Thursday, April 12, 2018

Quilt-Cam 4/11/2018!

Quilt-Cam happened last night over on Facebook Live!  Did you catch it? 

If not, no worries, because it will be archived here and you can always come back to catch the ones you’ve missed, or the ones you want to watch again by clicking the Quilt-Cam tab at the top of the blog.

It’s not just the quilters who get excited about Quilt-Cam, it’s the Quilter’s children!

Hi Bonnie,

I’m watching in York, PA while squaring up a quilt for our upcoming guild show.

My seven year old son, Ronan, came into the studio and has become fascinated with your live viewers counter at the top of the screen! He cheers when it goes up, calls out “Nooooo” when it drops, and announces the next “goal number” when it gets close!

I always enjoy Quilt Cam, but Ronan has shown me a new way to enjoy it!

Thanks again for all you give, and I’ll see you in class at Quilt Odyssey.

Sarah O’Sullivan

This just cracked me up to no end!  Thanks for being my cheering section, Ronan!


Peggy’s On Ringo Lake top finish!

She sent the photo in an email saying

“Hello, Bonnie,

Today the last bits of ORL went together! I love the sum of the parts! Here it is hanging on my clothesline.

Thanks so much, Bonnie! Another winner!”

You are right, Peggy!  It IS a winner! You did a great job – just beautiful!

Michelle’s been busy!

Her email caught my eye right away – it read “How many new Bonnie quilts have I started this month???”  Haha!  Then she went on to say:

5 is a good round number!! I’ve started 5 new Bonnie patterns in the last 3 weeks... I had made blocks for Tumelo Trail and Box Kite... then I got to rush up from Missouri and take your Blue Ridge Beauty class in Des Moines and of course since I missed Wonky Wishes I had to make a few of those and now Diamond Tile blocks!!!
And I love them all!!! I will never catch up lol!! Thanks for all you do!

Michelle Stallo (crazy lady from Missouri)

We were all cheering Michelle on – she almost missed our Iowa workshops due to her job, but when she finished up what she had to do, she hopped into her car and drove all the way from Missouri to  join us and get some quilting time in.  Always so fun to see her!  She missed one class, but made the second day – and it looks like she has enough UFOs to keep her busy for a while! LOL!


Quilt Cam also happens on the go!

Hi Bonnie,

Enjoying Quilt-Cam from my car, again, while my son is at swim practice. I just picked my phone up from the Apple store and was having trouble getting your video to play at first. I shut everything down, did some other stuff, and I finally got you. 

Then the accountant called about our taxes. Hopefully there won’t be anymore interruptions!

Have a safe trip, and as always, Thanks for all you do!!
Karen Brouillet

A Mom has got to do what a mom has got to do!  Hexies on the go, and Quilt-Cam on the fly to keep her company while she waits at swim practice.  Love it!


And Diamond Tile blocks are popping up everywhere!

These belong to Mary Ellen who writes:

I'm in on the challenge! These are such fun blocks. All made from my Scrap User’s System!

Mary Ellen 

I love that she used that gold/cheddar in the corners of all of her blocks.  CUTE!


Which is what I was working on during our time together!

The block pattern is found in my Addicted to Scraps Column in the May/June 2018 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine, just arriving to subscribers and news stands near you.  If you can’t find it this week, try next – we got this going during my time home, but it is likely that we are bit ahead of the game.

It will also be available in digital, and I’ll get you that link when they get it to me.

How many blocks will you make?  As many as you want!  How will you set them?  Any way you want!  I’m still deciding, right now I’m just making block kits from my scraps and am loving how quickly these come together.

Click the screen to play:

What a fun evening -- and I made ONE block. LOL!

There have been some other things going on behind the scenes – a project in the long arm machine.  A visit to a quilter who blessed me with 4 vintage machines and more than 100 yards of fabric!

More on that to come in tomorrow’s post as I fly off to Sacramento for my time with the quilters in Napa, California.

Today – I’m tackling the last of getting everything ready for tomorrow’s trip, and taking time out for lunch with a friend – much needed.

I would be remiss if I didn’t share just a bit of my morning with you.  Click to play:

It could rain later.  The sky is a bit cloudy, but isn’t that azalea just glorious?


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Or as I like to say, “There are no mistakes in quilting, only potholders.”  LOL!

Have a WONDERFUL Thursday, everyone!


