Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Just Kidding Around!

I succumbed to the task of getting not just MY van inspected, but the Hubster’s truck as well – I needed a double dose of this cuteness to see me through my Monday!

I walked into the office at County Line Automotive, a local family owned auto repair shop, to be greeted by a baby goat!


Oh, be still my heart!  If I hadn’t walked IN with a smile on my face, this sure put one there!

The story goes that this little fella (Maverick is his name – so cute!) was rejected by his mama at birth (why, oh why?!) and the family took him in to be bottle fed and cared for until he is old enough to re-enter the barn yard able to care for himself.

He is VERY attached to his owners, in fact when the husband left the office to go work on my car you would have thought the world was ending.  Poor Maverick just stood there bleating at the door, loud as he could as if saying “Come baaaaaackkk!  Come Bbbbaaaaaack!” inconsolable.

Oh my heart!

It’s okay, Maverick!  Daddy’ll be back soon!

Click to play:

It was just the most precious thing.

Maverick spends his time in the company of the family dog, Jutta:


Jutta is not amused with goat antics and can’t be bothered!


Oh, Maverick!  You stole my heart!

I left with my hands smelling of baby goat and Rottweiler.  LOL.


This happened last night.

I knew I had the right border fabric at home.


And the extra star blocks made the corners!

I puttered around trying to decide what to do with backing.  Why, oh why is it that even when I tell myself that this is NOT going to be a huge quilt it still comes out 80’’ x 80’’??  Which means I needed a backing that big, too.

My purple stash is not large.  I used MOST of it for En Provence.  I could stitch together several random yardage pieces together and make a back – but then ALL of my variety of what still lives on the purple shelf would be gone.  No --- we have to do something a bit better.


WHAT?  1996?  22 years old?  Oh. My.


This will work!

This peachy yardage with the purple sprig in it is what I used to back En Provence.  I had bought the bolt at some ridiculous price and had enough left over to NEARLY back this.  I used the 1996 leaf print as a racing stripe to add some fun and make it be gone.  Now the yardage is gone, and that purple is down to scraps and I’m a happy girl – down 7 more yards!

I’d love to load it in the machine today, and may get a start on it.  I’ve booked myself for a 90 minute massage this afternoon to get the kinks out before flying cross-country to California on Friday.  Preemptive strike.  We will see how the rest of the day plays out!


Michelle’s Diamond Tile Blocks!

Are you joining in?

Posts are showing up with blocks folks have made using the Diamond Tile block pattern found in the May/June 2018 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine!  I am kitting up some more for my trip to California and have a tip to share:


Cutting Setting Triangles from Strips!

While the instructions in the magazine pattern provide good results, I am cutting the quarter-square triangles for the outside edges of the blocks from strips.  A 2’’ strip is used, not the 2 1/2’’ as mentioned in the Magazine. (Which would still turn out fine, just leave you more to trim.)  Even the 2’’ strip gives me a bit more trimming margin than using the squares cutting method as mentioned in the magazine.

After assembling the block, trim leaving 1/4’’ seam allowance beyond the cornerstone squares.

Note that your block size may vary depending on your cutting, your fabric and thread thickness, and where your seams actually fall.  I’m finding that my blocks are finishing 1/8’’ larger than what the magazine states as the finished size, simply because a “regular” sized square is placed on point in the center of the block which can give the outside measurements of the block an “odd” dimension.

With quilt drafting, measurements are actually "rounded" to the nearest 1/8'' so things can really go either way depending on which direction things are rounded.  This keeps us from having to cut 1/16'' or 1/32'' (!!!!!)

Again, this all depends on all of the above.  As long as YOUR blocks are all the same size as each other and you have your 1/4’’ seam allowance beyond those 4 cornerstones you are doing it right.

So glad you are joining in with us!  Again if posting to Instagram or Facebook, please tag your public posts with #addictedtoscraps and #diamondtilequilt so I can find you!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Scrappy Mountain Majesties Quilt (Free patterns tab) shared during recent Illinois workshops.

Don't forget to appreciate all you have because you are too focused on what you want.

And yes, we are still on for Quilt-Cam tomorrow evening at 8pm Eastern via Facebook Live!

Enjoy your Tuesday, Friends!


  1. Oh how sweet that baby goat is! What an interesting life you have... so many fun adventures to share with us!

  2. Love that baby goat! Maverick is a little sweetie! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such a cute little goat. Of course, I had to join in the Diamond Tile Blocks! Spent yesterday afternoon cutting, hoping to start piecing today. Thanks for another fun pattern.

