Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cabin, At Last!

Cabin_Nov2013 094
Dad and I spent much of the morning with THIS as our view.

There is Shamu, second car in line – just waiting for her tire to be fixed.

Something happened with the “pressure sensor valve” or whatever it is – dang it EVERYTHING is computerized anymore and it isn’t as simple to just change a tire and get on with it….

Luckily Panera bread is in the same plaza, and we slogged through the freezing rain to treat ourselves to breakfast and hot  beverages to warm our chilled fingers and waited for the call to tell us that we would soon be ready to roll.

But before we could completely leave town, we had to swing by Sam’s club – because there is NOT enough time to cook a turkey today, our Thanksgiving dinner has been pushed back to tomorrow – tonight it’s pork chops on the grill, baked beans, salad and buttered snow peas. 

Jeff has to work tomorrow, so after dinner he will head back down the mountain – the rain is still coming down, but it is well above freezing at this point and he should be fine.

Cookies are in the oven so he will have a bit of yummy from mummy to take with him.

This is the view from the front porch as of a few minutes ago:

Cabin_Nov2013 095

The clouds are hanging on the ground and obscuring our mountain view!

I have assured dad that there are indeed mountains out there – that we can plainly view the blue ridge parkway from our front deck vantage point –not sure if he believes me or not!

Cabin_Nov2013 097

The side yard off of the deck ---

That is a wind chime you see hanging in the foreground on the left ---there isn’t any wind blowing at present.

The cabin is warm thanks to a fire in the wood stove in the downstairs family room.

The smell of pumpkin cookies is intoxicating.

We’ve played a game of Farkle, thanks to my Canadian friends in South Texas who turned me on to the game…EVERYONE loved it.  Fun times ahead!

And that’s all I have to report from the cabin right now.  It’s time to make a salad and get dinner under way.

Tonight – with movies on the TV – I will be binding our Celtic Solstice quilt, happily surrounded by family.

And I am happy.

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  1. Have a great dinner witlh family. Enjoy and give thanks.

  2. Great you all are safe and warm at the cabin!! Enjoy eachother!
    (looking forward to Friday...)
    Love from the Netherlands!

  3. There you are, safe and sound, with all of your favorite guys. What a blessed Thanksgiving, one you won't soon forget! Have a wonderful time.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Bonnie.

  5. Glad to know you made it safely. Shame about the turkey but I am sure you will all have a great time even if it is pork chops. (My DH is so jealous, they are his favorites).
    Happy binding!!
    Regards, Linda in England

  6. Happy thanksgiving to you and your family, good to hear that everyone made it safe and sound, happy sewing , bluenines in canada

  7. Just think you had Dad Daughter time. Nice.
    DH had Son time and that is good too.
    pictures look just like the weather we had here in Texas for the last 4 days.

  8. I love that expression some "yummy from mummy". :0)

  9. So glad you made it safe and sound.

  10. Sometimes for reasons you can not see, our plans get reset. As long as you and yours are well, together and can celebrate together over any meal .. it is a GREAT DAY!

    Please send some homemade just out of the oven cookie to EAST TN lolol...

  11. I waited 2 hours for new snow tires to be put on the car and this was with an appointment. I think it would have taken less time to completely rework the brakes. Oh, and they did not have to take the old tires off the rims and put the new tires on the old rims because we got new rims and tires.

  12. So glad you made it to the cabin. Making a comment from my 'new' MacBook. I got my sons old one from him and replaced the battery. So it's new to me. Enjoy thanksgiving, have some wonderful family time. xx

  13. Ed Chamness5:45 PM EST

    You may still convince your father when the skies clear...depending on his perspective tje Appalachians may not qualify as :mountains"...

  14. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Glad you made it safely to your cabin! Enjoy the time with family. Deb

  15. Have fun with your dad. I have my mom with me until Friday. Always enjoy her visit and so glad she is still with us. She is 88!!

  16. Glad you have arrived safe and sound. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Thank you for all that you share.

  17. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Bonnie! So glad you made it safely to your cabin hide-away. Blessings!

  18. Sound wonderful. Enjoy your family while you can.

  19. Happy Thanksgiving from Canada. Enjoy your family and great food. I can smell the pumpkin from here.

  20. Doing the Snoopy dance for you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. Happy Thanksgiving! Family time and food... a great time in the making !!!!! Enjoy your dads visit! Looking forward to friday!!

  22. It is all working out as it should. Glad to know you made it safely with a yummy Plan B meal for Tuesday night. Enjoy your time together. Hugs, Allison

  23. Looks like we are all thankful that you and Dad made it to the cabin at last. Hope you all enjoy your warm meal together and happy binding for you in front of the TV. Nice that you are all warm and snug at the cabin, enjoy yourselves.

    Ps Hope Jeff has a good trip down the mountain this evening.

  24. You are truly blessed and have much to be Thankful for. Glad you arrived safely,

  25. Have a good time bonnie. x

  26. Happy Thanksgiving, Bonnie. Love how you are so flexible with life. It makes for happy lives. Only 2 more sleeps and I'll be in heaven. LOL

  27. Glad you're safe, have a Happy Thanksgiving

  28. Family, Pumpkin cookies, warm cabin, a restful time and my favorite FARKLE, what more

  29. Have a great Thanksgiving Bonnie! It sounds like the perfect place to be with the perfect set of people.


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