  1. Morning Bonnie, enjoy your day and thanks for sharing, I am wishing for rain but today in Upper Michigan we already have another 2 inches of snow and it is just coming down. Oh well we will get our 1 day of spring and our 2 days of summer soon then if we are lucky we will get 2 months of fall and then back to winter for 8 months LOL. Travel safe I am keeping you and yours in my prayers

  2. We had Thunder and lightning after Quiltcam. Big Rain! It was nice to see how you assemble the Diamond Tile block during Quiltcam time. I may have to make a Potholder...just saying. Still waiting for the Dogwood blooms. Have fun in CALIFORNIA.

  3. The green gold and white quilt is quite appropriate for today here in Canada. After the terrible bus accident in Saskachewan where a hockey team's bus was involved and many lives were lost. Those were the team's colours and today is jersey wearing day across our country.

  4. Loved you video !!!😉 Decided to watch it this morning.Love the block you did! I have seen that in magazines of the old quilts or one similiar.It is going to be beautiful when you put them in a quilt.Thanks Bonnie and Enjoy your day😎

  5. Bonnie, I had a longstanding commitment last night so missed your quilt cam. I have a question for you. When does a leader-ender project become a real project instead of L/E? I have a wonderful project going but the blocks are getting bigger as I go along. At what point do you make it a "let's get this finished" project? Thanks for all you do for us!

  6. Love Love Love your quote of the day! It's a great attitude for quilters to develop! Now ... to watch Quilt cam while I sew today! :-) Thank you!

  7. Wow, love that azalea! Enjoying a last couple of days here in FL before heading "home". We flew out of Philadelphia after visiting our daughter. While here in FL, she delivered our new grandson a month early. So when we leave here, I will be going back to PA for a week or two while DH continues on to the Finger Lakes. Not yet retired, he doesn't have the free time that I do. It means no machine sewing for a couple more weeks, but is a sacrifice I will gladly made. Thanks for sharing all that you do - whether views of your fur babies, your walks, what others are working on, or (of course!) your constant inspiration!

  8. Generally you mention something about the quilts in your "quote of the day." Do you have any information about this quilt? Is it pieced or applique, or maybe both? It's funny, I just saw a picture of this pattern in blue and white yesterday, but I don't think I know the name of it. Thank you in advance! I enjoyed Quiltcam today!! Your energy brings a smile to my face!
    -- Whitney

    1. https://i.pinimg.com/236x/73/5c/61/735c615a29752d4d97e0c842e2ab5e7c--quilts-vintage-antique-quilts.jpg and found this - a turkey tracks variation ;)

    2. Thank you Pam!! It was driving me crazy, seeing the same pattern TWICE! It was like an "earworm" only in my head hahahaha! Thanks to you, I found a website patternsfromhistory.com. The original pattern name is Wandering Foot and it was changed to Turkey Tracks. I heard the story of the quilt block YEARS ago from a quilt/fabric historian. She was a teacher who became a friend, she recently passed. Maybe Betty Ann is trying to tell me something :)

    3. Hey Whitney! You're welcome! I remember reading about the wandering foot and that it should come with a warning,lol. Even after changing the name it still gave out wanderlust and anyone who slept under such a quilt would leave and never be heard from again! It is a lovely pattern .....but be careful....LOL

  9. I miss spring in the Southeast. Azaleas, moss phlox, daffodils, dogwoods.

  10. Hi Bonnie! Was wondering about that Wizard sewing machine - too cool! And...are you still wearing your multicolor Chinese shoes? ;) Pam

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Envy your spring! Getting ready for a nasty storm predicted for tonight and tomorrow. Stopped at a quilt shop in MPLS yesterday and got your book for a Rapid Fire Hunter Star class they are having tomorrow. Looks like a good thing I didn't sign up on the spot as it will probably be cancelled due to weather. I may just have a "class" of one in my basement instead!

  13. When are you coming to Bath, on your England trip, please

  14. just what is a potholder? I am sure we have them in England but obviously call them something different....

  15. they are usually square fabric cushioned pieces that you use to grasp hot pans out of the oven .... so its a joke that your messed up quilt block makes a great potholder, with some padding and finishing ;)

  16. Just catching up on Quiltcams I've missed. Your hair looks beautiful, Bonnie! Love the Diamond Tile block. I needed another project (ha!)


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