  4. I also meant to say that I really love your purple quilt! Purple is one of my favorite colors and I also used up my purples for En Provence. It's so hard to find nice purples or any purple for that matter. I guess I'll have to go shopping again.

  5. Little Maverick is a real charmer. Great way to enjoy your wait time. Your purple quilt is beautiful. I think I need more purple in my life.

  6. nice backing but fyi...they DO sell purple fabric lots of places...lol...you could always get more like we all do!

  7. Love your mostly Purple Quilt. Good to use that bolt of fabric you got at a great price! I'll be watching the Tile blocks from the sidelines. I need to sew more blocks for my current projects. It's a Gett'r Done year. See you on QuiltCam!!!

  8. Oh my. If I had a baby goat to hang out with I would run my husband's errands, too! Hehe
    HOW FUN, you lucky!

  9. I just kitted 110 strips of 11.5x6.5 pieces of batting for an upcoming quilt retreat. I put some in a 2 gallon zip lock bag (the kind with the plastic zipper), squeezed some air out, put in more repeat and it is now travel size as four of us are going in one small van and we need to consolidate without leaving anything essential behind. I am going to try putting my show and tell quilt in a large bag and squeeze the air out in the same way, i know it will work with a vacuum cleaner but don't know if one will be available for repacking for the trip home.

  10. Miss Bonnie, what eould Sadie Jane say if you brought the baby gost home? That would be a
    real hoot!

  11. I love your purple quilt! Is it an upcoming pattern? I would love to use up some purple scraps. BTW I think I have some of the purple leaf print! Thanks for the video of Maverick. He’s adorable.

  12. After reading yesterday's post I ran to Barnes & Noble to get copies of QUILT NOW and QUILTMAKER but they were not there!. I will try again. I look forward to reading all about you in the British Press!

  13. Hi Bonnie I love your blog and quiliville live shows. But I really am deeply touched by your wonderful quotes. They make me feel great. Take care.

  14. I have been trying to get a copy of the quiltmaker May/June 2018 magazine so I can sew along with you with absolutely no luck. The only place to buy magazines in these them parts is Walmart and they don't carry this magazine. I have tried online with no results.....I am open to suggestions.

    1. I called Quiltmaker magazine today and the incredible Dawn found a single copy of the May/June 2018 magazine and I immediately bought it....it is now on it's way. I also bought a subscription so I will not have this problem again. YAY.....I am so excited

  15. Oh my! The goat is so stinking cute! Oh I love your purple quilt. Purple is my favorite color. I guess I'll have to get out my purple stash and make me a scrappy quilt.

  16. My friend TK drove from Lowgap to Winston Salem today to buy me a copy if Quiltmaker magazine. She did have a doctor's appointment. Afterwards she ran in JoAnn's to get me a copy. Could not buy one in Mt Airy anywhere. Can't wait to make the block.

  17. Thank you for the tips on the block from the magazine. I'll be watching quilt cam to see you make the block in person. I was able to buy the quiltmaker magazine while buying groceries at my local Safeway this afternoon. See you tomorrow

  18. Oh that little guy is just adorable, and your purple quilt is gorgeous and as for the tile blocks just love them will have to find the quiltmaker magazine so I can make these after I’ve finish my rail fence leader ended. Thank you for all your wonderful inspiration. Looking forward to quiltcam.
    Love and quilty hugs Anne xx

  19. And I too <3 your purple quilt and it may very well be the one that gets me back into doing some sewing after a long gap of 3 years not doing any sewing.

  20. Maverick brought back so many memories of a baby goat we named "Missy" who live in our home for a few months when our boys were little tykes!Maverick is beautiful. Thanks for the joy you brought to me today.Also, thanks for letting me know that the local B&N and Joanns are out of the two magazines.

  21. My daughter raises goats and it's not unusual to go to her house & find a baby goat inside. Sometimes the mother rejects them or she doesn't have enough milk.

  22. That goat is just adorable. Thank you Bonniefor that cute video!
    Love your purple materials . Looking forward to Quilt Cam to day!
    Take care and happy quilting!
    Yoka Bazilewich

  23. Oh my life! What a lovely little kid! Mehhhhhhhhhhhh! Want one - or two!

    Loving the purple star quilt.

  24. Oh I absolutely love the baby goat. I was born and raised on a farm and miss all the animals. Thank you so much for sharing and love your purple quilt.

  25. I've bottle fed many a baby lamb. While house training isn't something you can shoot for, they can learn their names and come when called.


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