Friday, February 09, 2018

Tiptoe Through the Tulips!

Spring is around the corner.

Just there…just out of reach, but it’s coming!  Can you feel it?

Even walking through the grocery store I see it in the brightly wrapped containers of potted bulbs, eager to bloom.

I can feel it in the seasonally changing displays in clothing departments of stores, or the home and garden section readying itself for the onslaught of purchasers ready to put this winter behind and BRING ON SPRING!

It certainly felt that way in Anderson, South Carolina over the past couple of days.

It’s only a 4 to 5 hour drive down the road from my home near Winston-Salem, North Carolina (Even if it took me 8 hours door to door due to 3 antique mall stops and a break at Mary Jo’s Cloth Store in Gastonia, NC on my way!)

Yesterday when leaving the workshop location and starting my journey home, it was 61+  OH YES OH YES OH YES!

Only – I was driving northeast, and as I made my way with the sun setting behind me, I watched the temps drop degree by degree….Oh, come on Spring! I am so ready for you!


If our tulips aren’t blooming yet, we can stitch up our own!

These are Becky’s block quarters with her lovely black 301A – which tickled me to no end because it was made in the 1950s, right here in ANDERSON!  A is for Anderson, and this machine never traveled far from the plant where it was assembled.  Kind of cool, yes?
In 1950 Singer built a new plant in Anderson, South Carolina for manufacturing a new range of slant-needle aluminum bodied sewing machines. Although the plant was officially opened in 1950, production did not start until 1951.
The original models produced at the Anderson plant were the 301/301A, 401A/403A and 500A/503A. With the exception of the first 2 years production of 301’s, machines built at Anderson were identified with an ‘A’ suffix on the model numbers. 
Serial numbers of machines built at Anderson in the 1950’s and 60’s started with the prefix NA, NB or NC. The parts for these machines were mostly manufactured at the Elizabethport, New Jersey factory and shipped to Anderson for assembly.
After the last 503A was made in 1963 the Anderson plant manufactured power tools and domestic products. After 1975 the ‘Athena’ electronic sewing machines were made at Anderson.
By the 1980’s when Singer ceased to make sewing machines in North America, the Anderson plant continued to manufacture power tools, until on 1st. July 1988 it was sold to Ryobi of Japan, who took over the Singer power tools business. [source]
Ryobi is still there, using the old Singer facility in the making of power tools and other products.  I didn’t get a chance to drive by the facility, even though I wanted to.  My goal was to make it HOME by bedtime, but also to beat the rush hour traffic that was bound to clog up around Greenville, SC.


Becky & Lynda, busy with the strings!


Oh, such a fun mess we made!


Great job, ladies!


Meet Anne!

This beautiful lady is turning 85 in a few weeks!  She is going strong, sewing like the wind, and having a ball at it.  Such a joy to meet you, Anne!  Can I be you when I grow up?

You’ll find the rest of our day’s Tulip Field Activities in the video below.  Click to play:

These tulips make us SO READY for spring to arrive for REAL!


We’ve got a whole tulip bed!

Click to play:

Thank you Quilters of Anderson and friends!  It was wonderful to have visitors from as far away as south Georgia, Charleston and Myrtle Beach come join us.  And it felt SO GOOD to know these ladies are in my own area, just a drive down the road.


Peach “Butt” landmark in Gaffney, SC.

Seeing the Peach Water Tower always makes me giggle!

I-85 from Anderson, Greenville, Spartanburg, and then the Gaffney Peach Butt, followed by Gastonia, Charlotte, Concord, Salisbury, and finally up highway 52 to Midway and east to home. 4 1/2 hours door to door.  And my own bed!


And Emmy Lou, who was a bit put out, but not too disagreeable!

Friday is stretched out before me – a weekend at home!  There is much to do, but I’m home.

Perhaps we can squeeze in a Quilt-Cam on Sunday afternoon, say 2pm Eastern?  I’m giddy just thinking about it.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!


  1. Good morning, Bonnie. Even though we are not praying for spring here in Phoenix -- never really had any winter this year -- your enthusiasm and hope for it's arrival is fun to read. You certainly convey your feelings well. I love the tulip blocks! That quilt is on my list.

    1. It's really a fun one! I am glad you want to try it! :)

  2. No sign of spring here yet. I'm near Detroit and it has been snowing since before we got up this morning. We could have 12" of new snow by tonight. Perfect day to stay in and sew!

  3. Leaves are budding and Tulip & Daffodil bulbs are putting up their shoots. Fun Tulip blocks. Will have to watch Quiltcam later. Church and a Grandson playing in a concert at Cordnier Hall. It is a Big deal to perform there.

  4. I really like your shirt that you wore in the picture with Anne. The coral shirt with flowers on it. Quilt Cam would be fun on Sunday.

  5. It is turning colder every hour in MO and we are supposed to get more snow tomorrow night through Sunday.

  6. Love to hear you write of Spring! I am so ready. Dreary, cold day here in Connecticut, but at least it isn't snowing. Love the pictures you share of your workshops!


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