Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Show & Share!

It’s fairly early in the morning.

Because it is Sunday and we can’t get into the classroom at the college campus until noon, we are having a delayed start, and will run the class a bit longer so that everyone will get their time in!

Which means I have a bit of time this morning to meet with a group of quilters who have invited me over for brunch.  Such hospitality!  I’ve felt very welcome in Texas and very well taken care of!

This evening I am drawing for the winner of the “Double Wedding Ring” quilt mystery book by Claire O’Donohue.  There is still time to leave your entry in the comments section of that post HERE if you want to be entered in the drawing after dinner time tonight.  SOMEONE will win it, it may as well be you! So take a few seconds to leave a comment on that post ((not this one)) for your chance!

Everyone seemed to enjoy Stephen’s Quilts the other day – and being as I have written about all of my goings on to date and am in need of content for this post, I thought a Sunday Show & Share would be a nice break!

I love it when you send photos of quilts you’ve made from my patterns and designs.  So many times I wonder to myself WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?! when I see the twists and turns you take to make the quilt show your own personality.

So let’s see some!


A beautiful pink Scrappy Mountain Majesties from Annamarie in Cape Town, South Africa!

She writes:

Hallo Bonnie,
We tried your 'mountain majesties' pattern with our ladies.
This is a community project and we are so grateful for your wonderful ideas,
such an inspiration!
I like the piano key borders on just two sides to make the quilt a bit wider and to use up more scraps.  What a nice touch!  There are also narrow sashings between the rows that add a bit of visual interest.  It’s beautiful!  You will find the pattern for Scrappy Mountain Majesties under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.

Next up we have Richy Jr who at the young age of 27 has become quite the dynamo in patchwork and quilting!


Richy’s Lazy Sunday!

Richy writes;

I just wanted to send you my version of your quilt.  I used a print for one color and grunge solids from basic grey for moda for the rest
I had so much fun making it. That I have ordered fabric for the next mystery.

I don't have a stash, sad right?! I've been quilting for 13 years and I'm only 27. lol One would think I would but I buy for quilts
This time I am using 10 different prints for three of the five colors.  I am trying for a bit more scrappy look.

Thank you for your great patterns
Richy Jr
Richy, I can’t wait to see what you do with Celtic Solstice!  I love what your fabric choices did to Lazy Sunday.  Lazy Sunday will be making an appearance in my next book due out in just a few months, so be watching for that one!

Next up is a quilt all the way from the Netherlands!


Gerda’s Roll Roll Cotton Boll from String Fling!

She writes:

Hi Bonnie,
after Orca Bay and Easy Street, I still had to finish Roll Roll cotton Boll.  Well; I finally done it.  I used all the red/neutral patches as a leader ender project, that worked like a charm!!
The finished product is even featured on Facebook, by the shop owner where I usually buy my fabrics: the Stitchcottage in Den Haag, Holland.
The quilting is explained on my blog, this time unfortunately not in english, I usually translate but there was not enough time.
If you would like to see: quiltavonturen.blogspot.com I mentioned your name as the designer of the pattern!
I'm ready for november 29-th; bring it on!

Another veteran Quiltville mystery quilter ready to go on Celtic Solstice!  Are you?  Thank you for sharing your lovely quilt, Gerda!
Don’t be afraid to change the colors of any quilt to suit your own needs!
Beverly took my Cathedral Stars pattern and toned it warm and masculine by the addition of brown instead of blue and red.  This is the result:
Beverly’s Cathedral Stars waiting for borders.
She writes:
Bonnie, I took your class at Quilter’s Unlimited in Tallahassee and have attached my completed Cathedral Stars.   It was such a fun and easy quilt to make . . . . . and completely from fabric in my stash.  I enjoyed every single minute of your classes that weekend!  

This quilt is just scrumptious!  The colors in the four-patches are so subtle and that brown so warm….it’s like it is dipped in chocolate!  You will find the pattern for Cathedral Stars under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.

Melody B is calling this quilt “Janelle Takes a Husband!” after my Jared Takes a Wife pattern!


She writes:

Good Morning Bonnie,
Wanted to send you a quick picture of my Janelle Takes a Husband. I made this as a wedding gift for a delightful young lady, Janelle. I added 1 row and 1 column. Before washing it was at 97" x 107" ish and I started to think she would get a blender instead! hehehe But, after washing it ended up at 91" x 101" ish. Since my bed is a king, it will have to wait for Celtic Solstice to be adorned!
Best wishes for a terrific week!
Melody B.  Portland, Oregon

Melody’s quilt is a delightful surprise all based on color choices.  You can see what I used by clicking the free patterns tab at the top of the blog and scrolling down to J for Jared Takes a Wife!

