Thursday, November 07, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Hexies to Harlingen!

I am boarded on flight number 4 of the day.

A short flight from Houston to Harlingen and I will be with the Rio Grande Valley Quilters!

There has been some hexagon sewing going on this trip – interspersed with much napping. 

Much running between terminals to catch the next leg of my flights. 

I should have cut more red pieces – I am running low on variety!

Time to close the cabin door – the coolest thing today is that we are allowed to keep small electronic devices on as long as they are not in transmit mode. My Kindle and my iPod are very happy!

Just leaving Houston!


  1. Your hexies are great. But I never thought you would run out of fabric.

  2. I started with Hexas today. Funny.
    Whats the plan for yours?
    Have a good time, wherever you are.
    Greetings from Germany.


  3. well...looks like a great reason to snatch up some red scraps from the other quilters and maybe a shopping trip too.

  4. I'm sure some red scraps will find their way to you on your travels. That looks like a great quilt in progress.

  5. I received my hexie papers from Paper Pieces the other day. I want to try some of Mickey's pieced hexies.

  6. What does "as long as they are not in transit mode" mean? I've never heard this term before. I recently flew to Houston and our pilot told us not only to turn them off, but not even airplane mode was acceptable.

    1. They, the governmejt regulators just said this week you could leave them on.

  7. I'm busy cutting more reds for your variety. Just ironed them up yesterday! Hugs, Allison


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