Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Presenting On The Home Front

I had a wonderful time presenting to a large crowd of close to 200 quilters last night in Winston Salem, North Carolina – My home town!

We scheduled these dates about 4 years ago.  I never thought they’d arrive, but they did.

We penciled these dates in to the first opening I had on my schedule at that time – when things were crazily booked that far out.  (As much as 5 years out at one point.) It was some time around there that I really started to think about things, realizing that NO ONE knows what they will be doing 4 to 5 years down the road and I needed to leave a light on at the end of the tunnel.

As of this month I have lived here for 10 years.  10 years and I barely know a handful of people, and the ladies you see waving here are the first group that welcomed me when we were just barely starting to house hunt in the Winston Salem area.  Thanks for coming out, ladies!

I think I was more nervous presenting locally than I am when across the country.  These are my home team.  If I bomb, I’ll never live it down here! LOL!


Full house with chairs still filling up!

We saved the show & share for after my turn, as we had been told there were many Quiltville finishes being brought in.  I love that they are a continuation of what I had just given – they  become part of my lecture when they are shared after I am finished.  And I get the pleasure of taking a seat in the audience and seeing just what you have worked so hard on.


From Cathedral Stars (Free patterns tab)


To On Ringo Puddle – a smaller version of On Ringo Lake!


To another On Ringo Lake – this one by Colleen.


To Gina’s fabulous Tropical Twist from the Addicted to Scraps book.

Check out this backing:


Bonus units for the win!

And then this little lady blew me away with all she brought in:


Orca Bay from String Fling!


Lazy Sunday from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders!


And she is so petite that the quilts just dwarf her! LOL!


A Celtic Solstice in KING SIZE!

But this one had us all floored.  Check out the additional scalloped inner border:


OH, Allietare

Allietare literally means “To gladden, to make joyful.” and seeing these wonderful quilts in my own area.  You have no idea the gladness and joy this brougtht to my heart. 

After all was said and done and the van was packed back up, I had a short 20 minute drive home to my own bed…and that is just where I went, exhilarated and exhausted.  Such a fun evening!

And I know I need more time with the quilters from my own area.  I don’t just want to be a resident here.  I want ---no…I NEED to be a participant.  I can’t let it be 4 years until I see these folks again.

So this morning I am up early….there is nothing like a 6am alarm going off from the comfort of your own bed to get you up and moving…to head back over for a Smith Mountain Morning workshop from Scraps & Shirttails II with the local gals!  I’ve got just enough time to grab a bowl of cereal, throw myself back into Moby and drive on over, smiling all the way!


Oh, yes – this is happening too!

It was also wonderful being able to work at my desk with the book edits that are coming back to me, and just get in my car and go when it was time.  Almost like a “normal” job, right?  I can’t say too much more than I anticipate a December release at this point.  Whooohooo!

I promise to play nice with the other quilt kids today, and I’ll be home by dinner time.


Quiltville Quote of the Day.

Vintage quilt shared by Kevin H.

You know what? If we focus on the gratitude - everything else – the kindness, the thoughtfulness, the genuine - falls into place!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Laughing at the On Ringo Lake Puddle! Tonight is my Local Quilt Guild. I will take my Mystery Flimsy for show n share. They get the Flimsy and next Month it will be in a Quilt Show, so it has a deadline for the Quilting

    1. I'm so happy you finished your top! That's wonderful! Have a great time, Mary!

  2. Bonnie, you did a wonderful job last night. I know your workshop today will be fun and fabulous. Thanks for coming up the road into the city to see your 'locals'. Don't be a stranger!!!

  3. What a thrill for me to hear you speak and see your lovely quilts. It has motivated me into
    Wrangling my scraps and start some string piecing. There was five of us from the High Point Quilt guild plus three that are in both guild's enjoying your presentation along with rest of 192.
    Thanks fir a wonderful night!

  4. Bonnie, you were fabulous last night! You’re excitement and love for our craft is contagious. I have learned so much from you which has encouraged me to try things I never thought possible and for that I am eternally grateful. That little lady that blew you away last night is our dear sweet Gloria. She amazes us at every turn! You should see what all she can whip up on a retreat, although I’m sure you got a taste of that today in class. Please don’t ever be afraid of “the home team”, we love you and will always have your back!! We are so proud and happy to be your team. Thanks for all you do, I cannot express how much we appreciate you. Oh, tell Dave we missed him last night!!

  5. Anonymous2:33 AM EST


  6. Wish I had know you were so close! I live about 45 minutes away from Winston Salem!

  7. I like how you post what book each quilt is from. Thank you.


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