Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February Quilty Box Gift-Away!

Happy LAST day of February, everyone!

You won’t believe this – but yesterday I saw blooming trees in my immediate surroundings, amazing to me since they were not blooming when I drove home from Virginia on Sunday night.

Well, I take that back.

It was dark, I could not SEE anything blooming whether they were nor not – so it surprised me last evening when Jeff and I drove out for dinner to see all of these trees blooming with white!


It’s coming.  Spring is really coming.

And that makes this day the perfect day to celebrate with a bit-later-than-usual February Quilty Box Gift-Away.


Everything arrived while I was out teaching my last driving trip through Virginia, and I was at the cabin for the weekend with no way to post the contents that were waiting for me at home, so here we finally are.  Good things DEFINITELY come to those who wait!


This box was curated by my good friend Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts!

I first “met” Julie through her blog, and then watched this Jaybird soar as she took off writing patterns, books, block of the month programs, and designing her own rulers to flawlessly execute the 60 degree designs she is known so well for.

Julie’s superpowers are geometry and design.  She says that she is energized by the beauty of the math in modernizing traditional quilt designs and that her mission is to make life better with fabric.  I LOVE THAT!

Her designs and her rulers, the Hex N More and the Sidekick, bring clarity and simplified design to geometrically inspired patterns.  And she’s only been sewing since 2002!

My favorite response from Julie in this issue of Bundles of Inspiration that come inside of every Quilty Box or Quilty Box Mini –

Q: What do you tend to do when you hit a creative brick wall?

A: “I spend some time away from my sewing machine.  If I’ve got too much fabric in the house, I’ll clear out the closets and my storage bins.  I might try out a new recipe or technique in the kitchen.  I’m also a fan of scrap-booking.  I’ll find something UNRELATED to a sewing project to occupy my mind and my time, then something usually finds me to break down the creative brick wall.”

I love this!  Don’t force it.  Do something else, and let inspiration come on its own.  And for what it’s worth, I’ve been the recipient of Julie’s fabric purging a time or two while visiting her near San Diego on teaching trips in the area.  I love some Julie time.  She always leaves me happily inspired.


This full sized February Quilty Box contains:

Bundles of Inspiration Magazine with Nova Table Topper pattern.
Rock Candy Wall Quilt Pattern.
Sidekick Ruler.
Aurifil thread.

2 yards Kona Quilty Box Exclusive fabric bundle!

I love that the Quilty Box Bundles of Inspiration magazine includes a project that will use the goodies in your Quilty Box right away.

You’ll be successfully mastering 60 degree angles in no time, and Julie will show you the way.  Click to play:

And there is more! Check out this month's Quilty Box Mini!


Quilty Box Mini Sure to please!

Quilty Box Mini doesn’t cut corners. With everything you need to advance as a quilter and nothing you don’t, the Quilty Box Mini is perfect for the quilter who enjoys the process of quilting: cutting, piecing and “solving the puzzle” that we’ve heard so many of you describe as “The joy and inspiration” behind why you quilt.

This month's Quilty Box Mini includes a charm pack of Kona cotton solids in Julie’s signature colors, a free pattern for making a Bow Tie throw quilt, a spool of Aurifil thread, and the Bundles of Inspiration magazine.

Who wants to throw their name in the pot for a chance at the full-size Quilty Box, or the Quilty Box mini?

Drawing to happen on Monday evening, March 5th - while I'm still at Asilomar!

I have no idea what the wifi situation will be like while I am there.  I am teaching one class to one group of 25 over the course of 5 days, and will likely wait until the event is over to do a whole video slide show of my class time, but am planning on keeping you updated on my surroundings and glimpses of what is going on while I am there.  

I’ve never taught there before, so this is a new experience for me too.


Quiltville Quote of the Day-

And this is just what I plan on doing!

I land in San Jose just after 12pm local time.  I’m spending a couple of nights with my friend Randy near Santa Cruz, and then another friend Claire will be driving me down to Pacific Grove on the day that all of the other teachers and students for my session are arriving.  

I feel like I’m going to girl’s camp.  Oh, this is going to be fun – I just know it.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Thank you for all you do! It is so very insightful!!

  2. Oh my, this quilty box just shouts out my name. I usually don't enter a link and prefer to leave the chance for someone who really wants the particular box. THIS one, I really, really, REALLY want!!! Fingers crossed :)

  3. Thank you for this opportunity to win this.Hope you have a safe trip & have fun teaching this week.Hugs Katie


  5. Who wouldn't love to win a quilty box?!

  6. Asilomar is wonderful. Hubby & I spent time there for a Timberframe conference. It's like camp. Have fun.

  7. I don't think I've entered for a gift giveaway here before, but this one sure grabbed my attention. The colors and design and all of the whole package. Thanks for the fun.

  8. Lucky Randy!! What Project are you teaching for 5 days? Sounds like fun! I would love 5 days of girl time!!

  9. Oh you're going to LOVE Asilomar!!!

  10. Blooming trees?!?! Are you kidding me, in your sweet Minnesota Home we had a foot of SNOW over the weekend:( On the bright side it is 40+ degrees today, bring on the blooms! Safe travels.

  11. Have a wonderful time in California. Hoping the weather is nice so you can get out and explore your surroundings.

  12. Anonymous12:38 PM EST

    Thank you for your generosity. This is an awesome box.

  13. Would love to win this Quilty Box. Love the topper. The colors just sing to me. Currently I have 3 feet of snow with more in the forecast. Good quilting weather. Am anxiously waiting for April so I can enjoy my week long retreat. Safe travels and enjoy your Friends time! Thanks for all you do for us.

  14. This is a exciting box with lots of goodies and my favorite colors.

  15. It's so exciting to enter a give-a-way for quilty stuff! Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  16. Thanks for the chance to win! Quilt math is not my fave—so glad there are better brains out there figuring it all out, like Julie! It is going to be wet and stormy and cold up in northern CA so be prepared with shoes and not sandals:)

  17. It's amazing to see everything blooming already! I think we'll get more cold days and that'll kill everything, I hope not but that's what I'm worried will happen. Great giveaway...I'm no good at math! My 14 yr old is doing geometry, maybe I should hire him to help with the math part!!hahaha Have a safe and fun trip!!!

  18. What a wonderful giveaway.
    Enjoy your trip! Asilomar is such a beautiful location. Wrap up warm and walk the beach if you have time and enjoy the spectacular sunsets!

  19. I hope you have a good trip and enjoy your time at Asilomar. Mt Umumhum and Mt. Hamilton got a dusting of snow ealy this week and as it is raining right now, I halfway expect the same for tomorrow. I always love to see the snow from the valley floor. You must clearly know what I talk about.

  20. Quilt camp, girl's camp, quilting retreat...whatever you call it, it is always exciting to be with like minded people doing what we love!! Enjoy!!

  21. Awesome quilty box - love all things hexi! Have a safe and enjoyable trip.

  22. Love Jaybird patterns and her colors!

  23. I’ve loved Jaybird Quilts for a number of years. Thank you for offering this Quilty Box. It is one of the BEST I’ve seen. Hope I win. Crossing my fingers!


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