Monday, February 12, 2018

Quilt-Cam Sunday! 2/11/2018

Quilt-Cam happened yesterday! via Facebook Live on my Quiltville Facebook Page!

It was so nice to take some time out on Sunday, mid-afternoon and just put the pieces through the machine.

I heard from several who were also taking time out from the Olympics to watch along and share what they were working on.

And of course you know how I love it when the vintage machines come out to play.

Even better when they are operated by your adorable grandkids – start them young, let them have fun!

This photo came in from Chris of her friend’s granddaughter on the hand crank.  SO SWEET!

Treadling made better by dinosaurs.  LOL!

Chris in Chesapeake writes:
My friend's granddaughters are over here today sewing with me and watching quilt cam. They are making Jelly Roll race quilts with homemade jelly rolls from my scrap stash.
I love this so much!  I have a couple of troll dolls on my mantle in the sewing studio. Well done, girls!

Cross Roads and Take the Back Roads

Crumb confections from Margaret!
"At the Cross-roads" and "Take the Back Roads"

Hi Bonnie, 
I've been having fun with my crumbs!  I got discouraged thinking about how long it would take to make an entire quilt with these...but the 12" blocks could be cool as wall art. 
So far I've created four of these "Crumbpilations" (from 'compilations')  You can see the turquoise strips are the roads.
U Can't Get There & Never the Twain

"You Can't Get There from Here" and "Never the Twain Shall Meet"

Three of the four are now quilted and two are mounted on 12" stretched canvas and ready to hang! What fun!
This afternoon, I am quilting the last of these, and then will go back to Ringo Lake (last of Clue 5).  Thanks for all the inspiration you give us!
These are great.  I just can’t get rid of the small pieces, and these are so fun!


Tia’s Jamestown Landing from String Fling!

She writes:

Catching quilt cam live is the best! 
Today I put the borders on Jamestown Landing. Right now I’m taking some time to cut half square triangles to take to a retreat next weekend. 
Thanks for another great pattern!

Your Jamestown turned out BEAUTIFUL, and I know you are going to have a blast at retreat!


Yesterday was also my dad’s birthday!!

Dad just turned the wonderful age of 78 and though I was sorry to miss his birthday party that happened Friday night in Arizona, I’ve been kept up to date with group messages and phone calls.  This photo was sent in by my niece and I just love it!  Happy Happy Birthday, daddy!

While we were talking via speakerphone he asked me "What is all that rustling I hear over there?" His hearing aids pick up everything in high-def!

You see, I was standing at my cutting table folding fabric, endless piles of fabric that I have collected on my journeys over probably the past year. It had landed in bins, baskets, bags and tubs. It is my goal to, once again, try to tame the fabric beast that lives in my basement.

Let me just say this, fabric purchases - even a few fat quarters here and there over time add up to a whole lot. Too much. There is way too much!

I am once again putting myself on restriction and setting aside more time to sew, and less time to shop! This has seriously gotten past the point of ridiculousness.

I am SERIOUS here!  My future quilt shop visits will include notions and thread and gifty items but NO MORE FABRIC unless really needed.  I mean it.  My basement is clogged to the point where I have nowhere to put things.  And we might think this is funny, but really – it has to stop.  I am sewing.  Not shopping.


Yesterday’s progress during Quilt-Cam!

Several more string blocks assembled, and progress made using Little Monkey units as leaders and Enders! Win / win!

More of this is discussed in our Quilt-Cam episode below!  Click to play!

I love the fabrics I have! I want to make quilts with the fabric I have. Let's do it!


My progress thus far.  A bit over half-way there.


What do you think, Sadie girl?

Today is a desk day.  Edits have started coming back for the next book.  My inbox is burgeoning.  My passport also needs renewing. 

And I really REALLY want to be OUTSIDE!  We reached the mid-60s yesterday, even the peeper frogs down by the creek are singing “welcome spring!”  but I need to be at my desk.

This evening I’m giving a presentation to the Forsythe Piecers & Quilters guild in Winston-Salem!  Our Smith Mountain Morning workshop is tomorrow.

I made a “misspeak” during quilt-cam, saying it was Scrappy Mountain Majesties – both quilts have the word MOUNTAIN in them, but I knew which one it was, just gave the wrong title.  So if you are coming – we are right on course with Smith Mountain Morning from Scraps & Shirttails II.  

Sometimes my brain says one thing, but by the time it comes out of my mouth it is something all together different.  Sorry if I confused anyone.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

String quilt shared during my recent Florida workshops.

Mondays are made for new goals and fresh starts.

I'm ready for you, Monday! Let's do this!


  1. Today’s a good day to renew your passport. I just sent in my application. The fee will go up shortly.

    • Fill in the form on the State department website.
    • Print it out.
    • Get a photo. You only need one. A chain pharmacy like CVS sometimes does it, or a UPS or FedEx store; check the website before you go.
    • Write out your check.
    • Gather form, check, photo, current passport.
    • Put them in an envelope and send them in.

