Thursday, February 08, 2018

Mothers, Daughters & Midnight Flight!

Mothers & daughters.

Sisters & cousins.

Long time friends on a 6 hour road trip to Anderson, South Carolina from WAY SOUTH Georgia..

We had it all in yesterday’s workshop with the Prickly Fingers Quilt Guild and friends!

And yes, it was pouring buckets outside – but we were inside the beautiful Anderson County library in a big and brightly lit beautiful space just sewing away to our heart’s content.

Isn’t there just something that touches your heart when mother’s & daughters come and sew together, building memories?

It just tugs all of my heartstrings at once, in all of the right ways.


One of these quilts somehow was left behind at home on this driving trip.

Any guesses which one it was?

Let me tell you, there are TWO “inevitables” hanging over the head of any traveling teacher.

One of them happened last week when the Ocala guild was informed 2 days before my arrival with a full class of 40 quilters that they had lost their workshop location due to preemption by funeral.  ACCCKK!

That one was closely skirted as another workshop location was located and all turned out well as we breathed a sigh of relief in unison.

The other one? Leaving the workshop quilt behind!  I stole this photo from the Brigham City Utah workshop I gave last summer!

Also in this photo is Talkin’ Turkey, and Winston Ways.I’m teaching in Winston Salem, my home town – on Monday and Tuesday this coming week, and I was sorting quilts into piles, being sure to include Winston Ways in the Winston Salem pile ---both quilts have a plethora of red/neutral four-patches.

And I found out yesterday while setting up for class (And here I thought I was so organized!) that I brought the Winston Ways quilt to South Carolina, while Midnight Flight from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders stayed home.  AUUUGHHGHH!

We all had a good laugh about it.  There were plenty of sample test blocks in class, being made ahead to test color plans, and the class went along swimmingly, but I was still mortified that I brought the wrong quilt to my Midnight Flight workshop in Anderson!

So – if those are the two worst things that a traveling teacher can see happening, and I dealt with the BOTH in the span of a mere week, we should be good to go for the rest of the year, yes?

Take a look at this set up!  Click to play:

The space is SPACIOUS and we got down and busy doing what we needed to do.


Units, units and more units!


Busy hands getting the blocks turned the right way!

This is one of those blocks you need to be careful with in more than one way.  the 4 patches need to chain a certain direction.  The half chevrons can be tricky in placement, and those black triangles need to touch the half chevrons, not float away…..and once the block quarters are done, they have to pinwheel in a circle to form the star design in the center. 

It’s like patting your head and rubbing your tummy while hopping on one foot and singing Yankee Doodle Dandy!  But the effect is worth it!


And so are the relationships!



You’ll find the rest of our Midnight Flight Workshop Day in the video below.  Click to play:

What a terrific day in the South Carolina Up-State!


Anderson County Courthouse, 1898

I love historic courthouses, and Anderson County did not disappoint!  We grabbed a quick bite of dinner between the workshop and my evening guild presentation in downtown Anderson and this was the view from the restaurant.  What a beautiful building!


Courthouse and Civil War soldier memorial across the street.


From another angle.

I was able to google the unveiling ceremony from 1902 and found this excerpt:

The great drama, of which this is in part a memorial, is now history. Reconciliation has come. 
Hands of the grey and the blue meet in friendship and sympathetic pressure. 
Happiness and prosperity smiles upon the once devastated South; but the memory of our dead heroes is enshrined in every true Southern heart, and while loyal to the stars and stripes and proud of the great union which knows no North and no South, but makes us one people in the greatest nation on the globe, our chief, though sad, delight consists in honoring the memory of our bravo Confederate dead.
I thought this was so beautifully and honorably stated!

Today we do it again, with Tulip Fields up on deck.  And YES!  I have that quilt with me.  I made doubly sure!

It’s a 5 hour drive home, and I’m going to drive it tonight and will be on the road as soon as class is over.  My own bed awaits.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Keep your eye on the goal, not upon the setbacks!

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!


  1. Things come in three I gess you have your three so are good

  2. Sometimes your load of quilts seems immense and I wondered one night if you might ask some local quilters to supply some of the samples, as they do plan to bring many anyway. Just a thought and thinking of your stresses getting it all there, Johanne Hagar

  3. what a lovely sentiment from the dedication... I am a "Yankee" thru and thru and patriot, as well, but this latest overblown kerfluffle tearing down old monuments and demonizing the south is ripping at my heart... wish we could ALL be quilters and stitch this country back together; Bonnie you do such a wonderful job keeping centered and helping all of us remain centered, big bumps or small... keep moving forward... God Bless and happy, safe travels.

  4. I agree Cats. I am born & bred in the South, but without all that has happened, none of us would have much heritage. It is so sad that people want to digress and start the wars all over again. I wish I were rich and could travel the country and see every beautiful monument for myself, enjoy the history of each one before they are all gone. Won't happen but it's a good wish.


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