Friday, April 13, 2018

Could There Be–Too MUCH of a Good Thing?

Last week I received an email from Peggy who lives in Greensboro.

She was offering up 4 machines, and would I like to adopt them?

“Two are in those round wooden cases, and two look like suitcases.”

Well shoot!  That could be ANYTHING! My wheels were spinning and I knew that I could not just let this go…

So Wednesday afternoon I headed over to Greensboro, about a 30 minute drive from the house to meet up with Peggy and see what was what.

And just as she said.  Two in round wooden cases, and two suit case looking machines –and I knew right away what they were.

The suitcase ones, anyway!  These are 99ks!  And they are wonderful machines.

One of the round wooden machines is a class 15 with a potted motor, circa 1940s.  The other, a reproduction 15 made somewhere in the 1970s.

Oh this could be fun!


The 2 99’s out of their cases looking like twins!

I haven’t had a chance to date these yet, but I am guessing 1950s – of the 99k’s I’ve had in the past, that seems to be the going date for this type of case.


Which one is older do you think?

You might think the front one with the fancier decals is the older one.  And who would blame you with that pretty chrome spoked wheel?

But look closely at the bottom right of the photo – you’ll see a plastic knob on the base of the machine.  Yes.  Plastic.  To drop the feed dogs.  This one is the 1970s reproduction singer – made in China I believe. Still a fine machine, and without the motor it’s a good treadle candidate.

The one behind is either late 1940s or early 1950s 15-91 with the potted motor.  Heavy duty wonderful machine!

What will become of these?  I don’t know!  I spent most of last year downsizing the fleet, and in the past 10 days I’ve acquired 6.  Sometimes you gift some, some times you gain some!

And then Peggy said…..”You wouldn’t want to adopt this fabric as well, would you? I’m down-sizing.”

Four tubs worth!  Click to play and see how I spent Wednesday afternoon/evening and all day yesterday!

*Singing* "Folding, folding, folding...gotta keep on folding....."

(To the tune of Raw Hide!)


More than 100 yards!

Most of the pieces were 2 to 3 yard cuts.  Some bigger.  Some smaller.  All very nice, and will be great for many things – including building Mona’s stash! (Though I don’t know where she is going to put it – they live in a double wide modular home!)

At any rate—it had to be washed.  It had been stored in a basement with only an outdoor exit, cinder block walls which hold moisture.  Everything, though clean – had a very heavy musty smell and due to my allergies I just can’t have musty fabric in the house.

Now I can’t get the smell of tide pods out of my nose! LOL!


Just unbelievable!

I spent years as the charity quilt chairperson in my previous guild life, and I know how much this kind of stash with large pieces is valued – backings, borders, backgrounds, loads of blenders, florals, geometrics, marbles – I’m thinking Quilts of Valor, Project Linus – this is going to make so many people happy down the road!

I am just constantly amazed and awed by the kindnesses of quilters. When it is time for me to retire, that is exactly what I will be doing.  Spending my time with quilty friends, getting together making quilts for those in need.

But it’s not time to retire yet.  I’m off to California this morning – my flight will take me from Greensboro to Atlanta and on to Sacramento where Jamie (who was my classroom angel at Asilomar last month!) will pick me up.  I’ll stay one night at her place and then off to Napa we go.  Lecture Saturday, Workshops Sunday and Monday.

Tuesday is a travel day to go from Napa to Bakersfield, and I’ll finish up the week with 2 more lectures and 3 more workshops down there – so it’s going to be a wild ride over the next week.

In my contact with Quiltmaker asking about issue availability – the following response came back to me:

The issue is scheduled to be live in the digital version on the website no later than April 16th. After my question yesterday, my contact is going to see if they can move it to the top of the list. I'll let you know if they make that happen.

Evidently the digital issue doesn’t come out as quickly as the print issue?  And we started this Sew Along running without my letting them know of our need to have it available. So those waiting for the digital issue, just a few more days and it will be available to you.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

I’m hoping to be able to sleep on the plane. 

Much of this post was written last night when I should have been in bed – because my 3:45am airport departure time (in 5 minutes from now as I write this!) didn’t leave much blog writing time either! 

In fact, it’s too early to send it so I’ll be editing at the airport, and likely pushing upload when I reach Atlanta.

Hexies at the ready if I’m NOT sleeping!

Have a wonderful Friday the 13th! Sacramento, here I come!


