning.  A Wonky Wishes  workshop day is about to begin!

After the workshop I’m high-tailing it back to Oconee, GA for a couple of days with the Oconee Quilters.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Make sure your message today is a positive one!

And know that you can change the direction your message is going at any given time.

Happy Monday, folks!


  1. Minnesota twang? Haha. We think that we talk like national newscasters, dontyaknow?

  2. Thought about you and your new property yesterday. It takes a lot of guts and vision to take a turn and make big changes. I see it as fun and exciting and good to keep you closer to home more. It also started me thinking about room for changes in my own life. Go girl!

  3. Your travel log is super!!! I know we all wish you well with your thread box... so unique -- just like you.

  4. Gotta love the Antique experts who have those RARE machines with their precious prices, worth every penny attitude. So nice you took time to stop and visit Son #1. Safe travels to him overseas. What fun to find something handmade to bring home for the Quiltville Inn!! My head has been spinning with questions about it. And how can I convince the DH to let me fly for a Virginia Quiltville Inn Retreat!!! The PNW Quiltville fans want to come. Have fun in Georgia, thanks for all you do!!

    1. Keep me in mind Mary I may have the money by then! How exciting.Road Trip.Robin in Leavenworth WA

    2. Hi Mary- spent a year in the wonderful PNW, now in the TwinCities of MN and about 1/2 way to Quiltville INN- would be happy to be a stop overspot!!

  5. Well, Bonnie, go big or go home! You rock, girl!!!!

  6. Soooo excited.

    Soooo excited!!!! Cannot wait,

  7. When my sons were off at college, I'd re-route my trips to visit them, sometimes having to add a day to the trip (well worth it). What's 100 mile detour for our kids? Pure bliss for that special hug we get from them. Those hugs are worth more than the trip to a fabric store. Have fun planning your retreat space. Lovely venue.

  8. I love that spool box with so many old wooden spools. Many necklaces and fun playthings were made from wooden spools when I was a child, over 50 years ago!

  9. I was so excited about your new venture that I read yesterday's blog 3 times. Thank you for sharing your wonderful life with us. Good and bad. Looking forward to the many exciting post to come. You definitely live life to the fullest.

  10. And I just read yesterday's blog AGAIN. I tell ya, that house was just meant to be yours. Congratulations again.

  11. Love all your antiquing photos, especially the quilt. Love Love the striped shirt patches that are skewed! Gives me ideas. Thank you for releasing in me scrap quilts unafraid! Always loved the most free form ones but I was afraid of the quilt police (early teachers and perfectionist friends).

  12. I’m from NY. Love southern accents! When DH was in the army we lived in Georgia. Was quite surprised when folks in Georgia would say...oh I love your accent! Never realized I had one! Lol. Congratulations on your new venture...planning ahead and saving 😉

  13. I love your new future adventure! Sure wish I could attend a retreat there.

  14. Greetings from Wilmington, DE! Congrats, Bonnie, on finally acquiring Quiltville Inn! Excited about what will be the most awesome quilt retreat venue.

    That brown/cream machine is a 401. I have a 403 ($20 yard sale purchase, including cabinet) which does not have the built-in decorative stitches, just the cams. I finally got around to servicing it last year and just used it for the first time the other day to mend jeans. Those Singers are workhorses!

    Safe travels and happy quilting!

  15. Congratulations Bonnie on your new venture! So excited for you!

  16. Love following your travels - had no idea you were from Minnesota. I grew up in southern Minnesota. My husband and I moved to Texas thirty years ago and people still mention my Minnesota accent - guess we never outgrow that! These old singer machines always fascinate me! It is what I grew up with - wish I had my mothers old Singer - what a treasure that would be.

  17. Oh my goodness the sign did me in! Toilet paper indeed!! :D

  18. I love reading your posts every day. They are so enlightening. I also loved the toilet paper sign.

  19. Enjoy your Georgia trip! Toilet paper sign is cute. I may have to make one for our camper! Ginny

  20. I have to chuckle. My Wisconsin accent is starting to sound wisconsinish with a twange. Almost 2 years hear and I have started to pick up the twange.

  21. So very very excited about Quiltville Retreat....literally have an envelope started with pennies to fund my trip!!

  22. Congratulations on your newest adventure. My hope is to one day be one of your guests. I love your books, patterns, teaching style and most of all your daily blog. It’s read each morning with my cup of coffee. Peace, Katie

  23. Fond greeting from Down Under . Three years ago we flew from Paducah Ky to Savannah GA. My husband's first time in the States so I needed to ease him in before we hit NYC for two weeks. Wow! That southern hospitality was simply amazing. We had intend to journey to south and North Carolina but never got there. We were having too much fun in Savannah. Your road trip sounds like a lot of fun...and filled with bargains too.

  24. We honeymooned in Georgia! We had a wonderful time and the people were so friendly. It was 25 years ago and the first time I ever went into a quilt store. I didn't start quilting then, I sure wish I did!!!! I look forward to your post about the inn...All the vintage eye candy! Will every room be a different mystery quilt you did??? Ringo Lake, En Provence, Allietare... Very exciting times!!!!

  25. Hi Bonnie! Sounds like another fun trip with quilters!!! I am over joyed in going to your new retreat center! Can not wait! Looking forward to your blogs on fixing up the place! ❣️❣️❤️


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