Sunday, February 25, 2018

Virginia is for (Quiltville) Lovers!

There is nothing that makes me happier than an abundant display of Quiltville quilts during a workshop or guild meeting.

We ALL know the hours that go into just one finished quilt project.

When you see dozens and dozens come in on ONE day –it takes my breath away!

This tells me two things – or maybe more.

2.  We are not afraid of color – or small pieces.

Okay, and how about this one – when we see what others bring, we are inspired and lifted and on fire to do MORE of what we love.

When we are creating beauty, we are restoring our souls.  Can you feel it?


Every quilt tells a story.

Some happy, some heart wrenching, and some restorative.

Smith Mountain Morning from Scraps & Shirttails II.

The best part, as always, is getting to know a little bit more about you as you share your quilt, tell a bit about yourself and why you made the quilt, or things you learned while making the quilt. 

Your story is in there.  In every stitch.


And I loved the Virginia theme that abounds!

From Smith Mountain Morning above, to Blue Ridge Beauty 


To Virginia Bound from Scraps & Shirttails.

I think I have as many quilts that refer to my love of Virginia as much as North Carolina.  Maybe the universe knew that I had a place here as well?


And we ain’t just Talkin’ Turkey!

I know for sure and for certain that there is a whole lot of living going on while these quilts are being made.  And they are beyond beautiful, each and every one.

Pour yourself a cuppa and enjoy.  Click to play:

I can't wait to see the workshop quilt finishes that come out of these two guilds upon my NEXT visit!


A rainy morning in quaint West Jefferson, NC!

We had some errands to run yesterday, and we poked around town a bit.  I love how this town is just nestled right into the Blue Ridge.  A trip to Lowes for more shed building stuff, lunch out at a Mexican place we love, and 20+ miles back to our corner of Virginia.


Our road.

That rain has things greening up nicely!

This place centers my soul like no other.


The Man Shed deck now has an awning!


There is nothing like the ping of rain on a metal roof.


Checkerboard Rails Leader & Ender progress!

How is yours coming?

This has been such a fun and easy Leader & Ender challenge year.  The strip sets come together easily, and so do the four-patches.  My four-patches were made from short strip sets, sewing the strip sets as L&E and then matching short strip set to short strip set to cut the four-patch halves in already-matched pairs ready to sew.  SO fast!  Last year’s Hour Glass challenge seemed to grow a lot slower. 

This one will definitely reach the done state before our next challenge is released in July.  what will we be making next?  Just wait and see!

Today is for packing up- we are heading home late this afternoon.  Just a few days left before I head to California.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Leader & Ender Tumbler quilt shared by Jeanette during our Bedford VA workshops.

Free pattern from the free patterns tab.

Perfectionism is a crippling disease. Pursuit of perfection will stop you in your tracks every single time.

Embrace the wonderful and reachable, not the perfect!

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!


  1. I love this checkerboard rail pattern. I just put my Tumalo Trails quilt on the hand quilting frame to enjoy the next several months and after I finish a few more quilts in progress it will be time to look through your patterns and pick out another

    1. That sounds just wonderful, Karen! Enjoy the hand quilting process! :)

  2. I love the color of blue. the blue quilts just set me off looking for all my blue fabric. Now which quilt to make? Decisions, decisions. It will probably take days to make that decision.

    1. I know! There are so many gorgeous ones!

  3. Hi Bonnie, got to meet you last fall in Minneapolis, MN area class which was a blast. We are traveling in our RV this winter and enjoying the North Carolina area. I love seeing the new green and the flowering trees. It is truly a beautiful area. I can now relate when you talk about the area, the winding roads, small towns, and the mountains. What an experience.

  4. Wow! Bonnie, all you do for us is astounding, and so appreciated by myself and many more thousands. Your Quote of the Day is always so poignant. Today you posted TWO! Your sentence, 'Embrace the wonderful and reachable, not the perfect' is so deserving of its own top billing on a beautiful quilt photo. Thank you very much for another mantra I need to quote frequently. ellen

  5. Love all of the inspiration! That "checkerboard rails" keeps calling my name.

  6. Bonnie! What inspiration! The colors were outrageously stunning! Thank you for a wonderful show this lazy Sunday .

  7. Morning, Bonnie. You are so generous with your gifts and your openness to allow us to share our interpretations of the patterns you create. There is not "one way" to do a Quiltville quilt, but a zillion ways, and each and every one is a gem to behold. Having the opportunity to share of my Quiltville creations in Chaska, MN was a joy I will remember forever. Paula from Omaha

  8. So enjoyed your video. One of these days I will make it to Virginia. I just feel the area calling to me after seeing all of your postings. What a wonderful Sunday! Enjoy.


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