Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Bit of Show & Share Back Trackin’!

I wanted to take this morning to reflect upon my time with the Napa Valley Quilters – and the WONDERFUL Quiltville Show & Share they brought to our events.

You know that is my favorite part of any group gathering – seeing what you have made, the colors and fabrics you’ve selected, the twists and turns and detours you’ve taken to make each project your own.

And of course it is even better when your outfit matches your quilt – part of the whole “I am ONE with the QUILT!” experience!

It’s been long enough since these photos were taken that many of the names have been forgotten, but the faces and smiles I will never forget!

Isn’t this variation of Orca Bay from String Fling just wonderful?

I was sitting in the front row after my presentation when quilters brought their own Show & Share up and I was able to enjoy up close and personal.


Some Checkerboard Rails fun!!


Hooray!  Box Kite from Addicted to Scraps!

And more, so many more – all so fabulous.

The parade of quilts was not limited to the Saturday Guild meeting, but continued through our two workshop days.


Wonderful Scrappy Mountain Majesties from the Free Patterns Tab!

I believe this one will be a soldier quilt.  That makes me so happy!


Wonderful En Provence variation …

Check out the addition of hour glass units in the stars!

You’ll find the rest in the video below.  Click to play:

It was just WONDERFUL to meet those who had made such wonderful quilts. Thank you for bringing them to share!


Some of this happened yesterday!

It’s always kismet when your Olfa Splash rotary cutter matches the project you are trimming up before adding binding.  Yes, I do square and trim first.

When quilting, edges of borders can be pushed and pulled and sucked up with the stitching (for lack of a better description) and things are not always straight.  I square the edges and corners of my quilt before adding binding so I get a good square corner and nice straight edges when that binding goes on.

That big 16 1/2’’ Olfa frosted square ruler really comes in handy.  It’s my quilt trimming ruler of choice!


Binding going on!

I love the purple arrow stripe fabric – a Valori Wells print, and her reply to me last evening was that it was one of her first block print fabrics from the early 2000s.  Well, it’s just as good now as it was then, and is just what this project needs!  I liked that fabric so much I remember buying it in 4 colors – 2 different shades of green, and two of purple.  Striped bindings are my favorites.

I started in stitching on this last night, watching Dare to Be Wild, (Click link to view trailer) on Netflix - a movie based on the true story of a young woman and her desire to compete in the Chelsea Flower Show.

This is the true story of Mary Reynolds (Emma Greenwell – Love & Friendship), a feisty landscape designer whose goal is to share the beauty of wild nature with the world. With the odds stacked against her, Mary enters the prestigious (and conservative) Chelsea Flower Show to execute a competition garden using only wild plants. To achieve her goal, she must enlist handsome botanist, Christy Collard (Tom Hughes – Victoria), and a rag-tag group of hippies to help her. From the iconic green hills of Ireland, to the vast, dry deserts of Africa and the bustle of London pageantry, this spirited Irish drama takes you on a sweeping romantic and environmental adventure.

Click to play:

And this is how you gauge just exactly how your dog is feeling at any given moment! LOL!   Oh, Sadie – you are a crack up! This happened while measuring for borders.

It’s still rainy on the mountain.  And I love it.  Perfect weather for quilting.  I’ve got my Diamond Tile blocks to trim, and some more kits to sew up.

And maybe more kits to kit up for my trip to Georgia on Sunday!  

And I’ve been up for quite a while – my plan to snooze in later due to last night’s late movie watching was squashed by this little fella outside my window – Click to play:

You’ll find me in the cabin studio as soon as this posts – let the solo retreat day commence!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found in Bakersfield, California last week.

This morning I woke in a panic over something I'm working on that is bigger than anything I've done before.

I phoned a friend to help work me through these fears so I can see a way to move forward.

And now I get busy!

Make it a Wonderful Wednesday, Friends!


  1. Bonnie, what sewing machine are you sewing with? Love Valori Wells fabric.

    1. This is a 1957 Singer 301 :) I love it too!

  2. Just love that purple quilt so much! I would love to have one of my own but have very few purples, especially after En Provence. It's so hard to find good purple fabric anywhere. Sadie was so funny with that treat offer. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Purples come and go, and I pick them up when I find them - in all hues. Just be on the look-out and never let a purple pass you by :)

  3. It is a rainy day here in Edmond, OK, and much needed to help the drought and western wild fires. I love the purple quilt. My daughter and I just finished a graduation quilt for her daughter last night. She is fairly new to quilting and chose a circular pattern that was way out of my comfort zone. Having tried Robbing Peter to pay Paul once a long time ago I was trying to discourage her on the choice. But thinking about your advice of, dont let fear stop you, I ordered the ruler and voila, it is finished! I did the circular part and trimming to 4 in squares and she sewed them all together. Her 4th quilt. It was a great mom/daughter experience. Thank you Bonnie for all you do.

  4. Great to read something big is coming, very curious here in SE Washington. Have a great stay-at-home-retreat at your Cabin. Rain is coming my way too. Gotta get out and be a sun lover before it arrives!

  5. So sorry you woke in fear over something you are so very adept at.....this too shall pass.....and thank God for good friends who listen when needed. Hope your solo retreat day is the best, Bonnie!!!

  6. I have a 306k. Bonnie, do you have one of those? Weighs a TON!

  7. Great show and tell! Just remember “Living with fear stops us taking risks, and if you don’t go out on the branch, you’re never going to get the best fruit.” —Sarah Parish . You can do it and you are going to be amazed at the results!!!!

  8. oh, sweet sweet Sadie! thanks for sharing your day, it's Thursday morning now... your emails are delayed about a day... internet highway must be busy!!!

  9. Love the video of Sadie. Really has me giggling because my Riley is the same way! Thanks for making my day. Love the bird singing too.

  10. You have made a couple comments lately about something big you are working on and changes you are contemplating. I am hoping maybe you are considering setting up a retreat center. Something to allow you to continue your teaching adventures that you love, but remove the stress of traveling with all the things you need to make it happen.
    Thank goodness for good friends!!
    Wishing you all the best in all your adventures!!

  11. Sadie is just So sweet. Aren’t dogs just the best medicine when you are having a crappy day?

  12. So sorry you woke in fear over something you are so very adept at.....this too shall pass.....and thank God for good friends who listen when needed. Hope your solo retreat day is the best, Bonnie!!!
    สมัคร D2BET

  13. I feel like a movie star, Bonnie! I woke to check your blog post (first thing I do after my eyes open and before I’m out of bed each morning) to see me and my quilt from the Napa Guikd right there up front! Do you know I received two phone calls and an email from people who recognized me and alerted me to this fact? It’s a “Bonnie world”! Thanks so much for all you do
    :-) Diane


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