Tuesday, November 19, 2013

iPhone -o-Gram! Roll Roll Rollin Along!

It's lunch break for our class today with the Granbury Quilt Guild of Granbury Texas!

Which gives me just a moment to check in and share with you some of the fun that is going on in our class!

We started the day with a mess of string blocks – discussing what works as a random neutral, and what doesn't – learning from each other and the fabrics that everyone brought as we go along.

This afternoon we will move onto more precision piecing, using the easy angle ruler for a half square triangles and pulling our pieced blocks together to go with our lovely string blocks.

There is a bevy of vintage beauties in class today!

Each one is lovelier, and more fun than the next – there is much chatter amongst the owners who are just as excited to talk vintage sewing machine as they are scrappy quilt project!

Not to be outdone – we have a modern Juki machine with an up dated do thanks to a set of lovely decals!

In this day and age no one has to suffer with a boring white sewing machine :-) 

New friendships are being made – Facebook friends are connecting with each other, mystery quilts are being discussed – and it's a great day to be in Granbury, Texas.

Check out the vintage lovelies below! It's hard to decide which is my favorite :-)

After class I will be heading over to Fort Worth – I hope to see some of you there :-)


mimijost said...

You made me chuckle this time. Scrolling down to "check out the vintage lovlies" as suggested, I first saw your quilt sample and then four photos of the smiling ladies at the session. Don't think they are old enough to qualify as vintage quite yet. Finally, the beautiful machines.

Pati said...

What machine is that gorgeous teal and white machine? It looks like a 301 but I thought they only came in black and tan?

Quilter Kathy said...

Such fun machines!

Melinda said...

I love the bright yellow one!

Ivani said...

I love the teal and white one. It seems everyone had a good time together

Laura said...

I love the one with the purple flowers! How fun!

Sherrill said...

Boy, they just paint all kinds of machines, don't they?!! I NEED a 301--been lookin' but haven't found one yet. :-(

carol l said...

I want one those little lights that Ikea sells. Sure wish you sould sell them on your website.
Carol L

Debby, crowefan0517 said...

Did the woman who owed the machine with decals, mention where she got the decals from? I love them!!

Quiltingloulou said...

I love to see all the vintage machines. They are not so easy to come by in the UK so it's a treat when you show the pictures. They are all beauties.

Pat Pearston said...

It's so much fun to check in and see what you're up to in your teaching travels. Thanks for sharing.