Monday, February 05, 2018

One Final On Ringo Lake Link-Up!

I am just blown away at the wonderful inventive On Ringo Lake finishes that are happening from all over this wonderful world of ours.

I LOVE to see you your vision.

I love it when you use my designs as a jumping off spot and let your own creative muse direct you to the finish you see dancing in your head.

I am honored and humbled that you have walked this exciting mystery journey with me for yet another year, and I hope there will be many, many to come!

If you are on
Instagram,  I hope you have been following along with our hash tags #onringolakequilt and #quiltvillemystery.  There is a “new” feature in instagram that allows you to keep up with the other posts using these tags, and they appear right in your news feed, so instead of trying to remember to click a hash tag to see what else has been posted, BAM!  There they are!  And I have gotten to know so many of you and follow along with what you are doing because you are in my feed by hash tag default.  Love it!

Just this morning put this finish in my feed:

Joan Jellison

A gorgeous finish by Joanne!

Click her name to see the other photos she is sharing!

Joanne, I love your colors and what you've done with the borders.

Isn't this just a fabulous finish??  WOW!!

And check out these smiling faces!


Click here to view the rest of Michelle’s photos!

And @soshesewed is really going in her own direction!  Check this out: 


I love this vision!

Click here for more of Theresa’s photos.

This finisher cut her setting triangles from pieced strip sets, and added extra borders to increase the size:


Great finish, Laurie!
Click here to view the rest of her photos.

While our On Ringo Lake mystery has retired from mystery status, it has now been rewritten,  and is available in digital booklet form in the Quiltville Store.

After many many requests over the past mystery retirements, I am listening to your wants and this year our digital download includes EVERYTHING from our mystery parts, in a more coherent format. (Not scrambled to keep you guessing!)

All of the hints, helps, tips & tricks are there including the optional ways to do each unit, just as it was presented while the On Ringo Lake mystery was running here on the blog.

Learn to fine tune your scrap quilt piecing through the use of specialty rulers and optional assembly methods! This 20-page full color in-depth workshop is an easy to read and follow PDF booklet full of hints, helps, tips & tricks with many photos to guide you through each step.

Everything previously presented during our Quiltville 'On Ringo Lake' Mystery is included in this printable booklet. You won't miss a thing!

To celebrate, ALL digital patterns in the Quiltville Store are 25% off using code DIGITAL25 at purchase through February 11th!


Yesterday’s #quiltvilleoftheday – Garlic Knots!

Have you made one yet?  SO much scrappy fun!



Look for the coupon code box when adding item to your shopping bag.

Put the code in the box and hit APPLY.

Code must be used at the time of purchase for your discount, so don’t forget.  No exceptions!  It’s a great chance for you to pick up the patterns for previous Quiltville mysteries you may have missed out on and always wanted to make.

So without further ado, let’s get this thing going.

No matter where you are in your On Ringo Lake, you can share blocks, design wall photos, fabric choices, completed units with your dog, cat or grand baby – just share!

If you do not have a blog, you can link to an Instagram post, google+ post, Flickr photo or even a Pinterest photo. But you MUST have one of these to participate.  Accounts must be PUBLIC, not private.

Be sure when you are filling in your information below that you include a URL to your specific post or photo, not just your main blog or profile address.  We need the address of the page where your photo and post is, not the whole account.

For those who don’t understand HOW to find the URL of any given post PLEASE read this
linky tutorial before you link up again.

For an example of a blog post including a link back, click HERE.
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Click the links above for examples of folks who have done it correctly!

If you hare having trouble, why not contact someone who has “done it correctly” and ask for their help? Leave them a comment on their photo.  We can help each other.

If you have linked to my main blog address http://quiltville.blogspot.com - that also needs to be changed to the URL for today's linky page. Please check your post or photo and make sure you have the right link.

Include this link in your post: http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2018/02/one-final-on-ringo-lake-link-up.html  Or short link:  http://bit.ly/2s5zrAY

If you don’t know how to link it so it is clickable in your blog post, don’t worry about it. Just copy and paste the above URL into your text.

We are also using the hashtags #quiltvillemystery and #onringolakequilt and a link back to this post for social media.  Please use them so we can find you!

If you post to Pinterest or Instagram, your blog, etc. - you need to add the link to the link-up post in your photo description. Hash tags are not enough. It doesn’t matter if it is a hyperlink or just plain text, but it must be there.

One more time:
Please do NOT post unit sizes or unit counts in your post.  This is a mystery.  The sizes and counts are plainly available in the mystery directions themselves.  Folks can get them by coming to my directions.

Also, your link-up post, be it on Instagram, Pinterest, your blog or wherever MUST include an easy to find, obvious link to the link-up post. The link you are to use is given to you above.

Our posts are reciprocal.  Which means I link to you, you link back to me.

Those who do not follow these three simple requests – No piece count, no unit size, and link back included to the link-up post will be removed from the link-up.

The linky pages will be alive FOREVER in the archives, Your link will stay there so people can find you, please link correctly to my post so people can find me and the others who have also shared their links as well.  Don’t be the dead end street for everyone else. 

Thank you!

This Link-Up will stay open until Midnight on Sunday, February 11th.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage 4-patch/9-patch quilt shared by Kevin H.

Whether you think you can, or think you can't - you are right!

Have a wonderful week, everyone!


  1. So excited for linky day to see all the quilts... almost as exciting as the first day when step #1 of the mystery is posted! Thanks for all the fun Bonnie!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I linked up with Mine and my Friend Mona's 1st Quiltville Mystery Version in Blue. I added a busy border to mine. Thanks for another great Mystery.

  4. Hi Bonnie, I never write though always follow... I did not like to do so many flying geese but boy, was I wowed by the result! I was impressed and I did it!!
    Nancy from Maine

  5. I sewed my last seam on 2/3/18 !!! I love it ! Even though I only used one fabric each for the melon/orange, aqua, and brown, I went "scrappy" with the "neutrals" As I said, I love it
    Cannot wait to get it on my bed :-)

  6. I am on the putting everything together part. You showed it all laid out on your floor, but I have no place that large. It would be helpful to know how many rows to sew together. You could still do half’s because that is so much easier. Mine is laid out on a queen size bed and I am going to celebrate when all sewn together.


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