Wednesday, November 06, 2013

A Pieced Together Opportunity!

Yesterday I received an email from Julie Donofrio, the director/producer of a documentary film currently in production called "Pieced Together."

It's the the first documentary film about the American quilt square trail movement and Donna Sue Groves.

I’ve posted several Quilt Barn Blocks over the past couple of years, North Carolina has some Great Quilt Trails, so I was excited to get to know the story behind Donna Sue a bit better.

Donna Sue never planned on creating a cross-country community - but that is exactly what she did with some plywood, paint and a spark of genius!

And she is humbled and grateful, for it is this very community of friends and strangers that has helped her put the pieces of her life back together as she fought through job loss, breast cancer and numerous health concerns.

It's amazing what quilters can do together - whether it's fabric or wood!

I watched the trailer below.  I contacted Julie back and offered my assistance with this blog blast to see if we can get that funding where it needs to be so this film can be shown where we can see it.


"Pieced Together" is the first documentary film about the American quilt square trail movement. Directed by Julianne Donofrio, a Peabody award-winning producer and veteran of ABC News, “Pieced Together” tells the story of how one woman's love for her mother changed the American landscape - and saved her life after job loss and cancer. 
Donna Sue Groves had an idea: pretty up an old barn for her mother Nina Maxine, a celebrated quilter, by hanging a wooden square painted to look like a traditional quilt block. But why stop with just one square?

So Donna Sue got together with her neighbors in Adams County, OH and created a driving trail of squares hung on barns thinking it would attract tourists looking for a day trip who might then stop and spend money on gas, food, or crafts made by local artists. The first quilt square was hung in 2001; the idea sparked a grassroots phenomenon and a new form of American folk art. 

Filmmaker Julianne Donofrio stumbled upon a quilt square in Tennessee in 2009 and learned of Donna Sue Groves through a “pink” web page created by the quilt trail organizers in Garrett County, MD. They were raising funds for Donna Sue who had lost her job and was battling breast cancer.

“I guarantee you, that had it not been for the quilt trail community, that I would not be here today,” says Donna Sue Groves.
Now, more than 40 US states have organized quilt square trails - all done by community organizers, volunteers, men and women, young and old - and there are countless squares found on barns, garages, and fences from California to Tennessee to Prince Edward Island. 

Donna Sue never planned on creating a cross-country community. But it is this very community of friends and strangers that is helping her put the pieces of her life back together after job loss, breast cancer and numerous health concerns. 

She is forever comforted by their love, as if wrapped in a quilt made of fabric and thread; only this quilt is special, it is made of plywood and paint. 
“It’s amazing to see how people have embraced Donna Sue Groves and welcomed her and the quilt square project into their lives and hearts. I feel honored to witness and document what will one day be a chapter in our American history,” says Director/Producer Julianne Donofrio.

Over the last four years, Julianne has followed Donna Sue's journey, interviewed organizers and volunteers, and documented quilt trails and events in California, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland and Ohio. “Pieced Together” is slated for release in 2014. 
Visit the Kickstarter page HERE.  You can help make a difference and make this important film a reality! 

Visit the Pieced Together Documentary page HERE.
Quilters and friends have raised $18,000 of the hoped for $24,000 that they need.  There are 16 days to go in the campaign.  We can DO THIS!! 
Please share this post with your email lists, your message boards, on facebook, twitter and with your flickr groups and anywhere that quilters gather.  If we all plege a simple $10.00 or $20.00 or whatever you can spare –we can make this happen! 
What a great thing to do on a Wednesday! 

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  1. Just donated to this project! Just think if all your followers donated just $10 to $20, we would make a huge impact on someone's dream coming true.

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  3. I have a quilt block in my garden, my aunt and uncle are on an Iowa quilt block trial, my sister, two cousins, an aunt and I are all BC survivors. How could I NOT made a donation. Joleen in MN

    1. Joleen - thank you thank you! Thrilled to hear the BC survivor, too.

    2. You are welcome...and obviously I mean a quilt block trail (not trial)...duh.

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  5. Going over to make a donation right now. This film needs to made, as much for Donna Sue, as for the whole quilting community as well.
    Wishing them good luck! Lets all get together and make this happen!

  6. a learning curve for me to post - I'll try this again....
    Bonnie, I cannot begin to thank you enough for your support of Julie’s film! Her work has been a labor of love these past 4 years! Most folks don’t know but Julie took off work this past year to complete the filming. It has truly been a labor of love. Kickstarter will give Julie a breather and allow her to finish the film. (I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea – when you invest in the film YOUR Kickstarter donation will only be used to help pay for music, graphics, marketing and distribution, legal fees, etc.) Please know that Julie’s work is precise, creative and accurate. I am humbled and in awe of her. I want her dream to be fulfilled and for her to receive the national/international attention she deserves. I will post your blog site and Facebook info on my FB page and ask others to do the same. Warm regards and heartfelt thanks to you and your readers for their support of the film!!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to come read and comment, Donna! This is definitely going to become a reality!

  7. I've actually seen unexpected trails in Kentucky and Canada. Now I know who started the movement! So amazing!

  8. I have just donated and have always wondered who was the inspiration behind the Quilt Square Barns. My two favorite things to photograph, barns and quilts, and to actually be able to help with this opportunity to promote a documentary and give credit where credit is due. Congratulations to all BC survivors and keep up the amazing work for this film. Donna Sue, you are an inspiration to all of us. Piece!!

  9. I was just ironing a piece of fabric I bought in Houston at festival. It is a newsprint. I then noticed a quote on it. "Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe....
    Max Ehrmann. Read your post a few days ago with same quote. It's windham fabrics
    collage by Carrie Bloomston Newsprint pattern. A goosebump moment.

    1. Oh, I am going to have to find that fabric!

  10. I am happy to have donated to this project! Can't wait to see the movie!


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