How about one more?

Changing the colors in a quilt can completely change the look of the quilt.  Don’t be afraid to try something new!

This is Grace’s version of Smith Mountain Morning from String Fling:


I love these greens and pinks!

She writes:

My "suddenly spring" version of your pattern is done from the Maine May workshop! 

It exactly depicts my feeling when traveling from wintry Maine to spring in Maryland last April.   it's going to a domestic violence shelter where it will hopefully bring spring to someone's life....thanks again, Bonnie, for the pattern!
Grace, someone is going to love this quilt so much – it is such an outpouring of love to gift a quilt to someone you don’t know.  Thank you for sharing your quilt and its intended journey with us!

Don’t you agree that the best quilts are those given away in love?

And yes, I received word from Arizona that a certain special quilt is now wrapped around a certain special brother.

Some quilts win awards in shows ----but those made and gifted are more precious—priceless!

Have a great Sunday, everyone – you’ll hear from me again this evening!

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  1. Loved this mornings quilt show. Thank you so much!! Wonderful to know your brother is wrapped in the love from you in the form of a heartfelt made quilt. Enjoy your time spent with the gals for brunch. Glad your time in Texas was memorable. Hugs, Allison

  2. Glad to read your quilt made with LOVE is now wrapped around your brother.
    Nice quilt show, I always enjoy them, thanks for taking the time to make
    them happen. Happy Sewing Bonnie and safe travels :0)

  3. That special quilt is now hugging your brother's shoulders, much like those special hugs his sister is known to give. Enjoy the warmth and hospitality this morning, see you New Year's Day!

  4. I just love hearing about your adventures. Everything you post is great. Its like having a friend on facebook who keeps in touch. Thanks Bonnie. Still working on my leaders and enders. Used my Antique Singer yesterday and started piecing a quilt for a friend. Window Pane disappearing nine patch in brown Batiks. I used a U tube video for my pattern.

  5. Love them all. Glad to hear that your quilt made it safely to your brother, may your love wrap him in healing comfort. Hugs and speedy recovery to your brother. Enjoy your day.

  6. It's such a treat to see the beautiful quilts that some of your followers have made. I have to say, I am impressed with Ricky who started quilting quite young and hope he keeps turning out such great work. Glad to hear that your quilt arrived safely and I'm sure it is well appreciated and Mark is feeling the hugs and love put into your work. Hope the rest of your trip goes smoothly.
    Regards, Linda H

  7. WOW I love them all, esp Beverly's Cathedral Stars!!! Great seeing the prints chosen by others. Some folks have such an eye for color and design options... THANK YOU
    Smiles, JulieinTN

    1. OPPPS...left out of the the HURRAH Mark got his quilt...aan IS SNUGGLING UPWITH SIS'S GIFT OF LOVE.

  8. Thank you for a lovely Show and Tell! All of the quilts are beautiful. I am particularly drawn to the ones in pink! The Suddenly Spring is a true labor of love and made me tear up. What a wonderful and generous group of quilters. So glad, Bonnie, that your brother has received his quilt and is wrapped in his big sister's love.

  9. I really enjoyed your show and tell. And am so happy your brother received his quilt. Thanks for always having something beautiful and interesting to share with us.

  10. Each of these quilts are lovely. When I saw the first pink Scrappy Mountain Majesties, I thought "that's a lot like life--sometimes its up, sometimes its down." And the lovely one from Holland. Reminds me of my trip there. Glad that your package arrived safely in AZ and is on the job.

  11. Wow! I am inspired. How beautiful the quilts are. I can see now that almost any design can become masculine. Richy's Lazy Sunday is my favorite colorway in this design so far. I couldn't have imagined it looking like that. Thanks Bonnie for the terrific patterns and techniques!

  12. I love the warm tones with the browns the best that Beverly made. I wish I had seen this before I started my cuttings for your January class. Do I have time to do more for another one, hmmm, I don't think so. haha That one is special though with the aquas added in for sure.

  13. I love your show and shares! I never tire of seeing Bonnie quilts in different fabrics and colorways! Thanks!


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