Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Jamestown Landing with the Peaks & Piecers!

My buddy Kevin, the mastermind behind this terrific event in Bedford, Virginia!

A talented and full-of-life quilter in his own right, he chaired this event, being the contact person for all of the emails coming from all over the state of Virginia and beyond, including Arkansas and Kansas!

In case you are wondering about our very stylish hand dyed one-of-a-kind shirts, Kevin does these himself.

I fell in love with the mono-print shirt I’m wearing, and when he told me how the process was completed, one step at a time, taking more than 48 hours to complete all the steps, I knew I had to have it. 

Don’t we all just love our quilt-wear?

I also love how we blended in to Kevin’s On Ringo Lake quilt, done in Mardi Gras colors, and therefore called Bourbon Street!  Or was it Midnight on Bourbon Street?  I’ve likely butchered it, but I’m sure he will correct me.

Thanks again for the 3 years of planning, my friend!  We pulled it off with flying colors – and scraps!  Hooray!


Our day started with string play!

Mixing neutrals is hard for many,  but once they get beyond the habit of just using white on white, cream on cream, and start adding pops of color and texture and things that add interest, the sky is the limit!


Shades of gray!


Or maybe Becky’s blues!


Afternoons are made for strings of triangles!


Atta girl!

We worked with specialty rulers for the triangles, and the Essential Triangle Tool got a workout! We also kept the Triangle Booty Rulers on hand for any triangles gone awry, quickly trimming them to perfect before pressing them open.  Win/Win!


And oh yes, the table full of show & share after lunch!

SO much fun, just wait until you see these quilts in a future post.

One thing I can say about the Peaks & Pieces guild – they are NOT afraid of color, and I’m sure it is all due to Kevin’s influence.  He teaches and lectures on color theory and how to make those color choices not only sing, but radiate! Visit Kevin Womack for more info!


Loving on the Wild & Goosey blocks that came as well!


Looking good, girls!

You’ll find the rest of our day of fun in the video below.  Click to play:

WOW! This day was so epic on so many levels!


Twilight mountain driving.

My day wasn’t over – class ended at 4pm, by the time I was packed up it was nearing 5, and with hugs all around and “I’ll see you soon!” I was off on the road headed toward Charlottesville, and then on to Fredericksburg for the next stop of this Virginia trip.

I love driving through the mountains.  And all the while I kept saying “This is MY STATE!”  It still makes me giddy that we own a tiny corner of beautiful Virginia.


Dinner in Charlottesville!

It was a rainy drizzly day.  Tired and needing a break, I pulled off for gas, looked for something that might taste good and found myself at this little Chinese bistro for cashew chicken and hot & sour soup.  I was the ONLY Anglo in here.  No English was being spoken.  I felt like I was back in China, and loving it.  I wielded my chopsticks like a pro.  The hot tea was balm to my tired soul, and I was back on the road with a full belly and enough determination to get myself to Fredericksburg and to my awaiting bed.


Spoiled Rotten!

This is not your normal Hampton Inn d├ęcor!  Knowing I would be a bit road weary, the Virginia Star quilters have poured on the Virginia hospitality in bundles.  A loaner quilt (I don’t think I can keep it, can I?) beautiful flowers, a gift basket and more awaited me upon my arrival.

I’m ready and raring for a repeat of Jamestown landing today with a new batch of smiling faces.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Quilt shared by Kevin Womack made by a relative circa 1900.

Being thankful opens our eyes and hearts to see more to be thankful for.

So grateful for my time with the quilters in Virginia this trip!

Have a Terrific Tuesday, my friends!


  1. That quilt on your bed reminds me of how in the early pioneer days the best quilt was only put on the bed when it was your turn to have the circuit riding preacher stay at your cabin.

  2. I just love the setting triangles Kevin made on his ORL quilt. So fun seeing the way quilters are individualizing their own quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your loaner bed quilt looks really nice - any chance of a closer look photo? Thanks for blogging so much about your travels and quilting journey.

  4. Love Cashew Chicken! Great Quilty welcome. Enjoy every minute! Nice Tie dyed shirts too.

  5. Love your loaner quilt. Do you know the pattern's name? The colors are lovely.

  6. Bonnie, I am a member of the 'Men Who Quilt' group and FB friend of Kevin's and I believe he is calling his ORL quilt 'Party on Bourbon Street' and it is just GRAND

  7. Thanks for the into to Kevin Womack. Love the interaction within his colors and your shirts. Would love to attend one of your classes/lectures when I move to NC! I live in the Boston, Mass area right now and haven't seen that you come this far north. We don't bite. LOL


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