Friday, November 22, 2013

Quilts for Midwest!

I've received emails over the past several days asking me if I knew of any organization that was collecting quilts for tornado relief ---in the aftermath of the tornadoes that hit the Midwest last week.

I just heard from Janice Grimes, sending me the info that I need to get out to you on what you can do to help.

The devastation has been awful.  No one wants tornadoes at any time, but to have them come this close to the holidays and to see the destruction has just torn at my heart.

I’ll let Janice tell her info:
Hi Bonnie –
Thank-you so much for the incredible support that you showed our organization this summer when we partnered with Ellen Medlock Studio’s to distribute quilts from their “Quilts for Oklahoma” Quilt Drive. We lovingly delivered over 1600 quilts directly to residents that lost their homes, lost their place of employment, lost their school, those that were injured and to those that lost friends or family in Moore, Norman, Oklahoma City, El Reno, Newalla & Little Axe, Oklahoma.
We are, and continue to be, SO GRATEFUL for the incredible generosity of the quilting community that donated their time and talents to bless those that lost everything. I wish that we could take everyone with us to see how the quilts truly bless all of the recipients.
We made 2 deployments within 6 weeks of each other, delivered over 1600 quilts and drove over 4000 total miles in our “Quiltmobile” with an attached UHaul trailer. We met so many beautiful residents in these communities that showed incredible resilience and courage in the midst of absolute devastation.
We are a 100% volunteer organization that depends on the generosity of others in every way. The generosity of quilters in 49 of the 50 states and British Columbia, Canada was breathtaking!!!! 

Due to the violent storms that produced over 80 tornadoes and destroyed 1000’s of lives…we have launched our “Quilts for the Midwest” Quilt Drive to support our Disaster Response Team. We have currently deployed in our home base due to 5 tornadoes that damaged or destroyed about 100 homes in 5 towns east and south of Toledo. We are planning to deploy every week to cities in IL, IN, MI, OH, KY, PA an WI. As of today, in the upcoming weeks, we are going to Kokomo, IN, Washinton, IL and Brookport, IL.
We also will be working with 2 Medical Centers that have are treating tornado survivors in IL and IN. This is just the beginning of the list of cities we are planning to deploy to but we need the help of our quilting community.

I would be personally grateful if you would give consideration to posting our need on your FB page and blog to get the word out about our need for quilts for our Disaster Response Team. The quilts are truly an incredible blessing to the victims of tornadoes and truly helps in their healing.
We need quilts for men, women, children and infants. The quilts may be quilted or tied in all sizes. For those that crochet…we are accepting baby blankets and lap afghans too.
Blessings to you,


All the contact info is on this card above!

My Challenge to YOU:

Build your quilt for Quilts of Compassion as leaders & Enders while working on your Celtic Solstice mystery coming up!  I'm thinking something simple with 6" 4 patches made from 3-1/2" squares of scraps..any colors -- set them with 6-1/2" alternate blocks. Add a border.  Or not.  Quilts can be tied or quilted --your choice.

I'm thinking twin to full size -- quilts to cover PEOPLE as they start their lives over again.

These quilts can build themselves as these courageous folks re-build their lives ---and you will have something to send off, something you really didn't have to spend extra time on-- all because you worked on it as Leaders & Enders while working on your Celtic Solstice mystery, or whatever projects you are working on this season.

Quilters are givers.  Quilters are sharers --and we have the best of the best here within our readership!

Please post this blog post to your fb walls, your message boards and news groups and wherever quilters gather to help us get the word out about this quilt drive.  I appreciate your assistance in letting all of your quilty peeps KNOW!

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  1. Count me in! Great call to action Bonnie AND a great way to do it. Who else wants to join me?

  2. I am from one of the communities (Coal City/Diamond) hit by this vicious tornado. I'm thanking God for sparing my home, but my heart is aching for others in my community that weren't so fortunate. I know of a young boy who is heartbroken from the loss of his quilt made by his grandmother. I have discovered he is a Chicago Cubs fan and am asking for help in collecting Chicago Cubs tshirts to be included in a quilt I plan on making to give to this little boy. I would only need maybe a total of 12 tshirts, and would appreciate if any of you would be willing to donate one or two you no longer have a use for. This would be an amazing Christmas gift to give to this boy whose family has lost everything. Feel free to email me at debveronda@gmail.com with any questions.........thank you and God bless!!

  3. Anonymous12:32 PM EST

    Shared this on my FB and google+ and will reblog on wordpress!

  4. My son is the Federal gov't representative who coordinates the post economic disaster relief. He strongly suggests all quilts for relief efforts be just quilts. No reference to the storm or sympathy. These people are rebuilding their lives and do not want to reference the disaster nor have something to comfort them that reminds them of what happened. These people want to move on with their lives.

  5. My apologies if I'm out of line, but I don't know of ANY quilt that is "just a quilt".

    1. "Just a quilt" was intended to relay the type of quilt you would make for any occasion or no occasion. We quilters tend to be God fearing women and will pray for those we make quilts for. This is wonderful. All this meant was not to use the disaster or sympathy as your main focus or design. I was hoping all would read between the lines and understand the idea. I was also relaying the information given to me by those who are on the front lines trying to help these people rebuilt their lives

  6. Bonnie, once again you can be counted on to supply we quilters with info for donating disaster quilts!!! Thank you so much.

    With the Winter upon us all, WE NEED QUILTS TO SEND FAST!!! Leaders & Enders, scraps of all kinds can be turned into WARMTH, LOVE AND CARING...

    I'm in, hope others are too.

    Thanks again, JulieinTN

  7. Bonnie - TWO great quilt shops in the area are collecting: Peddler's Way Quilt Co. is IN Washington, and luckily were not hit. Prairie Points in Peoria is also collecting. See both on Facebook. Information from Peddler's Way hopefully is posted below:
    From Peddler's Way Quilt Co.:
    "We have gotten so many inquiries from our many quilting friends asking how they can help. We are requesting that you send finished quilts, pillowcases and new pillows to the store for distribution to those who need them. Please label your quilt so that the recipient will know who to thank for the generous gift. All sizes are appreciated! If you would like to include additional donated items, please check the Washington Chamber of Commerce Facebook page for a list of needed items. The address of the store is at the top of this page. I feel fairly confident that we will be open in just a few more days. Please share this with your quilting friends. We need all the help we can get."
    They are also collecting scarves and hats: "You can bring them to the shop. I will pass it along to our other knitters and crocheters. That is something that will, really be needed. We will be working with the local churches and our personal Washington network to get the donated items to those who can use them. Thanks!"

  8. Anonymous6:14 PM EST

    Project Linus also gives blankets nationwide for emergencies. WWW.projectlinus.org. I am one of the chapter coordinators for CO and each coordinator was asked if they have surplus blankets from their area to send them in.


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