  1. yes...you hit the motherload :) I recognize the navy gingham with watermelons scattered on it - from the early 90s! LOL. Have a fun time ;)

    1. I recognized that one right off too. I think there is still a piece of that on one of my shelves.

  2. Still waiting for the print version, too!

  3. I finished clue #4 last night for ORL. It is amazing you come up with these awesome designs and give us the easiest way to put them together. Thank-you so much. You are my quilting friend.(even though we have never met.) Enjoy California.

  4. Congrats, you hit the mother lode for sure! Safe travels, Bonnie.

  5. I’ve had my digital copy for at least a week.

  6. Safe and healthy travels Dear Bonnie!

  7. Enjoy your lectures workshops sewing if time permits in California.
    Do you ever come to Canada in particular Alberta as your workshops
    Sound like they are so much fun and would be great to attend.

  8. Oh, a stash of new to you fabric and machines, too. As has come up for discussion on Quiltville Open Studio, it is good to have a plan for your stash and machines. Though with all your contacts, I am sure that your family would know what to do with these. One machine I use is my daughter's anyway and she has always been partial to the treadle, too. I don't have room for more machines. Most of our stash has been gifted to us; it is so much fun.

  9. Thanks Bonnie for all of the sharing that you do.. Here is a tip for you, I just acquired some musty fabric.. several things didn't work but here is what did. Arm and Hammer Laundry Booster, Super Washing SODA..I had never heard of it, it isn't soap. I does have a fragrance though.. wish they made it scent free.

    1. Hi, Linda. I just want to mention to be very careful in using washing soda. It is not as benign as sodium bicarbonate. It is sodium carbonate, and is the water soluble form of carbonic acid. It is a strong base (alkali), and can be very caustic, both to fabrics and skin. Follow the directions on the box with exactness. It is a useful product, but requires the same respect and caution as chlorine bleach.

  10. I received the link to my digital edition of Quiltmaker on the 27th. March.

  11. Oh, I need that blue cloud fabric for the house quilt I am making from my BOM house blocks!

  12. What an amazing gift, sewing machines and fabric. The generosity of some people is incredible.

  13. Quilters are amazing sharing people. I think I recognize and have had some of those fabrics. Have a great trip.

  14. Wow -- Empty Spools was just last month! Seems like so much longer. Looking so forward to the England trip in August!

  15. Wow, you really hit the jackpot! Lucky you and all who will benefit from the abundance. I hope you mean you are teaching on Sunday and Monday in Napa as I am signed up for your Sunday class! Looking forward to seeing you you then!

  16. gifted fabric is always a blessing...of some sort. Either you can use it or some else can. A friend called me out at the local thrift shop....35 yards for $1 a yard. It will make someone in a nursing home very loved! Karma!

  17. wow your so fortunate

  18. Welcome to Wine country, looking forward to your lecture tomorrow.
    Was just gifted a long arm & 4 tubs of fabric. So lucky.

  19. Hope you had a safe journey. What a wonderful gift all that fabric & the machines make! I know you will find good homes for it. I'm in the burbs of Sacramento, wishing I could have been there to see you in. Hoping so day you make it to our quilting guild - Golden Valley.

  20. I bought the Quiltmaker magazine on Wednesday at a local store, (because of my current life situation which includes a lot of traveling, I don't subscribe to any magazines, but do pick them up at the stores occasionally) and made my first Diamond Tile Block on Thursday. I enjoyed making it- I will be making more of them. Thank you for the pattern.

  21. Bonnie, I have been thinking about your comments a few days ago about copyright laws etc and I truly understand. I get Quiltmaker Magazine just because of your contributions to that magazine. As a consumer, I have a problem though. I am 75 years old and have been sewing since I was 12. My problem with magazine patterns is this: They almost never give the finished unit sizes and block sizes anymore. I love how you supplemented the last addicted to scrap block with the info need to use your ruler. You see I understand why they give general instructions and one method to construct something but that doesn't mean it's the way I choose to make it! For example, having the finished size of a flying geese unit would let me make them my favorite way. Instead I often have to do the extra math to figure all this out myself and sometimes a sample block. I am a fan, have all of your books, read your daily blog, use many of your tools and methods of construction and am very thankful for what you share with us!

  22. I too recognize some of those fabrics from my own stash!If you ever want to sell any of those 99Ks I am in the market. I have tried looking around here in SD for one but no luck so far. Have fun on your trip.

  23. Wow! Look at all that gorgeous fabric and those beautiful old machines! Safe travels Bonnie.


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