Saturday, February 10, 2018

Antiquing to Anderson!

One can NOT go on a long road trip and not plan strategic places to stop, stretch the legs, use the facilities, and find some goodies in the process!

We all laughed during my time in Anderson ,SC – when asked “How long was your drive?” The answer was – 4 hours, but it took me 8.  HA!

When it is only a day to GET THERE, we can take as long as it takes.

In this case….until the shops closed at 5pm which ended my wandering and put me on a beeline from Greenville to Anderson in time for dinner.

Solo road trips – I LOVE THEM! 

I can listen to audio books all the way, sing in the car as long as I want to my 70s Pandora channel, grab a quick late lunch at Taco Bell (Because eating crunchy tacos while driving is not car friendly!) and search for the next place to stop.

My Waze app is very used to the “Antique Mall Near Me”  search prompt!


Oh the mother-lode!

Give me an hour, I just need an hour!

I get to Belmont NC about twice a year when headed down I-85.  It never disappoints.  Except this time there was not a single treadle machine to be found – in any corner – anywhere!


I freed an embossed white!

I love the look of this machine – what a heavy beast. No, it didn’t come home with me.  In this case “freed” means I simply let it out of hiding from within the confines of its cabinet for all of the world to appreciate.  Yep.  I let it out, and walked away leaving it exposed.  It’s become a Quiltville Calling Card!


Inside the cabinet door.

A treasure trove of memories!


on June 27th, 1936 someone paid $39.50 for this machine!

But wait.  What’s the story?  This said NATIONAL, and the machine is a WHITE? Oh, the story gets more interesting by the minute!


Equal Opportunity Machine Freeing!

1960s Singer 328!

Yes, I moved the merchandise off of the machine top, removed the doily and set it elsewhere and let that machine out to be seen.  Who is going to buy the machine if it just looks like an end table?


And yes, there were quilts.

I love the “odd” nine-patches in this one.

The block with the 2 black squares and the ONE toward the bottom where the blue squares fade into the setting squares so that only the 4 white squares show really catch my eye.

The life lesson here?  “You were born to stand out!”  It makes this quilt so much more interesting that things are not the same throughout.  I’m sure it kept the maker from being overly bored while stitching it too!


To trim edges straight, or not to trim edges straight!?

I’m thinking as she rounded that last corner and was in the home stretch she got tired of binding corners and curves and just went for it.  LOL!


This one!!  I love log cabins…but I laughed when I saw this:



Once you see LOL, you can’t stop seeing LOL!


2 little pink depression glass bowls, $4.00 each.

One cracked flow blue teacup $1.00

My finds for this jaunt.

I’m sad to say that the teacup didn’t survive the trip, even with being wrapped in paper.  The handle was broken off when I unwrapped it yesterday.   Sigh.  But I love the pink bowls….


Check this out!


Flat iron removes from steam base!

I’d seen the iron part before, always wanting one, but have NEVER seen it with the steamer attachment.  I don’t know if I’ll be using this one, but it is a great piece of history and fun for display.  And on sale!


I did leave with this typewriter table, a depression glass batter bowl, and the iron!


Perfect for a “next to machine” table while sewing, or perfect for sewing in a hotel room  on a driving trip!

This one was $40.00 with the refinished original wood top with 2 drop leaves.  I checked on eBay to see what they were running and came up with one in less-than-desirable shape for $125.00  I knew I had a good deal and snatched it up!  In fact, it’s still in the van for next week’s teaching trip up to Bedford, VA and Fredericksburg, VA!

We can call it the “original” Sew Easy table.


LOVE THIS, also found while antiquing.  Must remember this.  Always.

This is what happened here yesterday.

Click to play:

What's on your sewing table? Two announcements in this video, Quilt-Cam at 2 p.m. Eastern on Sunday via Facebook live, and full length audiobooks on YouTube! Who knew!?

I did some poking around on YouTube and there are several free full-length audio books available.  AWESOME! 

The string blocks continue (So far, no luck at even making a dent in the small scraps, so must keep sewing!) and likely will for tomorrow afternoon’s Quilt-Cam as well. 

This afternoon will find me flat out for a full 90 minute massage, much needed after recent travel, different beds for overnight stays and workshop lugging of quilt bags and heavy book boxes, sitting on planes, riding in cars with strangers, and my own van trips.  It’s time to get the kinks out.

Then back to the machine on this rainy Saturday.


Quiltville Quote of the Day.

I am excited about some future possibilities.  And I keep going back and forth between this one, and the painted wooden sign above.  Perhaps they will work together and we will see a wonderful unfolding of possibilities!

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone -


  1. That 1960's Singer has some STYLE!

    Love your little typewriter stand. I would totally use something like that as a quirky end table in my living room. Fun!

    1. I would find space in my sewing room for this!

    2. I love it! Someone had re-varnished the wood top and it looks really nice. It also didn't vibrate the way plastic tables do. I'm happy with it!

    3. Hi Bonnie, love the table. Can’t wait to see it in person next week when you come to Bedford, VA!

  2. Your antiquing jaunts are such fun for me! Haven't been to a good one in a while, so I enjoy yours vicariously. Love the typewriter table!

  3. If you don't already have multiple catch alls in the sewing room, you can use the cup with broken handle there for pins, threads, etc. And there might be a life lesson there too.

    1. I too hope the little cup is still in your home--something about still being useful thought broken.......or Don't give up little cracked pot!

  4. Thank you Bonnie. Must let you know how appropriate the timing of your messages are!

  5. Sounds like a great trip. Love the little wood sign you post. Always need to remember this. Thank you for 'YOU'!

  6. I would glue the handle back onto the tea cup, and use it for decorative -- holding pins, or nibbles.

  7. I have tht very "WHITE" sewing maching. The one you found is beautiful. Mine needs some tender loving care. Glad your home. Hope to see you at Quilt Cam!

  8. Beautiful machines and your little typewriter table is adorable
    I love you little string blocks, these are definitely on my list to try I’ve even acquired some old phone books lol

    Look forward to seeing you on Sunday quiltcam

    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xx

  9. Speaking of audiobooks- anyone who is a fan of listening to books might want to add ECHO by Pam Munoz Ryan and Lightning Queen by Laura Resau to their lists. Two of my favorites from the past year.

  10. I always look forward to your posts and appreciate that you share your life with us. Thank you.

  11. I use the WAZE app too. I love it.


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