Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Talkin’ Turkey Monday!


Our Monday started with a stop at the renowned Butter Cream bakery and diner in Napa to pick up goodies for our burgeoning class of 50 assembling for our Talking Turkey workshop.

“What? You’ve never been to Butter Cream?” was the cry.  So in we went.  It can’t be missed – this pink and white striped building.

Parking is ALWAYS a problem, and there can be a wait to be seated for breakfast – I understand their blueberry pancakes are not to be missed – a thing of beauty!


Oh, yummy!

If the students weren’t already facing a scrap fabric overload, they would soon be bouncing with a sugar high!

I love little local places unique to any area.  Such a wonderful gathering place for folks in this town, an icon of decades thriving in wine country.


And they are off and stitching up a string block storm!

Talkin’ Turkey is found in my book String Fling and one of my favorites to teach from this book – a morning of string piecing, an afternoon of center assembly and flying geese – what’s not to love?


Squaring and slicing!


Ready to add string triangles!

But first:


Lunch, always lunch!


It wasn’t long before blocks were coming together!

I love the dreamsicle colors of these blocks!


Gorgeous in all of their variety!

You’ll find the rest of our day’s activity in the video below.  Click to play:

Our time together really DID fly by way too fast!


Thanks for the WONDERFUL visit, Napa Valley Quilters & Friends!


The scene I woke up to this morning…

Spending my off hours on the edge of a vineyard has been wonderful.  But my send off this morning was even more spectacular.  As the sun came up over the mountains to the east, the fog hanging over the vines started to move and dissipate….and then in a show of fanfare, the sprinklers all came on.  Water, foggy mist, sunrise, birds chirping, verdant green, APRIL in Napa.  What a wonderful send off!

Click to play:

I’ll long be remembering the 3 lovely nights I got to spend here in Betty Ann’s cottage by the edge of the vineyard.


It’s been an oasis in the midst of 4 very busy bustling days!

I’m sending this off early enough to be able to leisurely pack up my stuff and be ready for my pick  up!  There are 3 of us on our way to Bakersfield, and instead of my renting a car and driving myself, Linda has offered for me to just ride along, bringing all of my stuff in her SUV (I’m sure it will be PACKED!) as they are signed up for my workshops there as well.

There are Quilt Angels everywhere! And who knows what we will find on our journey as today is only a day to GET THERE.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Get in there and allow yourself the privilege of making some really wonderful mistakes on your way!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, friends!


  1. Always thankful for Quilt Angels. Have a great ride to Bakersfield. Nice surrounding area where you stayed.

  2. Great block - absolutely gorgeous - definitely will try to do AFTER I buy the book. I need ot save up as European postage is hefty - not your fault, Bonnie. Would ove it if you could find s moment to let me know about buying the Wanderlust Quilting Course - I asked th equestion yesterday but I really appreciate that you need 10 pairs of hands(minimum) and several headsit's just i really hope to buy it soon.

  3. Sorry folks - just re-read my comment above and saw loads of mistakes- The worst is the "headsit'sjust"- nothing like that was what I intended!! I meant to say - "you need .....several heads just to begin to reply!!

    1. good Morning Margaret, I saw the online course for "Wanderlust"when I was on the www.quiltingcompany.com. Beautiful pattern, best of luck!

  4. You forgot to mention the rainbow!!!

  5. I had a grand time with you in Napa too...safe travels and hope to see you again one of these days!

  6. I loved the lone green turkey pattern. I think I just may have enough scraps of green to make one.

  7. Ahhhh your morning pic of the vineyards with the rising sun and sprinklers...so amazing!

  8. The blocks are beautiful! On my to do list.


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