Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Texas Quilters!

Weslaco_TX2013 002
On Sunday, we moved our  second Jamestown Landing Class to the afternoon!

Our classes were at the college, and we were able to get in and set up at noon.  This meant that our class would go straight through without taking a lunch break, to give this second group as much hands-on as Friday’s class!

And since I was then free for the MORNING, Jan and her partners in quilt-crime invited me over for a lovely brunch!  Doesn’t the table look festive with the fiestaware?

In the big blue bowl on the right are the migas that Mi made –a simple concoction of eggs scrambled with pieces of torn corn tortilla and cooked together.  There is a platter of condiments so you can dress yours up how you like it –green onion, diced tomato, cheese, cilantro!

The hit of the day was a specialty made by Jan’s hubby – sausage stuffed jalapenos that he grilled outside before bringing them in for our devourment!

You can’t miss that lovely fruit bowl!  MMM!

The conversation was lively and full of laughter and quilt-speak!

From here off we went to the college for our class.  And that no-lunch break thing --- do you think quilters EVER go hungry?

Of course, there were plenty of snacks  ---I think every time I circled the room I had to stop by the bowl of cashews mixed with candy corn.  MMMM, come to mama, you sweet-and-salty-goodness!

Another sweet treat?

Meet Barbie TOO!!

Weslaco_TX2013 004

Yes, this is the original paint job!  This is how she was made!

Weslaco_TX2013 005

This Barbie has a purple face plate and a purple thread tensioner!  COOL!

Brother has been making sewing machines since at LEAST the 1950s, and this one comes from about 1967 and was made in Japan.  She is the same body style as my PETULA, and came in the same case!  It’s likely they came from the same plant, but received different paint colors.

Half way through class we stopped for a bit of a stretching break and some quick show and tell:

Weslaco_TX2013 015

The last time I was in the area, I taught for the Fronterra Quilt Guild.  Mi was in my Oklahoma Backroads class – about 3 years ago!  She worked on her quilt top at retreat and got it to the size she wants the top to be..isn’t it gorgeous?

You will find the free pattern for Oklahoma Backroads under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.

Weslaco_TX2013 016

At my last visit she also fell in love with my Crabapples quilt from Adventures with Leaders & Enders.  When a friend gifted her the tree trunk units, already paper pieced and ready to go, Mi took on the job or piecingt the tree tops to complete the blocks and finished this quilt – it’s beautifully quilted, and the binding is in progress.  I love this quilt!

Weslaco_TX2013 018

Annie shared her Chunky Churndash!  Such a happy snuggle quilt!

Pattern can also be found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.  The blocks are made completely from 1.5” strips and 2.5” squares!

Weslaco_TX2013 019

Bricks and Stepping Stones in a rainbow of colors.  SWEET!

Yep, another from the free patterns tab!  What are you waiting for?!

Weslaco_TX2013 020

Sisters choice in bed size ---yummy, scrummy and oh-so-scrappy!

Pattern, guess where?  Free Patterns tab, y’all!

Weslaco_TX2013 021

Pineapple Blossom in progress!  Love those colors!

Check it out under the free patterns tab!

The day moved so quickly that there was little opportunity for taking photos of everyone’s progress – but I did get some for a very short slide show!

Click the image below if you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be redirected to the photo album.
Today I'm ready to roll --- the plan?  Piecing a backing for Celtic Solstice and getting it loaded in the quilting machine to start the machine quilting!

I'm thinking that TOMORROW night, Wednesday, November 13th,  will work great for Quilt-Cam if anyone wants to join in!  Look for me at 9pm EST, and bring a project!  If you are new to Quiltville, click the Quilt-Cam tab at the top of the blog to learn more!

Happy Tuesday, everyone -- this girl is glad to be HOME!

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  1. My goodness Barbie is gorgeous! And so appropriately named as well. I love it. Beautiful purple and pink paint job.

  2. Bonnie, everyone seems to be having such a good time. I am so envious because I can't be there. Great work.

  3. So looking forward to Quiltcam... I already have my project ready to go!

  4. Wednesday works for me, I have Quilt Guild Tonight. Have fun Quilting your Celtic Solstice. THANKS for all the inspiration and eye candy on your Blog!

  5. Gosh, I wish I could take one of your classes. Am planning on joining another guild before you come to Rochester, NY, just so I can sign up for classes!

    QuiltCam sounds like a fun way to spend tomorrow evening! thanks.

  6. YUMMY - what a wonderful spread od delicious foods! Bonnie did herself proud I should think;)

    Once again, there is something so special in seeing the many quilt fabric variation used making Bonnie patterned quilts! Quilting ala BKH is NEVER boring !!!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  7. Thank you for sharing your class great show and tell quilts, looks like all had fun.I will be checking in tomorrow night. love all your help.

  8. I am smitten in the mitten by Barbie.I vow if I ever see a Pink and Purple machine I will bring it home.I am drooling over my keyboard,that is one I never knew existed. I learn so much from following your Blog and you. Thank you for being Bonnie.
    May, in northern Michigan,Traverse City.

  9. See you Wednesday at 9pm.

  10. When asked my favorite color I invariably say Pink. But honestly I think I like purple just as much if not more. LOVE that pink and purple Brother sewing machine. Like someone said above, I never knew such an animal existed. I'm now on the lookout! Thanks for sharing all that you share with us!

  11. I want a Barbie!!! I love purple - it's my favorite! Sounds like lots of us will be on the hunt!

  12. Hi, Bonnie, you may remember me...I am the proud owner of Pinky the pink Featherweight and a member of the Pink Ladies group from Nebraska. Needless to say, I love Barbie, and I am jealous! I'm always watching for a bargain pink vintage sewing machine, but so far no luck! Pinky is my one and only...and she was NOT a bargain! Lol!


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