Friday, February 02, 2018

Talkin’ Turkey Times Two!

And we did it again!

The Lake County Quilters of Mt Dora, Florida ALSO chose Talkin’ Turkey from String Fling for their 2nd workshop day, and I couldn’t be more happy to share my love of string piecing and working with specialty rulers like the Essential Triangle Tool with a nicer group of ladies!

I think the fact that we had also had this class with the Racing Fingers Quilters in Daytona just a couple days previous, and photos were showing what a great time we were having and an effect on this class as well.  These quilters were just as ready to fire up their machines and let the scraps fly!


Oh, those BLUES!


Building geese for the next step!


This group is hard at it!

The center that the Lake County Quilters use for their WEEKLY meetings is beautiful, large, spacious and well lit!  The ceilings are so high that folks looked dwarfed as I tried to get photos of our set up.

Of course all of the plugs are on the outside walls. I got over 6,000 steps just walking this room during class time! LOL!


Ooooh Aqua!


Sew, girls, sew!

You’ll find the rest of our Talkin’ Turkey workshop in the video below.  Click to play:

This day flew by all too fast!

A fun dinner out with a group of ladies who also brought their hubbies made for a fun night at a local Italian joint.  I love eating at places that are non-chain, places that I can’t get at home.  It really adds to the experience of being somewhere that is NOT home.


This was such a great day!

Yesterday was a transition day – and Peggy and her hubby drove me half-way to Ocala, the drop off point being The Sewing Studio in The Villages.

And this is where things get really “twilight zone” crazy!  On a few other Florida teaching trips, I’ve gotten to know a sweet quilter named Suzanne and and every time I think of her, I remember her story about the Pink Dump Machine (Click HERE and  HERE for those stories!) she salvaged while wintering in Florida at The Villages.

I have never been to the Villages until yesterday – just for a short drop off.  When I saw the sign for The Villages, Suzanne, who lives in Maine came to mind and I thought to myself “So this is where Suzanne comes to spend her winters….”

Well low and behold – while in the shop waiting for my new ride, I turn the corner and bump face to face into SUZANNE!  Too funny!!  It’s like my mind just wished her there, and POOF, there she was!

It was great to see you, Suzanne!  And those posts?  They are from 2012!


And yes, I bought flamingoes!


Here is the selvage info!

We arrived in Ocala, had a lunch, I was able to squeeze some sewing time in before being picked up for the evening guild meeting last night. 

A full house, high energy, loads of hugs and handshakes and smiles and photo taking – off to bed.

There’s a Pineapple Blossom workshop from the free patterns tab in store for today.

I was able to book a flight that gets me home TONIGHT instead of wasting my whole Saturday traveling.  I’ll have my feet back in North Carolina by midnight.

It’s going to be a full long day – but the prospect of being HOME tonight makes me happy.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

And yes, yes it is.

When things that used to make you happy, no longer bring the same amount of happiness - it's okay to switch gears and try something new!

Your happiness is still up to you!

Happy FRIDAY, everyone!


  1. Great Quote! Thanks for sharing the fun coincidence of seeing Suzanne. Life is sweeter when you spend time with good friends. Saturday is Quilts of Valor Day. There will be some Red, White and Blue fabrics flying.

  2. So, have you reached your million miles of flying yet? How far do you have to go, and what do you get when you get there!🤣🤪

  3. So glad you will be getting home tonight. "There's no place like home", Dorothy! Really enjoy the pictures of your groups, videos and blogs. I'm sure a good time was had by all. Safe travels and have a lovely weekend!!

  4. I was at your lecture last night. You were great. What a fun time. Glad you are able to get home a day early. Thank you so much!

  5. Did you know that the Dear Stella flamingos were designed by a Minneapolis gal? Love her whimsical fabrics!

  6. i get your posts the following day, (unless i go hunt for them) So today is the Quilts of Valor Sew-In, Feb 3... I'll be home instead of with a bunch due to knee injury and limited mobility, and wanted to share this quilty activity anyway. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the independent restaurants (boy have i found some 'doozeys') -- Chains are all well and good, and you can pretty much count on the Lasagne at say, Olive Garden being the same and very good just about anywhere, HOWEVER, a special pizza or cannoli at "Mama Girardi's" may be a herioc moment! I get exactly what you mean... not knocking Mimi's or Soup Plantation... just saying, love the originality and creativity of some of the stand alones! AND sometimes not so much! Smiles, giggles & grins, thank you for being you and encouraging us to be who we are! Happy Day, all! Cats from Carlsbad, California!


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