Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blue Ridge Beauty Day in Granbury, TX!

Granbury_FW_TX2013 084
We had 27 ladies gathered from all over Texas and even Oklahoma in our class yesterday!

It was a race to decide who had come the farthest – I thought it was Saska who came from Oklahoma, but no – Texas is bigger, as we all know – and we had folks from 80 miles WEST of Abilene –which made their drive about 1/2 hour longer than Saska’s!  Sometimes the farthest travel comes from within state!

This is Sandra’s lovely tomato red 301!  I actually spied the machine before I spied Sandra, and KNEW it had to be hers!  So good to see her again!

Here’s another funny for you.  I landed in DFW on Sunday.  Guess who changed plans in DFW yesterday afternoon?  the Hubster!  Guess where he is today?  Mc Allen, TX – the same place I was LAST WEEK! LOL!

The text came as “hi, bye –so close yet so far” as he waited for his next connection and I was teaching class. We are used to it, this is the way we roll!

We will both be here over New Years ---I’ll be teaching in Plano and McKinney, and he will be visiting and hanging out with his brother who lives in Wylie.  It’s become a New Year’s tradition!

Granbury_FW_TX2013 026

Allison brought her Frister & Rossman hand crank ---with mother of pearl inlay!

It’s a sweet baby, but was being a bit persnickety with the upper tension ---but never fear!  Quilters come prepared!

Granbury_FW_TX2013 028

She ran out to the car and switched from people powered hand crank to electric loveliness ---This is a Singer model 201!  One of the best machines Singer ever made – it’s from the 1950s and has a potted motor instead of a belt for very smooth, nearly silent sewing!

Granbury_FW_TX2013 036

There was a good array of Featherweights in the house too!

This little white one has a special history.  It has had one owner!  The lady you see sewing her was given this machine brand new in the early 1960s when she was but a teenager – a gift from her Grandmother.  She’s had this machine nearly her whole life and it is still sewing like a dream.

Granbury_FW_TX2013 030

New technology can always benefit the old!  Have you seen the little battery powered portable ott lights?  That is what you see on the bed of this lovely black featherweight, shining a bit more light right where it is needed!

Granbury_FW_TX2013 029

And always one to love GADGETS and STORAGE ideas ----

These little flip top bins are perfect for 2” squares and come from Harbor Freight!

We had a great day!  I hope you enjoy viewing the slide show!

If you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device, click the image below to be taken directly to the photo album.

If you are new to Quiltville, Blue Ridge Beauty is found in my book Adventures with Leaders & Enders.  Signed copies can be ordered off of my bookstore HERE.

Today we'll be Roll, Roll, Rolling along on Roll, Roll Cotton Boll!  Who's ready to make a stringy mess?!  I AM!!

I'll be moving on to Forth Worth after the workshop and presenting to the Fort Worth guild at their meeting this evening ---Yep.  I'm rollin, all right!

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  1. I just have to comment about your hubster. We moved back to Texas at the end of April and lived with my daughter in Royse City. Everyday going to and from work we would drive on 78 through Wylie. Of course there is not much out there so we would shop at Walmart in Wylie. We have just moved to Garland and don't go to Wylie as much anymore.

  2. Anonymous9:16 AM EST

    Love the older sewing machines. Have two of my own.

  3. Wanna paint my 301 hot pink!!!!! Too bad my daddy isn't alive.he could paint all my machines for me.

  4. Wow! I love the fabric choices the women made. There are some really wild ones in the bunch. They definitely make quilts "their own". Love it!

  5. Some grand beauties in your pictures. The cute grey and the fabulous red machines were lovely. Happy teaching and safe travel.

  6. Love the sewing machine pictures. I bought a 301 and my husband told me he would paint it red - until it arrived. It was "too perfect". He couldn't bring himself to change it. Told me to keep it and buy another. So, I did. I made sure it wasn't perfect. As soon as he is done painting this tractor they are restoring he is doing my 301. I want ruby red.

  7. I love that tomato red sewing machine!

  8. YUMMY RED MACHINE - what a beauty. Then all sewing machines are beautiful each in it's own way, they are special.

    Would love to see some of the BRB's is those different color ways. Since I am so in love with blue/white/creams our whole house would be quilted in it. We each have our favorites lol.

    Thanks Bonnie for sharing

  9. I love the old sewing machines as well. Really enjoy your photo's and posts. When I know you are on the road teaching, I can't wait to see pictures from the class. Thanks Bonnie for sharing so much with us. Wendy Bradley Alliston Ontario, Canada.

  10. Beautiful work and machines. I love Allison's crocheted felt pads, too!

  11. What a great day with Bonnie! I just love taking her classes. The Granbury ladies were warm and welcoming. I saw Pat from West Texas whom I'd not seen since 2000 at a longarm meeting. The spool pin doilies are such fun. The large white snowflake on the Singer 201 was made by my Nana. I usually buy my spool pin doilies from PurpleMooseDesigns; listed under Fun Stuff. The turquoise spool pin doilies were picked up at the Dallas Quilt Celebration a couple of years ago. Bonnie thought they looked like matching socks on the two spool pins of the Frister & Rossmann hand crank.

  12. I am so glad that I came down..had SO much fun with those Crazy Abilene ladies and all of the other new people I met! The Granbury guild was also very inviting.
    The ride home with another story, but the time in Granbury will definitely be remembered.


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