Saturday, November 23, 2013

Lost and Found in Illinois!

I received a message on Facebook about a quilt that was found in the aftermath of the tornado that struck Washington, Illinois last week.

The message comes from Peddlers Way Quilt Co, who are also accepting quilt donations for those misplaced by the devastation.

The message reads:

This quilt was found on Devonshire in Washington, Illinois.  Look familiar? It has been washed up and is a bit damaged from the tornado, but it is looking for its home. Please help!

Quilt with Beatles panel in center!

If anyone knows who this might belong to, please contact Peddlers Way Quilt Co!

Even smaller precious things have been found.  Check this story out from the Huffington Post!


When Washington, Ill. resident Lindsey Grove placed her engagement ring in a box on her dresser for safekeeping Sunday morning, she had no idea it -- along with the rest of her home -- would soon be in the path of one of the deadliest November tornadoes in the state's history.

How they found her ring in all the rubble is beyond belief, but here is her sweet hubby proposing all over again!  Read the story HERE.  HEARTWARMING and heart breaking at the same time.

If you would like to make a quilt to help cover those who lost so much, read about the Quilts for Compassion Drive in yesterday’s blog post HERE.

Please do what you can to help!

Today starts my holiday prep for the upcoming week!  My dad comes in from Arizona on Monday and I want all the grocery shopping done – and that means I am headed out to do all of that this morning, and transport it all up to our cabin, Quilt Villa today so the fridge is stocked and ready!

I’ve made my menus for the week.  I’ve made ingredient lists. 

I’ve found that I can NOT FIND the blades for my electric carving knife!  So I think I need a new one that can just LIVE at the cabin – especially if we plan on doing holidays there from now on.

I’m loading the van with stuff I’ll need for the week while we are up there, including the extra crock pot for the make ahead mashed potatoes that are a must have!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Make ahead mashed potatoes in the crockpot? Please share.

  2. Anonymous10:38 AM EST

    Oh, I make those make-ahead mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving every year too. They're yummy!

  3. About lost items: Here's the way it works at my house: I buy a replacement item, after which I promptly find the original, lost one! If you had lots of time before Thanksgiving (which you obviously don't), you could buy the replacement blades and wait a few days. The lost ones should miraculously show up! Your blog is one of the many things I am thankful for during the year. I enjoy Quiltville and your outlook on life more than you know! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Anonymous11:56 AM EST

    Hi Bonnie, How do you make the mashed potatoes in the crockpot? Sounds yummy!

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed that next weeks weather forecasts are all wrong and everyone gets to be with and where they all need to be come Thursday.
    These "found stories"are just amazing. I do wish my hand was not casted and I had the use of my right hand. I'd be pitching in to the quilt relief too. Thanks for spreading the word. My prayers to all those folks.

  6. There is a FB page set up for lost & found items from the Washington & Diamond tormados - it is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Found-items-from-the-Washington-Illinois-and-Diamond-Illinois-Tornadoes/625148424190038?ref=nf or search for " Found items from the Washington Illinois and Diamond Illinois Tornadoes "

  7. I don't know who owns this quilt, but I sure would LOVE to see a close up of this quilt, just to see all the detail in it!!! Not a big Beatles fan, but would still enjoy seeing how much/many of their songs/facts have been incorporated. I hope whoever owns it, finds it and is well enough to retrieve it!

  8. Anonymous8:33 AM EST

    Hi Bonnie,

    I look forward to your posts every day. The make ahead mashed potatoes sounds super. If you have time, could you share the recipe.

    Thanks a bunch!

    something.that399 at gmail.com

  9. I hope that this quilt photo is shared in a poster in the Post Offices around
    Washington, Illinois The owners will be picking up their mail even if the house is gone.

  10. When a man from our church died recently, his family took what they wanted of lovely quilts and afghans his wife made and donated the remainder to the church for our LWR (Lutheran World Relief) quilt project. Since they did not meet the size requirement for LWR quilts, it was suggested to use them as batting. I cringed at the thought of such beautiful work being misused. The group decided to donate them to the folks in Washington, Ill. and a local shelter. A good reason to tell your family what to do with quilts if they do not want them.


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