Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Quilt-Cam! 2/26/2018

It was a perfect evening for a bit of Quilt-Cam time in Facebook Live last night!

All of the mail order went out like clock work, thanks to my handy helper Jeff!  I honestly don’t know what I would do without him working for me part time.  I’d love to make it full time – but we would need MORE for him to do.  He is my all-things-techie guy as well. So glad to have him as part of Quiltville.

The best part of Quilt-Cam is seeing what photos YOU have to share with me – of projects, of new grandbabies upon baby quilts, of new sewing spaces, or reorganization of what you have, and all of the excitement of what comes forth when hanging with one’s TRIBE.

We get each other.  We understand.  It’s such a comfortable supportive place to be!

We also started something NEW last night.

I’ve had folks emailing me their photos for years – to my personal email address. And it has gotten to the point where there are more than 100, sometimes pushing 200 emails in my inbox the next morning, all Quilt-Cam related, which is GREAT – but it makes it hard when the work stuff that comes in gets lost in the middle, or pushes your beautiful photos further down my email queue and I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and found it harder to reply.

There is now a NEW email address specifically for Quilt-Cam questions, comments and photos:  QuiltCamTime @ Gmail.com (remove spaces) and it worked wonderfully last night.

We’ll use this for ANYTHING relating to Quilt-Cam in the future.  Thank you, thank you for helping me with this!

The photo at the top of this post was sent in by Charlotte who writes:

Sewing along on my P is for Pinwheels - adding sashing strips. Sewing on my mom’s very first machine - a 1948 Singer 15-90.   Thanks for keeping me company this evening as hubby is sitting his recliner napping.
Charlotte Massey
Gatesville TX

Thanks for the share, Charlotte!  Always good to hear from you!

There were so many wonderful photos coming in, and though I can’t share them all, I do want to give you a glimpse of what came to the new email address last night:


Great job, Grace!

So glad to catch you live.  We are from Upstate NY.    First time in a couple of years to catch you live!!!.  Thanks for the new email address, hope you see this.
Here is a pic of my 8yr old daughter's first quilt!!  She did from start to finish other than binding, out of my scrappy stash. 
We are entering in my local guilds show in June...  her name is Grace :-)

This is adorable, Deb!  Thanks for sending your photo and sharing a bit of Grace with us!  This is beautiful and she and you both should be so proud.


I Spy Winston Ways and On Ringo Lake!

My friend, Julia Hellburg and I, are watching you while working on Winston Ways (from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders)and On Ringo Lake.  It’s a mini retreat after 3 full days at the Mid Atlantic Quiltfest in Hampton, VA.  We are having a blast!

Thanks for all you do!!

Judy Troutman, currently on the Eastern Shore

To Julie and Julia – have a WONDERFUL mini retreat!  The best memories are made when stitching with friends!


A Special Award for En Provence!

Hi Bonnie,

I am from Arkona Ontario, Canada.

Just wanted to share the pic of my En Provence that won Grand Champion at our local agricultural society fair in September, Champion at the district level in November and a week ago Friday it won Reserve Champion for all of Ontario.

Thank you again for all the time and effort you put into your patterns!

Bette Gordon

Well done, Bette!  I can see why, your quilt is amazing!  Our congrats to you.


An Hour Glass Leader & Ender finish!

Hi Bonnie, Just finished binding on last year’s Leader Ender.  Cindy Kirsch from Erie Pa. 

It’s GLORIOUS, Cindy!  And I know how much work went into this one.  So happy it has passed the paw & purr test!

Free pattern from the Free patterns tab at the top of the blog.

You’ll find the rest of our evening in the video below.  Click to play:

Remember, if all you see is a black box, it is likely that you are viewing in Explorer or Edge.  Please change browsers, or view on my Quiltville Channel on YouTube.

I was so jazzed after our time was over that I DID finish those 10 red string blocks.  They are ready for trimming, and I may be working on this tonight.  It will, however be an early to bed  night as I am off to Asilomar early early tomorrow morning.

You’ll also want to come back tomorrow morning as our February Quilty Box gift-away happens as I leave town!


Upcoming Quiltville Tours!

Some new flyers arrived from Craftours and we have added some exciting trips coming up through 2020.  

I have added tabs for each trip at the top of the blog, so take some time to check them out.  Japan and England are full, so I have removed those tabs –but we are currently booking for Kenya in October 2019, Bavaria/Austria and the Christmas Markets in December of 2019, and Ireland in June of 2020!

These will be followed by Poland in September of 2020 and Guatemala in Late October of 2020.  There is time to plan ahead and travel with me!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Sunbonnet Sue quilt found in North Carolina.

Those who wait until it's all figured out and it's safe to move forward never get anywhere.

Do you see how these Sue’s are all facing FORWARD? Move in that direction!

Have a great Tuesday, my Quilty Friends!


  1. Oh I'm quite sure I can convince hubby to join me in Ireland!
    I enjoyed quilt cam last night.
    Safe travels tomorrow.

    1. YAY, Jeanna! I would love to have you BOTH join us. I loved my first trip to Ireland, and June is a beautiful month to go. :)

  2. I love seeing all the quilts from others. Thanks for sharing your Monday with us. Tell Jeff thank you for being a your helper. I have a Jeff too. We all need a private Tech guy somedays. The new email should help a lot.

  3. Oops, I missed most of quilt cam last night and emailed to the other address. Sorry. I love quilt cam and the new email is a great idea.

  4. Working on a GF to do Austria trip. I'd love to see the Christmas markets.

    1. YES! It's a marvelous trip. I love seeing you as often as I can, Pat! Let's do this one, too!

  5. I looks like young Grace, the quilter has a good eye for color. Yea, Grace. Good job. Enjoyed viewing quilt cam after the fact...always learn something new and so enjoy seeing everyone's beautiful work.

  6. Thank you for sharing Gracie's quilt! She will be so excited to see this email when she gets home from school! All I talk about is Bonnie and Quiltville :-) When she found out she could earn a ribbon in a quilt show she was all in and has 2 more projects in the works. Thankful to my guild and friends for supporting her and keeping our sewing room full of scraps!!

    1. This makes me so happy! Please give her a big hug for me! :)

  7. Saving money for quilt festival next year. Hoping to see you there. I listen to your quilt-cam archives while I work on my quilts.


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