Friday, April 27, 2018

And the Rain Continues with the Stitching….

It’s been raining, raining, raining for days on end.

I LOVE a good spring rain….but eventually it needs to go away, doesn’t it?

Those dreams of long April hikes – either down the road from the cabin, or back up on Mount Rogers amidst the wild ponies along the Appalachian Trail – well, they’ve all been put on hold due to mud and muck.  Hopefully by the next time I’m up here the ground will have dried out a bit!

The rain does have a couple of side benefits, though – can you see how glowingly green things are turning beyond the sliding glass door of my cabin studio?

I may not be able to treadle out on the porch as of yet, but nothing stopped me from wheeling the treadle machine up to the glass so I could look out at the view beyond.


More rain in the forecast today – and just a hint of green sprouting on those branches.

These are quickly moving clouds.  The kind I love to watch.  And you can feel it as well as wee it when the clouds move far enough away from the sun to allow a few rays to shine down through a peek of blue sky.  And then just as quickly – cover it up again.

Due to the high elevation, trees are slower to leaf out up here.  Just beyond the Blue Ridge Parkway, as you start your descent down toward the Piedmont, trees are in full leaf already.  It's crazy how different it is with just a simple 40 minute drive.


Yesterday’s block stack.

It was a day for slow stitching as I gently rocked the pedal back-and-forth to remind myself to breathe and go with the flow.

Sometimes we just need to work on things that have no deadline, and simply let the stitching, pressing and trimming remind us why we fell in love with this whole process in the first place.

And then, because I was awake at 4:15 am (STUPID TIME!) I went and did some more.  Click to play:

I am in NO WAY making even the beginnings of a dent in the burgeoning string bin, or crumb bins here at the cabin.

And I’m not even talking about the bins at HOME.

I finally felt sleep creeping back over me about 7:30 am – and that is why this blog is a bit late this morning.  Sadie and I crawled in for another snooze.


My set up.

Believe it or not, I like the wheelie chair at the treadle….one foot on the floor to keep me from rolling, and one foot on the pedal to operate the machine.

I’m to the point of wanting to separate this big bin on the left into color families….but not yet.  Not until I decide I’ve made enough of these “Scrappy Everything” blocks to satisfy my need in making them.

So – what’s up for YOUR Friday?  I’m not sure if I’m heading home this afternoon, or if I will push it one more night and head home in the morning.

Whatever you do today – be sure you got your entry in for this month’s Quilty Box Gift-Away!  Did you enter to win ON THAT POST?  The drawing happens this evening.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage star quilt found in Bakersfield, California.

Don't let the opinions of others stop you from doing what your heart knows you can do!

Make it a great day!


  1. good morning bonnie! I'm flying to Salt Lake City the 18th as part of a study of MacTel. I'll be going 12 times over the nest two years, once for a week for the experimental surgery. all the best, Sharyn in Kalama

    1. Thank you Sharyn!! I so appreciate you doing this. My schedule won't allow me to right now, but my calendar is winding down and then I'll be hopefully joining in on testing as well.

  2. When I retire, Bonnie, I am going to just "sew along with Bonnie" doing whatever blocks you do and enjoy the gorgeous quilt surprise that comes. This looks like half neutral half "anything goes" string blocks -- so fun!! I love my 66 treadle, too. Such a sweet machine.

  3. Today is a beautiful day in Central Texas. The dominant color is green! Along with a lot of sunshine, slightly cool (for Texas) breeze, the last holiday from school until summer break, and no deadlines to meet all come together to provide a perfect setting for relaxing and sewing, the perfect combination!

  4. The sun is trying to peek out here in Pittsburgh. I’m baking ‘Blackberry Bliss Bars,’ (recipe from Cook’s Country) for dinner and game night with friends tonight. Now that I’ve done that I can sew! Today I’m working on a ‘quick’ baby quilt that isn’t because I’m obsessing over which fabrics go where in the ‘random’ four patch part of the quilt! ��

    Question: Is there a guide somewhere to servicing treadles? My sweet daughter & her hubby bought me one to use as a table not knowing I’d been longing for one like the one I learned to sew on. My hubby was just retired early and I just spent $$$ getting my main machine repaired. He’s mechanically inclined so I’m wondering if we can save money there?

    1. Go to treadleon.net and scroll down to The Sewing Machine Shop, then on to Servicing Treadles. This is some of the best and most reliable info on the net. Owners were expected to do much of the servicing and maintenance themselves at the time these machines were produced. You & hubby may find a new hobby :).

  5. I tire of the constant rain, but the lush green and pretty flowers are the result. You have a LOT of strings in that picture of the Set-up. How do you Treadle with one foot? I need to use both feet, one at the top and one at the bottom.

  6. What fun to be sewing on your treadle machine in front of the gorgeous view!! I live on the southern Oregon coast so I know about rain and muck and mud!! But I love it - makes for great sewing days!! Drive home carefully!!

  7. I have been thinking about a wheeled computer chair. But other things find a way to use up my mad money each month! LOL, like fabric, a wheeled case for my new machine, fabric, and more fabric!!

  8. Though April showers may come your way,
    they bring the flowers that bloom in May.
    So if it's raining, have no regrets,
    Because it isn't raining rain you know,
    It's raining violets.

    Courtesy of Al Jolson (and my dad, who used to sing this. :) )

  9. nobody else makes a dent in their scraps either....glad to have you in the "club"....lol

  10. How big are you making the squares?

    1. You can easily make these any size you want. My blocks are going into a quilt for publication so I can't give out particulars right now. Stay tuned :)

  11. Good morning, I’m struck with the irony of wat Hong you ‘treadle’ on an ancient machine while being hooked up with morning communication equipment and talking us through you process. Isn’t life great?
    Have you seen the film about the Ken Burns quilt collection? Brought tears to my eyes.
    Pat in St. George, Utah

  12. I hope you can interpret the autocorrect.
    That’s modern, not morning.

  13. Hi Bonnie! I am new to Blogging and Quiltville Cam. I am loving it. I started to quilt when I retired in 2010. I love the whole process! Going to my first retreat in June. Love the idea of bagging up my blocks. Saves a lot of space. love your string quilt. I want to try it soon. Thanks Barbara in Arkansas

  14. I'm a Maureen, but I believe I always have my last name showing when I sign up for a draw...I got really excited for a moment!



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