Tuesday, February 06, 2018

I Trained Him Well!

This happened on Saturday.

With the new postal increases and changes, it was also time to change some things in our mail order processing at home.

Oh, it’s still taking place between the stock room which is off the Hubster’s office and the dining room table, but now that Jeff is working for me part-time, we needed this to flow a bit better.

We’ve got it down to a system!

And the new Zebra thermal printer spits out mailing labels complete with tracking info at a rapid fire pace – no more printing on plain paper, folding and taping it to the package.  Whoowhooo!

It’s the little things, and from the way I look at it – a continuation of the 56 days of Birthday Celebration!

And it continues, there is more!

Upon picking me up at the airport Friday night, my sweet son was so pleased with himself that he could hardly contain his excitement, nor keep his secret until we got home.

“I have something for you.”

“Oh, really?  What is it?”

“It’s in the basement!”

He scarcely gave me time to bring in the bags (It was nearing 1am by this time we crossed the threshold) before we were clambering down the basement stairs and into my studio.

A machine!  My son gave me a machine!

The story goes that this was in his friend’s garage and they were going to get rid of it.  It was non-functioning.  Jeff spoke up and said “Let my mom try!”  They gave it to him for free.


The serial number dates this machine to 1951, a centennial model!

There were 13,625 model 66 machines commissioned on October 15th, 1951, a mere 11 years before I made my arrival into this world.  The model 66’s were amazing, and a favorite as they are so easy to sew on with the drop in bobbin (no separate bobbin case) and a gorgeous straight stitch.


But what to do about the frayed and disconnected scary cords?


I could swap out the hand wheel and treadle it with no motor?


Blue centennial badge and stitch length indicator with back tack!

That back tack is something that earlier model 66s didn’t have!


This girl wanted to SEW!!

The other thing to love about the 66s is the harp space!  These models sit just a bit higher than the also popular class 15 models, giving great visibility of the project you are working on and the capability of stuffing a LOT of quilt into that opening.

No, I didn’t need another treadle head.  I remembered an old Kenmore that had been sitting in the basement, and with the removal of ONE SCREW I had detached the old motor from the 66, and mounted the Kenmore motor, light, and foot pedal in place.  We were zooming in no time!

Some oiling, some de-linting (Hamster removal under the feed dogs – or what looked like it!) and a bit of tension adjusting and we were good to go.

Super Bowl Sunday turned into Super Sew Sunday and I was a happy girl!


Minions make me happy!

And Jeff came down and made a video to send to his friend –happy mama sewing and making beautiful memories and blocks on a machine that no one wanted and was headed to the dump.


This manual didn’t belong to the 66 but was with it!

It is now living in the drawer of my 127 cabinet.  Double gifted!

I have a feeling this will forever be known as “Jeff’s Machine” and is destined to be a favorite in the Quiltville Machine Fleet.


Mona Update!

Would you look at what this girl is doing?  I ended up using her Carolina Crossroads quilt-in-progress as yesterday’s #quiltvilleoftheday because my day got swallowed up in deskwork and getting ready for this trip to South Carolina today.  Turn this girl loose, and look what she is doing!

I am so proud of how far she has come in just a few short years.  Carolina Crossroads was our very first Quiltville Mystery.  The pattern is found in my very first book, Scraps & Shirttails.  You’ll find it and Scraps & Shirttails II on sale for $19.99 in the Quiltville Store.

She is using the Essential Triangle Tool to make the hour glass units in the quilt – using the directions from our Hour Glass Leader & Ender Challenge (free patterns tab) as her tutorial.  I tell you, there is NO stopping her!

As soon as this posts I’m off to South Carolina with some planned antique mall stops on my way.  Today is only a day to GET there.  My fun with the Prickly Fingers guild of Anderson, SC begins tomorrow.

Have you seen the shares in yesterday’s VERY LAST LINK-UP for On Ringo Lake in Yesterday’s post?  GORGEOUS!  That link-up will stay open until Sunday night at midnight eastern.

Our 25% off All Digital Patterns sale in the Quiltville Store will also continue through the 11th!  Use coupon code DIGITAL25 when purchasing to redeem.  Code MUST be used at time of purchase.  No refunds.  No exceptions if you forget.


Quiltville Giggle of the Day!

Did you ever just know ahead of time that you were going to have one of those days?

Sometimes it's just best to not say anything!

I’m hitting the road humming “Nothing could be finer than to quilt in Caroliner…….”

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!


  1. That was indeed a thoughtful gift. Well done, Jeff!

  2. What a Kid!!! Definitely a keeper. I think I would faint if my Son brought me another machine. Lucky you to have a spare motor to install. Have a good trip to Your next gig.

  3. What a terrific son and great double surprise! I'll wave at you as you head along 85-S. I'm just up the road from Spartanburg. Have a wonderful time antique mall hopping!

  4. Wouldn't it have been enough to come home to the streamlined mailing/printing system? And then he goes and gets you a machine. Well done, Jeff.

  5. Just when you think your family isn't listening or know anything about what you do...they surprise you! Have had those moments too when hubby bought me a 301a for our anniversary!!

  6. Don't you just love it when your child understands the things that float your boat? And then helps you do it! Great job, Jeff! Love Mona's quilt, too! Where can I find a list of the all the Quiltville Mysteries in chronological order?

  7. Bless his cotton socks! What a sweetheart! Jeff giving it to you will make every moment sewing with that machine all the more special. Safe travels x

  8. Oh, what a wonderful son. I actually started crying.

  9. That machine will be one that will NEVER leave your fleet!!! What a sweet gift!

  10. GooglingMom, the links are at the bottom of the Free Patterns page although I don't think they are free.

    Bonnie what a great son you have raised! Have fun antiquing and teaching.

  11. so glad that you have a sweet, talented, and adoring son who is obviously very proud of what his Momma can do.

  12. Your Giggle of the day reminds me.. my prayer is always, "Dear Lord, please keep one hand on my shoulder and the other over my mouth"..

  13. Jeff was on a roll.....better keep him around! Be safe on the roads.

  14. Wow. Wow, wow, wow. What a guy! (Too "old" for kid or boy, lol.) His momma raised him right. I thought the printer was an awesome thing. Then throw in that sewing machine!!! Thoughtful or what??

  15. Jeff has earned his dinner :) And Mona! I love Carolina Crossroads...I'm on a mission to complete all the mystery quilts and I have that (your first!) ready for the longarm. I love to see others' versions of it.

  16. I really understand if you stop international postage. I looked at waxed canvas on an Etsy site. Canvas
    $28 per yard. Postage $66. I didn't buy it.

  17. can i borrow your son for time to time ;)
    You are a vintage sewing machine wisperer ;)
    Love you very much!!!!

  18. Love your 'new' machine. It was born 10 days after i arrived in the world. What a sweet surprise from your son.

  19. Sons are wonderful! Mine surprised me with that same machine, commissioned on November 10, 1950 in Elizabeth, NJ. He thought it was missing a foot pedal and didn't know if it would run, just thought it would look nice in my sewing room. Turns out the foot pedal was inside the base, it runs great and makes a beautiful stitch. What treasures you have, both in that machine and your son Jeff!

  20. Good son, Jeff. I wish more of my machines had back tack. I'm looking for a 1934 machine in honor/remembrance of my friend, Betty. I wonder how long it will take me to find one?


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