  2. I know what you mean about having so much fabric. I didn't realize I had so much until my house flooded in Aug 2016. People very kindly took fabric and washed it, and I am still trying to find a place to put it. So I am trying to get a lot of it sewn, making scrap quilts.

    1. Exactly. And much of it is going to be pieced into very scrappy backs. This is just getting beyond the beyond here.

  3. Yesterday I had to miss Quilt Cam, I was in a meeting with my granddaughter, Gianni's travel softball team as I am the designated family member to take her, as her parents both work. It is a delight. The meeting was a little boring, 4 hours long so I clicked on to see what Quilt Cam was doing, but the sound was on so I had to click it off. Sometimes we get caught where we would like to be - not where we are. LOL

    1. LOL! Sneaking to watch Quilt-Cam! I love it!

  4. My Sunday services and Grandchild concert pre-empted my Quilt Cam time. I caught just the end of it. Sew fun to do a workshop locally! Have lots of FUN! Smith Mountain whatever, lol It' sheck getting old. Your dad is a great sport to let them take fun pictures oif him and share online. He looks much younger than his real age. Or maybe it's just my old eyes...

  5. My brain & my mouth don't always agree either. I know what I mean but nobody else does. :) Sometimes my brain and my typing fingers don't agree either. I've learned to proof read everything...sometimes twice! And sometimes it still isn't right.

  6. Finally got to see quilt cam - at least 3/4 of it! Thanks so much for doing that for us. I'm excited to see how your string quilt turns out - the layout is so fun! String blocks are so fun.

  7. The quilt top seams to be Sadie approved. Just getting ready to go on a 3 day shop hop with another couple, she is a quilter too. Sometimes we have to do retail therapy! Trouble is I buy faster than I sew too, LOL!

  8. Oh I completely forgot about quiltcam thank goodness you allow us to watch later.

    You made me laugh mind knows but mouth says something different happens here all the time

  9. I was on a fabric buying hiatus until I saw Hello Love (Heather Bailey) on sale. I definitely had to have that!!! Back on the wagon now though...I promise! 😕😜😁

  10. I have been de-stashing like mad---goal is to get my new sit down quilting machine set up in my little sewing room. Have been packing the fabric stash up for the "local" prison quilters. Funny though, I could NOT pass my 2000 fabric on to them :-) I am amazed at what I have squirreled away through out the years of quilting :-)

  11. I understand your feelings about shopping for fabric. I have it stashed all over my house as I don't have room in my sewing room. It's just takes over! That's why I love your patterns so much, I can use up the fat quarters or leftovers from other quilts and have a beautiful quilt to show!

  12. Hello! I am just seeing your videos for the first time and absolutely loved them. Your quilts are beautiful!

  13. As I've seen the little string blocks, then the blocks put together on quilt cam, I couldn't imagine where this was going. But now that I see them laid out together, wow! Such a surprise pattern that appears!

  14. Very true - I'm trying not to buy any more fabric - and then something always catches my eye. I'm sure it's a sort of addiction, but when you run out of space then things have to be made to get back in control! So my ORL was made out of ancient stash. I seem to have run out of strips in that the ones remaining are pretty much the same - I've been making lots of strips lately LOL. Need to get cracking on more fabric to have the variety of strips! But for me, back to decorating. Meh, I'd rather be sewing! Cheers, that was a fun session. :D

  15. I need to get working on some scrap buster quilts... so many scraps (some from fabrics I've used, some inherited, and some -- well, I tend to buy bags of scraps at thrift stores when I find them. YIKES! thank goodness they don't come up that often.)

  16. We moved last year, and I was astonished at how much fabric I had squirreled away. I gave away all of my "uglies". They were irresistibly beautiful when I bought them, but they morphed into ugly over a 15 year period in my closet. Funny how that happens. Yes, I know I can cut them smaller and use them, but believe me, I still have so much fabric left that I will not be able to use it up in my lifetime. So I am "on restriction" with you, Bonnie! My last purchase was in November - a few Christmas fat quarters to make some gift card holders. That project hasn't happened yet, but it will get done this year in time for Christmas.
    Thanks for Quilt-cam. Boy, that hour just flies by. I got a lot of piecing done last Sunday.

  17. wow... i, too, have been IN a fabric/quilt store, thinking: I SHOULD be home SEWING the stuff i have... I do want to snatch up some Kaffe Fassett in his blue family, before it disappears, but i really don't need NEED any fabric... enough as someone above said, to last more than my lifetime... xo

  18. Thank you that we can watch quilt cam after the day. I was out of internet range on Sunday but I do enjoy having you in my sewing room while I stitch away. While I was snowed in a few weeks ago, I finally decided to try crumb blocks. OMG...they are addictive and I also think the crumbs multiply when you leave the room!
    Thanks for all you do, Bonnie. You inspire so many so generously.


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