Saturday, November 09, 2013

Take Time to PLAY!

Weslaco_TX2013 060
This morning’s guild meeting began with a bustle of activity as more than 150 women gathered on the college campus in Weslaco for the annual meeting of the Rio Grande Valley Quilters.

They came by the dozens –chatting, laughing, reconnecting.

Many of the members are known as “Winter Texans”  and Texas claims them as adopted residents.

There is much excitement now that folks have returned to spend the winter in the warmth of the South Texas sun, instead of in the freezing cold north.  I know there were many from places such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, various parts of Canada.  Many will stay until March or April.  Some will go back to the cold zone for Christmas, returning shortly after New Years to wait for a thaw down where shorts and flip flops are more the norm than winter parkas, gloves and hats. 

The atmosphere was festive.  I was swept up in it.

The seats just kept filling!  There were more than 20 new members at this meeting, and a bunch of visitors!

I had to pan the room with my camera to get everyone in ---and we were still filling seats when I took these photos!

Weslaco_TX2013 061

Weslaco_TX2013 062

My gals from yesterday’s workshop showed their stuff at Show & Tell!

Weslaco_TX2013 063

And I had some very special visitors of my own.

Those who have been reading me for several years remember when I made a special quilt for the brand new baby daughter of the Hubster’s Assistant Controller Michael and his wife, Harriet.


This is me holding baby Michelle when she was 5 days old.

Guess who walked in today??

Weslaco_TX2013 059

A very bad shot of me trying to fit us all in ---

Me, Michael, Michelle who is now 2 years old, and Harriet!

They moved here about a year and a half ago….and after the meeting Harriet whisked me away for a home cooked African meal at their house and I got to play with Michelle and see how much she has grown.  What a chatter box!  And she sings! She is adorable, and so SMART!

After dinner we went to a local park to walk the trails and to see the ducks and geese, and okay – run Michelle’s energy out.  It didn't work.  She was still going strong by the time we dropped me back at my hotel.

Weslaco_TX2013 066

Such a big girl!

We had walked past a family having a birthday party – it was OBVIOUSLY a Minnie Mouse party, and when Michelle saw the piñata hanging in the tree—she exclaimed “MICKEY MOUSE!!!”  ((Minnie is also Mickey Mouse))  We waved at the birthday party, and continued on – but a little bit down the path, we turned to see the children running over with a pair of mouse ears for Michelle, and a goodie bag of candy from the piñata!

Isn't this the way the world should turn?  To watch these two girls hug each other – total strangers.  The birthday girl’s name was Mia, from Hispanic parents, and Michelle, from African parents ---total acceptance.  Total giving.  Total inclusion.  It was the most priceless thing I have ever seen.

We all sang happy birthday to Mia and went on our way. Feliz cumpleaños, little one!

Weslaco_TX2013 064

Michelle will likely be sleeping in her mouse ears tonight – there is no taking them off!

Weslaco_TX2013 067

Such a sweet funny girl!  I hope it isn't too long before I get to see this lovely family again!

Weslaco_TX2013 065

Bye bye, Sweetheart – see you next time!

I’m happy to say she is still sleeping under the quilt I made for her.  You can find the pattern for Princess Crown, and an adorable picture of newborn Michelle laying on it HERE.

I’m back to my room ---and plan on an evening of sewing.  It’s been a great day!

Love from Texas --

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  1. What a little cutie. I can't believe how fast they grow!!

  2. Such a wonderful story! Michelle has grown so much. I remember your blog when she was born. And I agree that we should all behave the way the children did at the birthday party. Inclusiveness and acceptance should reign supreme (if not Minnie Mouse ears, lol!) Special day for you. Thanks for sharing the story. Made my day.

  3. Glad you had such a fun evening and catching up with old friends. Michelle has grown a lot since your last picture with her. Happy sewing!

  4. Anyone else notice the front row is still empty in Bonnie's photos? :) Guess we learned to wait until she put her camera away to sit in the front!

  5. Yesterday's class and today's meeting with Bonnie were a dream-come-true for me and my BFFQ Elaine. We love you Bonnie!!!!

  6. OH BONNIE such an uplifting post!!! You bet, kids are kids ... everyone should be so open and caring ... and accepting of others.

    Michelle's quilts is gorgeous and happy! Bet even as she grows to outsize the quilt, she will hug on it often.


  7. What a happy, fun post! Thanks for sharing.

  8. So awesome seeing old friends! What a blessing to see Mia and Michelle bonding over pink "Mickey Mouse" ears!♡ Children are truly a blessing! Glad you spent some time with old friends!

  9. Lovely post. I'm sitting with tears in my eyes over your paragraph about acceptance of all people. You are so right, times like that are definitely priceless. Great to see all the quilters at the meeting. It's a hobby I am sure will never die.

    Linda Hodges

  10. What an adorable little girl!!! How great that you got to visit with old friends while in Texas!!

  11. What a lovely story! Hope you had a great sewing time last night. I have cut my way through 4 small drawers and 1 1/4 pillowcases of scraps since reading your article on scrap taming. Can't wait to start putting them into quilts after I move.

  12. such a cutie! They grow so fast!

  13. Fabulous! Funny was at a kid's bday party yesterday and the hostess had extra goody bags ang gave them to some kids who happened to be at the park too! Warms my heart that there are nice folks out there like that!


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