Sunday, November 03, 2013

Elm Creek Quilts Companion Give Away Winner!

bookcovers 002[3]
This sleeping in an extra hour this morning I could get used to.

This getting dark an hour early I already dislike!

I know I can’t have it both ways, but I took a late afternoon nap this afternoon and woke up to pitch black and thought it was 6am the next morning.

The quilt blocks are coming along as they should, though I would have more to show for my efforts if I didn’t stop and take a nap.  But when tears have dried up and realization creeps in yet again, sometimes the mind just needs to “check out” for a while.  Emotional upheaval is also body-tiring.

I’ll do some more sewing this evening.

So on to our winner of the Elm Creek Quilts Companion book by Jennifer Chiaverini!

And our winner is:  RHONDA RUNGE!

She writes:

Hi Bonnie
I was recently introduced to the Elm Creek series. I have read the first three and am definitely hooked and eager to continue reading these heartfelt stories. Jennifer has a way of making these characters and quilts become a part of our lives. I want to read but I want to sew...which do I choose?!  Thanks Bonnie for the opportunity to win this awesome book.
Rhonda, this book will be winging its way to you as soon as you get back to me with your snail mail address. I hope you enjoy it and use it as you read the rest of the series.

Thanks for participating everyone!

We took a bit of a break yesterday to go check out some pellet stoves.  It’s still an option, although it may not happen here for a year or so.

On our way back, we made a pilgrimage to the waterfall that is about 3.5 miles from the cabin.  The seasons sure have changed its appearance since I last visited it:

Cabin_Nov2013 032

Hard to believe it is the same water fall that caused so much damage during our torrential rain this past July!

Cabin_Nov2013 033

It’s still running –but not nearly as heavily.  You can see by the color of the rock on the left that this is where they slightly diverted the pathway to be a bit safer for travel under the road where they have added additional culverts to carry the excessive water flow should it happen again with the next heavy rains.

Cabin_Nov2013 034

The trees across the creek are almost bare now, just a bit of gold left!

I know the next time I make it up here the trees will be nothing but bare sticks in the ground – I’ll wait for spring and the budding of new leaves to bring the magic back to this place.

Dinner will be simple tonight –I’ve got the left overs of a teriyaki marinated pork roast to slice and reheat, some left over baked potatoes to sauté for cottage fries, some steamed snow peas and a salad to use up the rest of the fresh veggies in the fridge.

We are staying one more day and will head home tomorrow afternoon.  Until then—you’ll find me sewing away on more Scrappy Mountain Majesties blocks.  At break neck speed!  I’ve never felt more urgent about a comfort quilt in my life.

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  1. The trees with those colors make de scenary soooooo beautiful, Good you take a time to breath and enjoy the nature.

  2. The "comfort" quilt will supply comfort to you and your brother. I know the feeling. The Quiltvilla is just what you needed for a couple of days to rejuvenate. Hopes and prayers coming your way and to your brother and his family.

  3. Bonnie, I hear the pain you are feeling in your words. Know that we are all with you in our prayers for you, your brother and his family. Stay strong, "God's Will" will be done, have faith in His love.

  4. I too napped after spending the day helping my son move home. We ended the day with fellowship and good food at a local mexican eatery with all those who helped. A good day. Thinking of you and praying for comfort for all.

  5. I don't mind the early darkness in the evening....Jammie time is sooner and I don 't mind hunkering down to sew!

  6. It IS a beautiful place, and isn't God good that it came just at this time when you really need it. I am praying for your brother and your whole family for the peace of God to bathe whole situation and for total healing and restoration. XOXOXO

  7. Bonnie, Your mountain quilt is so appropriate for your brother. It is a physical symbol of your love, and a symbol of the promise in Psalms 125:2: As the mountains surround Jerusalem, So the LORD surrounds His people From this time forth and forever. God's love is with your brother. As the mountains in your quilt surround him, God surrounds him with his presence and his love.

  8. I hope you can relax and pray for your brother while keeping your hands busy, he will just love this quilt, it is looking so beautiful while still being masculine.
    I hope he is doing well.

    Best wishes and Happy Sewing

  9. The waterfall looks like a painting! Gorgeous colors.
    Hope you get Mark's quilt done before you head back from.
    Lucky you to stay until Monday night!! A girl could get used to that!! :-)
    You certainly deserve it, Bon!

  10. I am sure that the next time you visit Quiltvilla it will have a different kind of beauty brought by the winter weather. Look after yourself. I really hope that all the thoughts, prayers and good wishes you are receiving help just a little. Julie (Aust)

  11. Dear Bonnie, I am sitting here in tears just thinking of you and your family and I pray all will turn out just fine for your brother. I know words don't always mean a lot sometimes but you can rest assured that all your lovely followers (including me) will keep you in our hearts and thoughts throughout this worrying time. Keep your chin up and get that quilt finished.

    With Love, Linda Hodges

  12. What a beautiful piece of property you have. Love the picture of the waterfall with all the wonderful colors of Autumn around it.

  13. Dear Bonnie
    I've just read your last posts, and can only say, nowbody will go through life without sorrows.
    Sometimes it's just too painfull to talk about, and other times it helps a lot sharing with others. I have had mine to times with years between, but I know your feeling. I lost two younger brothers, one in a flight crash, and his twin brother just 5 yares ago, with a brain stroke. I feel with you, and hope the best. Keep sewing, and enjoy your cabin stay. Keep hoping.
    regards Ingrid


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