Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Florida Mega Show & Share!

Did you think I’d forgotten??

I’ve been home since late late Friday night (well, okay – technically early early Saturday morning) and I didn’t post the fabulous quilts that were brought to our workshop and lecture events while visiting the three Florida guilds.

It’s been one scheduled post after another and since Monday was our last Link-Up day for On Ringo Lake (Have you checked the shares there?!) and since Jeff really DID deserve his own post yesterday all about the gifted machine, Show and share falls to TODAY!

And it will be worth the wait, I promise you!

Florida is a land of many wonders, including MANY great quilt shops.  You know what they say about the heat of a Florida summer?  It’s a “reverse winter.”  Too hot to be out, so quilters stay in and sew.

There is beautiful sunshine outside the comfort of the air-conditioning! But the best part?  Unlike snow, you don’t have to shovel it.

Just deal with a hurricane aftermath every once in a while.
Isn’t Terri’s On Ringo Lake GORGEOUS?! It was wonderful to see the many finishes popping up all over the place.


Allietare still gives me a thrill!


An On Ringo Lake Finish from Mt Dora!


A beautiful Roll Roll Cotton Boll finish from String Fling!
In Florida Colors from Ocala!


The Leader/Ender Texas Braid gone Out of Control!

We laughed and laughed as the story was told of how the maker wanted to increase the size of the quilt, and was sewing at retreat only to have folks pose the question “Don’t you think that is long enough yet?!”  We all laughed and laughed.  Such a GREAT time with these ladies!


Cathy’s Wonky Album Block!

Of course, nothing gets me oohing and ahhing more than the vintage quilts you bring to share.  And Cathy had some fabulous ones!  This one belonged to a family member and she hand carried it home from Texas upon receiving it not daring to lose it by shipping or checking luggage.


Blocks in juxtaposition!


Squares so tiny!

We giggled as we talked about how the quilt came do be this way, some blocks up and some blocks down.  Evidently the pattern was supposed to be set with setting squares in between, making a pathway so the blocks would be straight across and below each other.

But no!  This relative had a mind of her own and set them block to block with no pathway and they are higgledy piggledy  up and down from each other.

I LOVE this…it is unexpected!  And my eyes just danced from square to square to square.  Such a wonderful story, and hand quilted with those Baptist fans I love so much.

Thanks for the shares, everyone!  It added so much to our time together and it allowed me to know YOU just a bit more.

You’ll find the rest of our show & share in the video below.  Pour yourself a cuppa  and sit and enjoy a while!

I had a great drive down to Anderson, South Carolina yesterday.

What should have taken me 4 hours – took 8!!  LOL!  Three antique malls and a stop at Mary Jos in Gastonia made me a very happy girl.  And yes, you’ll get to see that in a later post as I am rushing out the door to get to my Midnight Flight Workshop from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders hosted by the Prickly Fingers Quilt Guild!


A bit of hotel room sewing happened!

I picked up this typewriter table at one of my stops yesterday in Greenville, SC – it will be PERFECT for setting next to a machine as a side table for pressing or whatever at home. 

School Bus Featherweight is happy to be out and about!


We were making happy music together!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt shared by Cathy during our Ocala workshops last week.

Life is kind of like "Quilt as Desired."

While there are some circumstances and experiences that you can't control, twists and turns along the way, you have a hand in creating a life that you love.

How will you design your day today?

Make it a good one!


  1. The school bus featherweight is adorable. did they make them that color? now I am thinking of having some of my older machines powder coated! how fun!

  2. I'm happy to see your school bus featherweight enjoying the new to you table. Hotel stitching is oh so good for you! It's a stitching day in Walla Walla. Forecast is in the 50's. Quilt Show entries due very soon.

  3. That wonky Album quilt is ... just ... W.O.W. So fun.


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