Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rolling Along with the Cotton Boll!

Granbury_FW_TX2013 146

Yesterday’s class was fast paced and fun-filled.

I just LOVE it when folks go outside of my color way, choosing their own palette and blazing their own trail!

It is so eye opening to see how other people see things ---inspiring, validating, permission-giving – wide open opportunity to go at it how ever you want to go at it!

If I could give awards –for “seeing things through different eyes” I would definitely give a price to this one!  All blues and aquas with grey and black.  OOOOHHH!!!

This is going to be one STUNNING quilt!

Another fun one, more on the whimsical side:

Granbury_FW_TX2013 155

Animal prints with hot pink and grey!!

The smaller triangles around each center churn dash block will be a rainbow of brights with one block having lime green triangles, one having orange, one having bright blue, etc – so every block will have different animal prints, and a different color of triangles surrounding the center.  ALL will have hot pink center triangles…SO FUNKY FUN!!

Our day was inspired by the whole crayon box as you saw by the machine photos in yesterday’s Iphone-o-Gram post! (And included in the slide show below)

But some things just come best in basic black.

Have you ever seen a Singer 222 Free Arm Featherweight up close?  Joy brought hers in:

Granbury_FW_TX2013 148

The whole bed slides off revealing the free arm space so you can sew things like cuffs and pant legs!

((Do Quilters DO cuffs and pant legs?!?))

Granbury_FW_TX2013 149

Doesn’t it just look funny with no flat bed?!

I don’t have one of these yet – but if one came along at the right price ---do you think I could be persuaded?  SEW FABULOUS!

Granbury_FW_TX2013 111

We had a great time in class ---

Roll Roll Cotton Boll is found in my book String Fling.  Signed copies can be ordered HERE.

Click the photo below if you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device.  You will be redirected to the photo album for viewing.

Granbury_FW_TX2013 099sm

The view from the river side park in Granbury yesterday morning for a quick walk before class!

I’m now in Fort Worth – and we will be firing up the machines this morning for a Star Struck workshop with the Fort Worth Quilters Guild, digging into our 2-1/2” strips  and having a great time!

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  1. When you are 4' 11.5" like I am...YES...you do hem up pant legs! LOL

  2. Sew many options, sew little time! Great inspirations and going to be some gorgeous RRCB quilts coming out of that class!

  3. What a neat sewing machine and I really, really need to finish my RRCB quilt!

  4. I saw my first 222 Free Arm last Friday. I was impressed. Cassino said she found it in England. I saw it listed for sale as a 222K. $895+

  5. The Singer 222K are listed for sale at $895-$4195
    Wow! I will definitely be keeping my eye out for one of these.

  6. Oh i love the red/beige version at the end of the slideshow. This is why i like going to my quilt course. You get new inspiration from others, maybe a new colour combo or a new block. Or just a better way of sewing a block.

  7. I didn't know a free arm Featherweight existed! How cool!

  8. Bonnie, do you sew, or come up with ideas for quilts in your dreams, because I do. Last night I dreamed I was English paper piecing some heroes, but the darn things wouldn't lay flat. They curled up like a skullcap.

  9. Wow! Saw some great color combinations for RRCB that I hadn't imagined before. Hmmm.....

  10. Fabulous. What a cute little machine. By the way, you look so relaxed by the river.

  11. Sew much fun to see everyone's vintage machines and color choices for their quilts! I really enjoy all the fun stuff you bring to us, Bonnie! Wish I could be in class!

  12. Love all the different color combo's you all are smokin'. All the different machines are great, I am so so I got rid of my Mom's old Singer. You have showed a few that look like it in the black with gold trim.

  13. Anonymous1:41 PM EST

    What kind of machine is the aqua & white one? I really like that combo. Always thought if I ever had a FW repainted, I would do it in aqua.

    Carole D

    1. It was so cool . . . the model was a Singer 301; big sister to the Featherweight.

  14. Was that a twin to your school bus yellow Featherweight???
    Beautiful machines...love the Featherweight 222. Much too pricey for me!

  15. My LQS has a Featherweight 222 for sale right now. It's up on the counter, right in view. This one is in perfect shape, and maintained beautifully. Their asking price is $1000. Want their info?? lol


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