Monday, November 18, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Blue Ridge Beauty in Granbury!

Our day is moving along in Granbury Texas!

It's a fun reunion where friends from other visits in other states are meeting friends from here---I've introduced Allison to Jan, and Saska to Sherry and now everyone knows everyone!

Isn't that the best part of quilting!

Lunch break is underway and will soon be followed by show and tell and more sewing!

Happy quilting from all of us to all of you!!


  1. Well, I just printed out your Star Struck pattern to make a quilt for a friend but now I'm switching to Blue Ridge Beauty! This is one of my favorites so I'm pulling out my Leader/Ender book and getting started :-) Have a wonderful day...and thank you for inspiring mine!

  2. Anonymous2:33 PM EST

    I must do a better job of keeping up with you, Bonnie. I'm 45 minutes from Grandbury and had no clue you were even in my neck of the woods! Piece on and I'll catch you next time!

  3. Anonymous2:49 PM EST

    Are you eating at the Nutt House in Granbury? It was awesome, years ago.

    1. The Nutt House closed a few years back, I believe.

  4. Looks a happy bunch of ladies you have there. They all seem tombe enjoying themselves.

  5. Of course everyone looks like they are having a blast! I never have understood the little four patch in the seams in the back. Are they pressed open? I needed to reread Blue Ridge Beauty anyway. I'll pull out your book as soon as I get home and take a look! I hope you are having as lovely a time as the quilter's you are teaching/inspiring!

  6. Oh My favorite 4-patch spinning seams. That's what I get to make this week too. Glad you are having fun meeting up with new and older fans in Texas.

  7. I know Allison in Texas and she collects sewing machines !! Is there 2 of them ...he he. She helped me purchase a 401 singer from her friend. It was in the attic for 50 yrs and sews like a dream who would have thought huh? Ok Allison is that you? Hi from Debbie Kelly.....I will have to call My collection is growing lol........Ok Bonnie what have little trinket have you dragged home lately ? Its hard when you have the fever not to give in !!! Can't wait for the new Mystery Im gearing up and found several shirts for my shirting fabric....I know it will be fun Bonnie !!!!! Thanks for making us feel like part of your family and sharing your talent with us !!!!
    Debbie Kelly http://somewhereinstitches.blogspot.com


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